Repurchase Agreement Sample Clauses

Repurchase Agreement. Upon the receipt of payment in connection with any repurchase agreement related to such securities entered into by the Fund; 3)
Repurchase Agreement. This Repurchase Agreement, duly executed by the parties thereto;
Repurchase Agreement. Umpqua and Umpqua Bank have valid and perfected first position security interests in all government securities subject to repurchase agreements and the market value of the collateral securing each such repurchase agreement equals or exceeds the amount of the debt secured by such collateral under such agreement.
Repurchase Agreement. It is expressly stipulated to be the intent of Bank and Seller, and understood and agreed by Bank and Seller, that (a) this Agreement constitutes a “repurchase agreement” under Section 101(47) of the Bankruptcy Code and (b) pursuant to Sections 362(b), 555 and 559 of the Bankruptcy Code, the rights of Bank under this Agreement related to the sale and repurchase of Mortgage Loans (including, the rights of Bank hereunder, upon the occurrence of an Event of Default, to liquidate and/or foreclose on the Mortgage Loans in which it holds Participation Interests) shall not be stayed, avoided or otherwise limited by the operation of any provision of the Bankruptcy Code.
Repurchase Agreement. This Repurchase Agreement, duly executed and delivered by the Seller;
Repurchase Agreement. With respect to this Agreement, at any time when this Agreement or any Transaction hereunder is outstanding, Party B disaffirms, disclaims, repudiates or rejects, in whole or in part, or challenges the validity of, this Agreement.
Repurchase Agreement. The Amended and Restated Master Repurchase Agreement dated as of September 16, 2016 among HomeAmerican Mortgage Corporation and its affiliates (collectively, the “Seller”), U.S. Bank National Association (“U.S. Bank”), as a buyer and as agent for the other buyers party thereto from time to time (the “Agent”) and such other buyers (collectively with U.S. Bank, the “Buyers”).
Repurchase Agreement. Section 1. Applicability From time to time the parties hereto may enter into transactions in which one party ("Seller") agrees to transfer to the other ("Buyer") securities or other assets ("Securities") against the transfer of funds by Buyer, with a simultaneous agreement by Buyer to transfer to Seller such Securities at a date certain or on demand, against the transfer of funds by Seller. Each such transaction shall be referred to herein as a "Transaction" and, unless otherwise agreed in writing, shall be governed by this Agreement, including any supplemental terms or conditions contained in Annex I hereto and in any other annexes identified herein or therein as applicable hereunder.
Repurchase Agreement. Unless either an “Event of Default”, as defined in Article “8” of this Shareholder’s Agreement, or a “Termination Event,” as defined in Article “3” of this Shareholder’s Agreement, have occurred, VCC shall have the right, commencing on the last day of the month (the “Put Date”) that is 18 months after the Closing occurs to cause the Company to repurchase some or all of the VCC Shares (the “Put”) that VCC still holds for $.15 per share (the “Put Price”). Unless exercised by VCC, in its sole discretion, this right to Put shall expire 30 days after the Put Date. If VT International cannot pay the amount of the Put within five business days after demand, VT International will issue a note secured on all the assets of VT International for the amount of the Put bearing interest at 18% per annum, payable monthly and due within 60 days (the “Put Note”). Such Put Note, related security agreement and other loan documents shall have customary terms and shall be in the form of Exhibit A attached hereto.