Required Equity Requirements Sample Clauses

Required Equity Requirements. The Originator hereby agrees, upon receipt of a Required Equity Contribution Notice delivered pursuant to and in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, to deposit into the Excess Spread Account or to otherwise cure within two Business Days the related Required Equity Shortfall as provided in the Required Equity Contribution Notice after giving effect to any deposits to the Excess Spread Account made by the Seller pursuant to Section 6.4(g). The Originator further agrees to pay any and all reasonable expenses (including reasonable counsel fees and expenses) incurred by the Administrative Agent, the Purchaser Agents and the Secured Parties in enforcing any rights under this Section 2.21. In the event that the Originator shall fail to pay the Required Equity Shortfall when required to be paid pursuant to the terms hereof, the Originator shall indemnify and hold harmless the Administrative Agent, the Purchaser Agents and each Secured Party from and against any and all damages, losses, claims, liabilities and related costs and expenses, including attorney’s fees and disbursements awarded against or incurred by them or any of them as a result of such failure of the Originator. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, the maximum amount of payments (other than indemnification ) made by the Originator pursuant to this Section 2.21 shall not exceed ten percent of the Aggregate Outstanding Asset Balance in the aggregate regardless of the number of such payments made hereunder.

Related to Required Equity Requirements

  • Special Purpose Entity Requirements The Borrower will at all times: (i) maintain at least one Independent Director; (ii) maintain its own separate books and records and bank accounts; (iii) hold itself out to the public and all other Persons as a legal entity separate from the Transferor and any other Person (although, in connection with certain advertising, filings and marketing, the Borrower may be identified as a Subsidiary of Solar Senior Capital); (iv) have a Board of Directors separate from that of the Transferor and any other Person; (v) file its own tax returns, if any, as may be required under Applicable Law, to the extent it is (1) not part of a consolidated group filing a consolidated return or returns or (2) not treated as a division or disregarded entity for Tax purposes of another taxpayer, and pay any Taxes so required to be paid under Applicable Law in accordance with the terms of this Agreement; (vi) not commingle its assets with assets of any other Person; (vii) conduct its business in its own name and strictly comply with all organizational formalities to maintain its separate existence (although, in connection with certain advertising, filings and marketing, the Borrower may be identified as a Subsidiary of Solar Senior Capital); (viii) maintain separate financial statements, except to the extent that the Borrower’s financial and operating results are consolidated with those of Solar Senior Capital in consolidated financial statements; (ix) pay its own liabilities only out of its own funds; (x) maintain an arm’s-length relationship with its Affiliates and the Transferor; (xi) pay the salaries of its own employees, if any; (xii) not hold out its credit or assets as being available to satisfy the obligations of others; (xiii) allocate fairly and reasonably any overhead for shared office space; (xiv) use separate stationery, invoices and checks (although, in connection with certain advertising and marketing, the Borrower may be identified as a Subsidiary of Solar Senior Capital); (xv) except as expressly permitted by this Agreement, not pledge its assets as security for the obligations of any other Person; (xvi) correct any known misunderstanding regarding its separate identity; (xvii) maintain adequate capital in light of its contemplated business purpose, transactions and liabilities and pay its operating expenses and liabilities from its own assets; (xviii) cause its Board of Directors to meet at least annually or act pursuant to written consent and keep minutes of such meetings and actions and observe in all material respects all other Delaware limited liability company formalities; (xix) not acquire the obligations or any securities of its Affiliates; and (xx) cause the directors, officers, agents and other representatives of the Borrower to act at all times with respect to the Borrower consistently and in furtherance of the foregoing and in the best interests of the Borrower. Where necessary, the Borrower will obtain proper authorization from its members for limited liability company action.

  • Facility Requirements 1. Maintain wheelchair accessibility to program activities according to governing law, including the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), as applicable.

  • City Requirements Design, construction, materials, sizing, other specifications, permitting, inspections, testing, documentation and furnishing of as-built drawings, and acceptance of completed infrastructure shall be in accordance with City Requirements. Design and construction shall be by professionals licensed in the state of North Carolina to do the relevant work. City approval of the design of the Improvements shall be required prior to construction, as set forth in City Requirements. If Developer is connecting to the County sewer system, the City may require Developer to furnish the contract providing for such connection.

  • Accessibility Requirements Under Tex. Gov’t Code Chapter 2054, Subchapter M, and implementing rules of the Texas Department of Information Resources, the System Agency must procure Products and services that comply with the Accessibility Standards when those Products are available in the commercial marketplace or when those Products are developed in response to a procurement solicitation. Accordingly, Grantee must provide electronic and information resources and associated Product documentation and technical support that comply with the Accessibility Standards.

  • Security Requirements 7.1 The Authority will review the Contractor’s Security Plan when submitted by the Contractor in accordance with the Schedule (Security Requirements and Plan) and at least annually thereafter.

  • TITLE VI REQUIREMENTS H-GAC in accordance with the provisions of Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (78 Xxxx. 000, 00 X.X.X. §§ 0000x to 2000d-4) and the Regulations, hereby notifies all bidders that it will affirmatively ensure that any disadvantaged business enterprises will be afforded full and fair opportunity to submit in response to this Agreement and will not be discriminated against on the grounds of race, color, or national origin in consideration for an award.

  • Eligibility Requirements The Trustee hereunder shall at all times (i) be a corporation or association having its principal office in a state and city acceptable to the Seller, organized and doing business under the laws of such state or the United States of America, authorized under such laws to exercise corporate trust powers, having a combined capital and surplus of at least $50,000,000, or shall be a member of a bank holding system, the aggregate combined capital and surplus of which is at least $50,000,000, provided that its separate capital and surplus shall at all times be at least the amount specified in Section 310(a)(2) of the Trust Indenture Act of 1939, (ii) be subject to supervision or examination by federal or state authority and (iii) have a credit rating or be otherwise acceptable to the Rating Agencies such that neither of the Rating Agencies would reduce their respective then current ratings of the Certificates (or have provided such security from time to time as is sufficient to avoid such reduction) as evidenced in writing by each Rating Agency. If such corporation or association publishes reports of condition at least annually, pursuant to law or to the requirements of the aforesaid supervising or examining authority, then for the purposes of this Section the combined capital and surplus of such corporation or association shall be deemed to be its combined capital and surplus as set forth in its most recent report of condition so published. In case at any time the Trustee shall cease to be eligible in accordance with the provisions of this Section, the Trustee shall resign immediately in the manner and with the effect specified in Section 8.08.

  • Capital and Liquidity Requirements If any Lender or any Issuing Bank determines that any Change in Law regarding capital or liquidity requirements has or would have the effect of reducing the rate of return on such Lender’s or such Issuing Bank’s capital or on the capital of such Lender’s or such Issuing Bank’s holding company, if any, as a consequence of this Agreement or the Loans made by, or participations in Swingline Loans and Letters of Credit held by, such Lender, or the Letters of Credit issued by such Issuing Bank, to a level below that which such Lender or such Issuing Bank or such Lender’s or such Issuing Bank’s holding company could have achieved but for such Change in Law (taking into consideration such Lender’s or such Issuing Bank’s policies and the policies of such Lender’s or such Issuing Bank’s holding company with respect to capital adequacy and liquidity requirements), by an amount deemed to be material by such Lender or such Issuing Bank, then from time to time the Borrower will pay to such Lender or such Issuing Bank, as the case may be, in Dollars, such additional amount or amounts as will compensate such Lender or such Issuing Bank or such Lender’s or such Issuing Bank’s holding company for any such reduction suffered.

  • Check Requirements Any image of a check that you transmit to us must accurately and legibly provide all of the information on the front and back of the check at the time of presentment to you by the drawer. Prior to scanning the original check, you will restrictively endorse any item transmitted through the Services as “For mobile deposit only, WCU account # ” or as otherwise instructed by WCU. You agree to follow any and all other procedures and instructions for use of the Services as WCU may establish from time to time. The scanned image of the check transmitted to us using the Services must accurately and legibly provide, among other things, the following information: (1) your endorsement; (2) the information identifying the drawer and the paying bank that is preprinted on the check, including complete and accurate MICR information and the signatures; and (3) other information placed on the check prior to the time an image of the check is captured, such as any required identification written on the front of the check and any endorsements applied to the back of the check. The image quality of the check must comply with the requirements established from time to time by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Board, including the requirements under federal Regulation CC, or any other regulatory agency, clearing house or association. The Service may reject your deposit if the image is not satisfactory. Receipt of the image does not guarantee we can accept the image.

  • Safety Requirements 18.1.1 The Concessionaire shall comply with the provisions of this Agreement, Applicable Laws and Applicable Permits and conform to Good Industry Practice for securing the safety of the Users, passengers, staff and all other visitors. In particular, the Concessionaire shall develop, implement and administer a surveillance and safety programme for providing a safe environment on or about the Bus Terminal, and shall comply with the safety requirements set forth in Schedule-L (the “Safety Requirements”).