Requisite Holders Sample Clauses

Requisite Holders. Each of the parties hereto agrees that the Company may, in connection with the taking of any action permitted to be taken hereunder with the consent or approval of the Requisite Holders of the Registrable Securities, rely in good faith on a certificate from any such holder or holders stating that it holds or is acting on behalf of a majority in interest of the Registrable Securities.
Requisite Holders. All powers of Agent shall be exercised for the benefit of Holders. Any action, decision or consent taken or given by the Requisite Holders shall be binding upon all the Holders. Except as may be otherwise provided by the Grantee Governing Documents, the Requisite Holders may, in their reasonable discretion, remove Tamco from its appointment as Agent and then select a new party to fulfill, in accordance with the terms hereof, such position. If any Person other than the Holders which are original parties to this Agreement or the Grantee Governing Documents ever acquires any interest in the Production Payment, Agent may insist on the execution of an agency agreement by such Person, in form satisfactory to Agent and providing for satisfactory indemnification, before carrying out any further actions under the Production Payment Documents on behalf of such Person. Until any such agency agreement is executed: (i) Tamco shall have the right to withdraw as Agent, subject, however, to its rights and duties under any Grantee Governing Documents, and (ii) any action of Agent under any Production Payment Document shall be binding on such Person.
Requisite Holders. Anything to the contrary notwithstanding, any change to this Agreement or waivers of any of the terms, provisions and conditions of this Agreement can be made or determined upon the mutual consent of the Company and the Requisite Holders. [Signatures appear on the following page.]
Requisite Holders. For purposes of this Section 6, "Requisite Holders" means the Holder or Holders of a majority of the aggregate principal amount of the outstanding Notes.
Requisite Holders. (a) The definition of
Requisite Holders. With respect to any agreement, liability, obligation, duty, debt, lien, encumbrance, covenant, right, cause of action, privilege or determination of, consent or notice to or by, waiver in favor of or by, or any other action by the Requisite Holders pursuant to this Agreement, (i) the HH Requisite Holders shall make such determination on behalf of the HH Purchaser, which shall only impact any Notes or Conversion Securities held by the HH Purchaser (or any transferees, successors or assigns thereof), and (ii) the New Purchaser Requisite Holders shall make such determination on behalf of the New Purchasers, which shall only impact any Notes or Conversion Securities held by the New Purchasers (or any transferees, successors or assigns thereof).
Requisite Holders. The term "Requisite Holders" means, as of any date of determination, Holders owning a majority of the issued and outstanding Registrable Securities.
Requisite Holders. Whenever this Agreement refers to any action to be taken by, or any waiver, consent or approval to be given by, the Ad Hoc Committee or the Holders, unless otherwise expressly provided in any particular instance, such reference shall be deemed to require the action, consent or approval of Holders representing two-thirds in principal amount of the Notes held by all Holders that are Parties to the Backstop Agreement (the “Requisite Holders”).