Responsibility for the Sample Clauses

Responsibility for the execution of a payment order You are responsible for the information that you fill in for the execution of the payment order being correct and for having sufficient funds in the relevant account. If you have approved a payment order in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, Brite is responsible for the transaction being executed correctly. If a payment order is not executed or has been executed in an inadequate way, and these inadequacies were caused by Brite, Brite is responsible in relation to you as a user. Brite shall, upon your request, try to trace the payment order as soon as possible and notify you of the result. However, Xxxxx is not responsible as provided in this paragraph if any of the circumstances specified in item 13 are met. Xxxxx is responsible in relation to you for any charges and for any interest that you have to pay as a consequence of a payment order not being executed or having been executed in an inadequate way if these inadequacies were caused by Brite.
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  • Responsibility for Use (a) The Company alone will be responsible for furnishing, or arranging for a third party to furnish, all data and information required by the Documentation and the specifications therein for the Licensed System to function and perform in accordance with the Documentation, other than the data and information residing in the Licensed System in connection with BNYM’s performance of the Core Services. BNYM shall have no liability or responsibility for any Loss caused in whole or in part by the Company’s or a Permitted User’s exercise of the Licensed Rights or use of the Licensed System or by data or information of any nature inputted into the Licensed System by or under the direction or authorization of Company or a Permitted User; provided, however, this Section 2.5 shall not relieve BNYM of its obligation to act in accordance with its obligations under the Main Agreement. Company shall be responsible and solely liable for the cost or expense of regenerating any output or other remedial action if the Company, a Permitted User or an agent of either shall have failed to transmit properly and in the correct format any data or information, shall have transmitted erroneous or incorrect information or data, or shall have failed to timely verify or reconcile any such data or information when it is generated by the Licensed System (“Data Faults”).

  • No Responsibility for Title, etc So long as and to the extent that it is in the exercise of reasonable care, the Custodian shall not be responsible for the title, validity or genuineness of any property or evidence of title thereto received or delivered by it pursuant to this Agreement.

  • Responsibility for Content Vendor is solely responsible for administration, content, intellectual property rights, and all materials at Vendor’s website. DIR reserves the right to require a change of listed content if, in the opinion of DIR, it does not adequately represent the Contract.

  • Responsibility for Evaluation Within each school the Principal will be responsible for the evaluation of employees assigned to that school. Evaluation will be made by the Principal or a qualified administrator. An employee assigned to more than one school will be evaluated by the Principal of the school in which the employee is assigned for the greater amount of time, with input provided by the Principal of the other school. Any Principal or person charged with the responsibility of evaluation of employees may involve other staff and students in the process if acceptable to the certificated teacher being evaluated.

  • Responsibility for Recitals, Etc The recitals herein and in the Notes (except in the Trustee's certificate of authentication) shall be taken as the statements of the Company, and the Trustee assumes no responsibility for the correctness thereof. The Trustee makes no representations as to the validity or sufficiency of this Supplemental Indenture or of the Notes. The Trustee shall not be accountable for the use or application by the Company of the Notes or of the proceeds thereof.

  • Responsibility for Costs The Servicer is responsible for collection from such Borrower of any recording or similar costs or expenses incidental to the granting of relief with respect to a delinquent Mortgage Loan.

  • Responsibility for Errors Consultant shall be responsible for its work and results under this Agreement. Consultant, when requested, shall furnish clarification and/or explanation as may be required by the City’s representative, regarding any services rendered under this Agreement at no additional cost to City. In the event that an error or omission attributable to Consultant occurs, then Consultant shall, at no cost to City, provide all necessary design drawings, estimates and other Consultant professional services necessary to rectify and correct the matter to the sole satisfaction of City and to participate in any meeting required with regard to the correction.

  • Responsibility for Taxes Regardless of any action taken by the Company or Optionee’s employer (the “Employer”) with respect to any or all income tax, social insurance, payroll tax, payment on account or other tax-related withholding (“Tax-Related Items”), Optionee acknowledges that the ultimate liability for all Tax-Related Items is and remains Optionee’s responsibility and that the Company and/or the Employer (i) make no representations or undertakings regarding the treatment of any Tax-Related Items in connection with any aspect of the Option grant, including the grant, vesting or exercise of the Option, the subsequent sale of shares acquired pursuant to such exercise and the receipt of any dividends; and (ii) do not commit to structure the terms of the grant or any aspect of the Option to reduce or eliminate Optionee’s liability for Tax-Related Items. Without limiting the foregoing, the Company specifically disclaims any representation or guarantee that this Option will qualify as an Incentive Stock Option under Section 422 of the Internal Revenue Code, or if the Option initially so qualifies, that it will continue to qualify. Optionee should consult his or her own tax advisor regarding the status of and tax treatment for this Option. Prior to exercise of the Option, Optionee shall pay or make adequate arrangements satisfactory to the Company and/or the Employer to satisfy all withholding and payment on account obligations of the Company and/or the Employer. In this regard, Optionee authorizes the Company and/or the Employer to withhold all applicable Tax-Related Items legally payable by Optionee from Optionee’s wages or other cash compensation paid to Optionee by the Company and/or the Employer or from proceeds of the sale of the shares. Alternatively, or in addition, if permissible under local law, the Company may (i) sell or arrange for the sale of shares that Optionee acquires to meet the withholding obligation for Tax-Related Items, and/or (ii) withhold in shares, provided that the Company only withholds the amount of shares necessary to satisfy the minimum withholding amount. Finally, Optionee shall pay to the Company or the Employer any amount of Tax-Related Items that the Company or the Employer may be required to withhold as a result of Optionee’s participation in the Plan or Optionee’s purchase of shares that cannot be satisfied by the means previously described. The Company may refuse to honor the exercise and refuse to deliver the shares if Optionee fails to comply with his or her obligations in connection with the Tax-Related Items as described in this section.

  • No Responsibility for Representations The Warrant Agent shall not be responsible for any of the recitals or representations herein or in the Warrant Certificates (except as to the Warrant Agent’s countersignature thereon), all of which are made solely by the Company.

  • Responsibility for Damage Resident is solely responsible for any damage, defacement or loss within the assigned bedroom space. All assigned residents of an apartment are jointly and severally responsible for any damage, defacement or loss to common areas, other parts of the facility, fixtures or appliances, except for the portion of damages over $100,000 where it is finally established that Resident or one or more other residents of the apartment were solely at fault for the entire loss, in which case such person(s) will be solely responsible. Resident is fully responsible for the conduct of Resident’s guests, visitors, licensees and invitees (“Guests”), including without limitation harm to individuals or damage or defacement of any part of the Property or its fixtures or property of third parties (including other residents) by such Guests.