Required Equipment Sample Clauses

Required Equipment. (a) Towing sling – J/T hook tow chain assembly, a 4”x4”x48” and a 4”x4”x60” wooden crossbeam, a pair of spacer blocks, a steering wheel clamp, a towing dolly and safety chains.
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Required Equipment. Employees are expected to be at their individual work stations with required equipment in operable condition at the scheduled shift starting time.
Required Equipment. 5.12 We will provide you with the Required Equipment you order from us in your Application. This equipment may be new or “as new”. Where the equipment is “as new”, we will disclose this to you prior to dispatch. All risk in the Required Equipment passes to you on delivery. Title to the Required Equipment passes to you upon payment in full.
Required Equipment. 15.1 If we provide you with any of the Required Equipment, risk in the Required Equipment passes to you on delivery, and title to the Required Equipment passes to you when we receive payment in full.
Required Equipment. All Classes
Required Equipment. (a) One 3-ton rated snatch block.
Required Equipment. (1) Mix Storage Tank(s) (one or two separate tanks). Tank must be a steel, aluminum, or similar solid tank with at least 10,000 gallon capacity.
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Required Equipment. 6.8 To use the Business Voice Service you must have installed a broadband connection.
Required Equipment. Customer understands and agrees that the Service requires certain equipment provided by Customer such as a sip aware access device, personal computer, an Ethernet card and an appropriate operating system (the “Customer equipment”), as well as certain equipment provided by ZettaLync such as the Software, an edge access device, an IP phone or SIP gateway (the “ZettaLync equipment”). Customer represents that it owns the Customer Equipment or otherwise has the right to use such equipment in connection with the Service.
Required Equipment. Except as set forth in Section 1, it is understood that a peace officer is required to be equipped with the following, at the peace officer's expense:
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