TRANSFER AGENT AND SHAREHOLDER SERVICES DUTIES OF PFPC. (a) PFPC shall be responsible for administering and/or performing those functions typically performed by a transfer agent subcontracted to act as transfer agent and to perform shareholder account and administrative agent functions, in connection with dividend and distribution functions and the issuance, transfer and redemption or repurchase (including coordination with the Custodian) of Shares in accordance with the terms of the Prospectus and applicable law. The operating standards and procedures to be followed shall be determined from time to time by agreement between FTIS and PFPC and shall initially be as described in Schedule C attached hereto. In addition, FTIS shall promptly deliver to PFPC all notices issued by the Fund with respect to the Shares in accordance with and pursuant to the Articles or By-laws of the Fund or as required by law and shall perform such other specific duties as are set forth in the Articles including the giving of notice of any special or annual meetings of shareholders and any other notices required thereby. The parties agree that PFPC's obligations under this Subcontract include the following services, for which PFPC is not entitled to additional compensation except as set forth in (b) below. o Performing any necessary backup withholding in connection with PFPC's current tax reporting duties. o Gathering and controlling Shareholder account information (but not performing any system or programming upgrades) as needed to support additional rights of current Shareholders, such as exchanges and rights of accumulation, in connection with investments in the Franklin Xxxxxxxxx funds. o Supporting the Fund's offer of Shares through FundSERV/ Networking. o Cooperating with FTIS in services to the Fund's entire shareholder base, limited to authorizing FTIS to obtain terminal access in order to answer Shareholder inquiries, authorizing Sungard to release information to FTIS, and redirecting applications or inquiries to FTIS as appropriate.


  • Duties of the Transfer Agent The Transfer Agent shall be responsible, separately and through its subsidiaries or affiliates, for the following functions:

  • Shareholder Services Transfer Agent or its agent will investigate all inquiries from Shareholders of a Fund relating to Shareholder accounts and will respond to all communications from Shareholders and others relating to its duties hereunder and such other correspondence as may from time to time be mutually agreed upon between Transfer Agent and a Fund. Transfer Agent shall provide each Fund with reports concerning Shareholder inquires and the responses thereto by Transfer Agent, in such form and at such times as are agreed to by the Fund and Transfer Agent.

  • Responsibilities of the Transfer Agent The Transfer Agent undertakes the duties and obligations imposed by this Agreement upon the following terms and conditions, by all of which the Fund, by its acceptance hereof, shall be bound:

  • Stockholder Services (i) Manage services for and communications with Stockholders, including answering phone calls, preparing and sending written and electronic reports and other communications;

  • Duties of the Escrow Agent The Escrow Agent shall have no duties or responsibilities other than those expressly set forth in this Agreement, and no implied duties or obligations shall be read into this Agreement against the Escrow Agent. The Escrow Agent is not a party to, or bound by, any other agreement among the other parties hereto with respect to the subject matter hereof, and the Escrow Agent’s duties shall be determined solely by reference to this Agreement. The Escrow Agent shall have no duty to enforce any obligation of any person, other than as provided herein. The Escrow Agent shall be under no liability to anyone by reason of any failure on the part of any party hereto or any maker, endorser or other signatory of any document or any other person to perform such person’s obligations under any such document.

  • Services as Placement Agent 1.1 EVD will act as Placement Agent of the Trust Interests covered by the Trust's registration statement then in effect under the 1940 Act. In acting as Placement Agent under this Placement Agent Agreement, neither EVD nor its employees or any agents thereof shall make any offer or sale of Trust Interests in a manner which would require the Trust Interests to be registered under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the "1933 Act").

  • Duties and Responsibilities of the Escrow Agent The Escrow Agent's duties and responsibilities shall be subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Duties of Investment Manager In carrying out its obligation under paragraph 1 hereof, the Investment Manager shall:

  • Duties of the Distributor (a) The Distributor shall devote reasonable time and effort to effect sales of Class A shares of the Fund but shall not be obligated to sell any specific number of Class A shares. The services of the Distributor to the Fund hereunder are not to be deemed exclusive and nothing herein contained shall prevent the Distributor from entering into like arrangements with other investment companies so long as the performance of its obligations hereunder is not impaired thereby.

  • Duties of Custodian WITH RESPECT TO THE BOOKS OF ACCOUNT AND CALCULATION OF NET ASSET VALUE AND NET INCOME The Custodian shall cooperate with and supply necessary information to the entity or entities appointed by the Board to keep the books of account of each Portfolio and/or compute the net asset value per Share of the outstanding Shares or, if directed in writing to do so by the Fund on behalf of the Portfolio, shall itself keep such books of account and/or compute such net asset value per Share. If so directed, the Custodian shall also calculate daily the net income of the Portfolio as described in the Prospectus and shall advise the Fund and the Transfer Agent daily of the total amounts of such net income and, if instructed in writing by an officer of the Fund to do so, shall advise the Transfer Agent periodically of the division of such net income among its various components. The calculations of the net asset value per Share and the daily income of each Portfolio shall be made at the time or times described from time to time in the Prospectus. The Custodian shall, upon receipt of Proper Instructions from the Fund on behalf of the applicable Portfolio, prepare and furnish to such Fund total return performance information, including such information on an after-tax basis, calculated in accordance with applicable U.S. securities laws and regulations.