Scheduling of the Hearing Date Sample Clauses

Scheduling of the Hearing Date. Within ninety (90) calendar days from the date the grievance was originally appealed to arbitration, the parties shall select an arbitrator and schedule an arbitration date. Should the parties be unable to agree to a hearing date, the authority to schedule the hearing rests with the arbitrator. The parties may extend the ninety (90) day limit for scheduling the arbitration by mutual written agreement in advance of the expiration of the time limit. In such cases the arbitrator shall be provided with a copy of the written agreement.
Scheduling of the Hearing Date. Within ten (10) calendar days of selecting an arbitrator, the arbitrator and the parties shall schedule a date, place, and time for the arbitration hearing. Should the parties be unable to agree to a hearing date by that time, the authority to schedule the hearing date rests with the arbitrator.
Scheduling of the Hearing Date. Within twenty (20) calendar days from the date the grievance was originally appealed to arbitration, the parties shall select an arbitrator.
Scheduling of the Hearing Date a. Within forty-five (45) days from the date the grievance was originally appealed to arbitration, UAPD shall initiate contact with the University to select an arbitrator in accordance with §D., below.

Related to Scheduling of the Hearing Date

  • Rescheduling of Tests If the Independent Engineer certifies to the Authority and the Concessionaire that it is unable to issue the Completion Certificate or Provisional Certificate, as the case may be, because of events or circumstances on account of which the Tests could not be held or had to be suspended, the Concessionaire shall be entitled to re-schedule the Tests and hold the same as soon as reasonably practicable.

  • Scheduling of Hours (1) Starting and finishing times scheduled by mutual agreement.

  • Final Approval Hearing 61. The Parties will jointly request that the Court hold a Final Approval Hearing. At the Final Approval Hearing, the Parties will request that the Court consider whether the Settlement Class should be certified as a class pursuant to 735 ILCS § 5/2-801 for settlement and, if so, (i) consider any properly-filed objections, (ii) determine whether the Settlement is fair, reasonable and adequate, was entered into in good faith and without collusion, and should be approved, and shall provide findings in connections therewith, and (iii) enter the Final Approval Order, including final approval of the Settlement Class and the Settlement Agreement, and a Fee Award.

  • Scheduling i) The designated employer will provide the employee with their schedule of shifts in accordance with the collective agreement for both homes. [Insert the split/sharing of shift numbers here] Similarly, the employee will submit all requests for time off including vacation to the designated employer in accordance with the collective agreement.

  • Hearing Aids Payment will be made towards the purchase of a hearing aid when prescribed by a licensed physician or hearing specialist. Eligible charges include the cost of repairs and batteries. Refer to your Summary of Benefits for the amount and frequency of payment. Benefits are not payable for ear examinations or tests.

  • Monitoring of Servicers (a) The Master Servicer shall be responsible for reporting to the Trustee, the Trust Administrator and the Depositor the compliance by each Servicer with its duties under the related Servicing Agreement. In the review of each Servicer’s activities, the Master Servicer may rely upon an officer’s certificate of the Servicer with regard to such Servicer’s compliance with the terms of its Servicing Agreement. In the event that the Master Servicer, in its judgment, determines that a Servicer should be terminated in accordance with its Servicing Agreement, or that a notice should be sent pursuant to such Servicing Agreement with respect to the occurrence of an event that, unless cured, would constitute grounds for such termination, the Master Servicer shall notify the Depositor, the Trust Administrator and the Trustee thereof and the Master Servicer shall issue such notice or take such other action as it deems appropriate.

  • Scheduling of Work Subcontractor shall provide Contractor with scheduling information and a proposed schedule for performance of the Subcontract Work consistent with the Progress Schedule and in a form acceptable to Contractor. Subcontractor shall comply with the Progress Schedule including, but not specifically limited to, commencement, duration, and sequencing of activities. Contractor shall reasonably cooperate with the Subcontractor in scheduling the Subcontract Work and shall attempt, as reasonably possible, to avoid conflicts or interference with the Subcontract Work.

  • Filling of Positions All eligible employees under Section 3 who have made a timely interest bid, and meet the minimum qualifications, shall be given consideration and may be appointed to the opening prior to the consideration of other non-interest bidding applicants and prior to filling the vacancy through other means. The Appointing Authority shall not be arbitrary, capricious, or discriminatory and must have a legitimate business reason to reject all of the interest bidders. Seniority of the interest bidders shall not be a factor in appointing employees from among the interest bidders. All interest bidders shall be notified orally or in writing, which may include electronic mailing, as to the acceptance or rejection of their interest bid in a timely manner. If the vacancy is not filled by an employee under this Section, then it shall be filled in the following order:

  • Hearing The grievance shall be heard by a single arbitrator and both parties may be represented by such person or persons as they may choose and designate, and the parties shall have the right to a hearing at which time both parties will have the opportunity to submit evidence, offer testimony, and make oral or written arguments relating to the issues before the arbitrator. The proceeding before the arbitrator shall be a hearing denovo.