TAXIING Sample Clauses

TAXIING i. All aircraft shall be taxied at a low and reasonable speed and, if not equipped with adequate brakes, shall be towed by a tractor.
TAXIING. 21.1 Only those personnel that have training and are qualified to taxi a particular type of Aircraft are permitted to taxi Aircraft at SCLA.
TAXIING. 5.1. Taxi Aircraft

Related to TAXIING

  • Insurance and Risk of Loss All risk of loss, damage to or destruction of the Collateral shall at all times be on Debtor. Debtor will procure forthwith and maintain at Debtor's expense insurance against all risks of loss or physical damage to the Collateral for the full insurable value thereof for the life of this Security Agreement plus breach of warranty insurance and such other insurance thereon in amounts and against such risks as Secured Party may specify, and shall promptly deliver each policy to Secured Party with a standard long-form mortgagee endorsement attached thereto showing loss payable to Secured Party; and providing Secured Party with not less than 30 days written notice of cancellation; each such policy shall be in form, terms and amount and with insurance carriers satisfactory to Secured Party; Secured Party's acceptance of policies in lesser amounts or risks shall not be a waiver of Debtor's foregoing obligations. As to Secured Party's interest in such policy, no act or omission of Debtor or any of its officers, agents, employees or representatives shall affect the obligations of the insurer to pay the full amount of any loss. Debtor hereby assigns to Secured Party any monies which may become payable under any such policy of insurance and irrevocably constitutes and appoints Secured Party as Debtor's attorney in fact (a) to hold each original insurance policy, (b) to make, settle and adjust claims under each policy of insurance, (c) to make claims for any monies which may become payable under such and other insurance on the Collateral including returned or unearned premiums, and (d) to endorse Debtor's name on any check, draft or other instrument received in payment of claims or returned or unearned premiums under each policy and to apply the funds to the payment of the indebtedness owing to Secured Party; provided, however, Secured Party is under no obligation to do any of the foregoing. Should Debtor fail to furnish such insurance policy to Secured Party, or to maintain such policy in full force, or to pay any premium in whole or in part relating thereto, then Secured Party, without waiving or releasing any default or obligation by Debtor, may (but shall be under no obligation to) obtain and maintain insurance and pay the premium therefor on behalf of Debtor and charge the premium to Debtor's indebtedness under this Security Agreement. The full amount of any such premium paid by Secured Party shall be payable by Debtor upon demand, and failure to pay same shall constitute an event of default under this Security Agreement.

  • Automobile Liability Coverage Consultant shall maintain automobile liability insurance covering bodily injury and property damage for all activities of the Consultant arising out of or in connection with the work to be performed under this Agreement, including coverage for owned, hired and non- owned vehicles, in an amount of not less than one million dollars ($1,000,000) combined single limit for each occurrence.

  • Automobile Insurance Comprehensive Automobile Liability Insurance insuring bodily injury and property damage arising from all owned, non-owned and hired vehicles, if any, with minimum limits of liability of $1,000,000 combined single limit, per accident.

  • Maintenance of PMI Policy and/or LPMI Policy; Claims The Servicer shall comply with all provisions of applicable state and federal law relating to the cancellation of, or collection of premiums with respect to, PMI Policies, including, but not limited to, the provisions of the Homeowners Protection Act of 1998, and all regulations promulgated thereunder, as amended from time to time. With respect to each Mortgage Loan (other than LPMI Loans) with a loan to value ratio at origination in excess of 80%, the Servicer shall maintain or cause the Mortgagor to maintain (to the extent that the Mortgage Loan requires the Mortgagor to maintain such insurance) in full force and effect a PMI Policy, and shall pay or shall cause the Mortgagor to pay the premium thereon on a timely basis, until the LTV of such Mortgage Loan is reduced to 80%. In the event that such PMI Policy shall be terminated, the Servicer shall obtain from another Qualified Insurer a comparable replacement policy, with a total coverage equal to the remaining coverage of such terminated PMI Policy, at substantially the same fee level. The Servicer shall not take any action which would result in noncoverage under any applicable PMI Policy of any loss which, but for the actions of the Servicer would have been covered thereunder. In connection with any assumption or substitution agreements entered into or to be entered into with respect to a Mortgage Loan, the Servicer shall promptly notify the insurer under the related PMI Policy, if any, of such assumption or substitution of liability in accordance with the terms of such PMI Policy and shall take all actions which may be required by such insurer as a condition to the continuation of coverage under such PMI Policy. If such PMI Policy is terminated as a result of such assumption or substitution of liability, the Servicer shall obtain a replacement PMI Policy as provided above. The Servicer shall take all such actions as are necessary to service, maintain and administer the LPMI Loans in accordance with the LPMI Policy and to perform and enforce the rights of the insured under such LPMI Policy. Except as expressly set forth herein, the Servicer shall have full authority on behalf of the Trust Fund to do anything it reasonably deems appropriate or desirable in connection with the servicing, maintenance and administration of the LPMI Policy. The Servicer shall not modify or assume a Mortgage Loan covered by the LPMI Policy or take any other action with respect to such Mortgage Loan which would result in non-coverage under the LPMI Policy of any loss which, but for the actions of the Servicer, would have been covered thereunder. If the LPMI Insurer fails to pay a claim under the LPMI Policy as a result of breach by the Servicer of its obligations hereunder or under the LPMI Policy, the Servicer shall be required to deposit in the Custodial Account on or prior to the next succeeding Remittance Date an amount equal to such unpaid claim from its own funds without any right to reimbursement from the Trust Fund. The Servicer shall cooperate with the LPMI Insurer and the Master Servicer and shall use its best efforts to furnish all reasonable aid, evidence and information in the possession of the Servicer to which the Servicer has access with respect to any LPMI Loan; provided, however, notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in any LPMI Policy, the Servicer shall not be required to submit any reports to the LPMI Insurer until a reporting date that is at least 15 days after the Servicer has received sufficient loan level information from the Seller, the Master Servicer or the LPMI Insurer to appropriately code its servicing system in accordance with the LPMI Insurer’s requirements. In connection with its activities as servicer, the Servicer agrees to prepare and present, on behalf of itself and the Trustee, claims to the insurer under any PMI Policy or LPMI Policy in a timely fashion in accordance with the terms of such PMI Policy or LPMI Policy and, in this regard, to take such action as shall be necessary to permit recovery under any PMI Policy or LPMI Policy respecting a defaulted Mortgage Loan. Any amounts collected by the Servicer under any PMI Policy or LPMI Policy shall be deposited in the Custodial Account, subject to withdrawal pursuant to Section 3.04.

  • Fire Insurance The LESSEE shall not permit any use of the leased premises which will make voidable any insurance on the property of which the leased premises are a part, or on the contents of said property or which shall be contrary to any law or regulation from time to time established by the New England Fire Insurance Rating Association, or any similar body succeeding to its powers. The LESSEE shall on demand reimburse the LESSOR, and all other tenants, all extra insurance premiums caused by the LESSEE's use of the premises.

  • Fire a. Driver to park vehicle in safe location and turn off engine.

  • Hazards The Tenant shall not undertake, or permit his/her family or guests to undertake, any hazardous acts or do anything that will increase the project’s insurance premiums. Such action constitutes a material non-compliance. If the unit is damaged by fire, wind, or rain to the extent that the unit cannot be lived in and the damage is not caused or made worse by the Tenant, the Tenant will be responsible for rent only up to the date of the destruction. Additional rent will not accrue until the unit has been repaired to a livable condition.

  • Leakage 6. Injector self-activates during arming. 7. Missing component renders the unit non-functional. 8. Fails functionality test (unable to remove safety cap or expel contents). 9. Other (must meet definition of "Critical"). ** Regardless of ML-STD TEST - MAJOR DEFECTS LIMITS - AQL *

  • Sprinklers 29. Anything elsewhere in this lease to the contrary notwithstanding, if the New York Board of Fire Underwriters or the Insurance Services Office or any bureau, department or official of the federal, state or city government require or recommend the installation of a sprinkler system or that any changes, modifications, alterations, or additional sprinkler heads or other equipment be made or supplied in an existing sprinkler system by reason of Tenant's business, or the location of partitions, trade fixtures, or other contents of the demised premises, or for any other reason, or if any such sprinkler system installations, changes, modifications, alterations, additional sprinkler heads or other such equipment become necessary to prevent the imposition of a penalty or charge against the full allowance for a sprinkler system in the fire insurance rate set by any said Exchange or by any fire insurance company. Tenant shall, at Tenant's expense, promptly make such sprinkler system installations, changes, modifications, alterations, and supply additional sprinkler heads or other equipment as required whether the work involved shall be structural or non-structural in nature, Tenant shall pay to Owner as additional rent the sum of $ , on the first day of each month during the term of this lease, as Tenant's portion of the contract price for sprinkler supervisory service. HEAT, CLEANING:

  • Earthquake Insurance As a condition of Lessor agreeing to waive the replacement for earthquake insurance, Lessee agrees that it will pay, as additional Rent, which shall be included in the monthly CAC, for any earthquake insurance purchased by Lessor, an amount not to exceed Twenty-Six Thousand Three Hundred Dollars ($26,300) per year for earthquake insurance if Lessor desires to obtain some form of earthquake insurance in the future, if and when available, on terms acceptable to Lessor as determined in the sole and absolute discretion of Lessor.