Commitments and Applicable Percentages Sample Clauses

Commitments and Applicable Percentages. As a result of (a) the increase in the Credit Facility Amount, (b) the addition of Legacy as a Lender, and (c) the increase in BMO’s, CIBC’s and Flagstar’s respective Commitments, Schedule 2.1 of the Credit Agreement is hereby revised and replaced in its entirety with Schedule 2.1 attached hereto, and Lenders’ respective Commitments and Applicable Percentages are revised as set forth therein.
Commitments and Applicable Percentages. 2.03(a) L/C Issuer Sublimit 2.03(b) Existing Letters of Credit
Commitments and Applicable Percentages. 5.01 Corporate Existence; Subsidiaries; Foreign Qualifications
Commitments and Applicable Percentages. 4.01 Initial Unencumbered Properties
Commitments and Applicable Percentages. 5.01 Loan Parties Organizational Information
Commitments and Applicable Percentages. 5.13 Subsidiaries; Other Equity Investments; Guarantors 7.01 Existing Liens 7.03 Existing Indebtedness
Commitments and Applicable Percentages. 5.05 Supplement to Interim Financial Statements 5.06 Litigation 5.08(b) Existing Liens 5.08(c) Owned Real Property 5.08(d)(i) Leased Real Property (Lessee) 5.08(d)(ii) Leased Real Property (Lessor) 5.08(e) Existing Investments 5.09 Environmental Matters
Commitments and Applicable Percentages. Revolving Applicable Lender Commitment Percentage RBC Bank (USA) $ 9,000,000 60.00 % Community & Southern Bank $ 6,000,000 40.00 % Total $ 15,000,000 100.00 % Term Loan A Applicable Lender Commitment* Percentage RBC Bank (USA) $ 2,100,000 60.00 % Community & Southern Bank $ 1,400,000 40.00 % Total $ 3,500,000 100.00 % Term Loan B Applicable Lender Commitment* Percentage RBC Bank (USA) $ 1,800,000 60.00 % Community & Southern Bank $ 1,200,000 40.00 % Total $ 3,000,000 100.00 % * Original Commitment; does not reflect any repayments to date. SCHEDULE 5.13 SUBSIDIARIES AND OTHER EQUITY INVESTMENTS [AND EQUITY INTERESTS IN BORROWER]