Remaining Amount Sample Clauses

Remaining Amount. Any amounts remaining in the Escrow Account after payment in full of the principal of, premium, if any, and interest on the Refunded Bonds, shall be transferred by the Escrow Agent to the Controller on behalf of the Issuer for deposit in the Sinking Fund established under the 2016 Indenture for the payment of the principal of and premium, if any, and interest on the Refunding Bonds.
Remaining Amount. It is important that you track the amount remaining on the Card. You may check the remaining amount on the Card at any time at no charge by calling 1.800.755.8713 or visiting Unclaimed Funds – Escheat. If our records show that you have not used the Card within a time period set by state law, the amount remaining on the Card may become unclaimed property subject to escheat under state unclaimed property laws. If the amount remaining on the Card becomes unclaimed property subject to a state unclaimed property law, we will be required to escheat the available balance to the state in an amount and at the time required by the state law. At that time, you will lose the ability to use the Card. If escheat occurs, you may inquire about the status of the Card funds by calling 1.800.755.8713.
Remaining Amount. The calculation by the Fund of the "remaining amount" for purposes of Section 2830(b) and (d) of the Conduct Rules of the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. ("NASD"), since the beginning of the imposition of asset based sales charges for the Fund through the last quarter-end for the Fund, and contained in Schedule 2.8 hereof, is accurate and complete in all material respects.
Remaining Amount. Taking into consideration the deductions from the Purchase Price established in points (i) to (iv) of the present clause, the Purchaser shall pay the remaining amount, that is to say € 1,508,379.54, via a wire transfer, to the Seller’s bank account. The Seller acknowledges receipt for the above-mentioned amount. A copy of said wire transfer order is attached hereto as Annex 9.

Related to Remaining Amount

  • Remaining Balance In the event the Grantee does not submit invoices requesting all of the funds encumbered under this Grant Agreement, any remaining funds revert to the State. The State will notify the Grantee stating that the Project file is closed and any remaining balance will be disencumbered and unavailable for further use under this Grant Agreement.

  • Funding Amount “Funding Amount” means an amount not to exceed Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000.00) of tax increment finance revenues to be used for paying the costs associated with the construction, equipping, inspection, and delivery of the Local Public Improvements.

  • Over-Allowance Amount On the Cost Proposal Delivery Date, Tenant shall deliver to Landlord an amount (the “Over-Allowance Amount”) equal to the difference between (i) the amount of the Cost Proposal and (ii) the amount of the Improvement Allowance (less any portion thereof already disbursed by Landlord, or in the process of being disbursed by Landlord, on or before the Cost Proposal Delivery Date). The Over-Allowance Amount shall be disbursed by Landlord prior to the disbursement of any then remaining portion of the Improvement Allowance, and such disbursement shall be pursuant to the same procedure as the Improvement Allowance. In the event that, after the Cost Proposal Delivery Date, any revisions, changes, or substitutions shall be made to the Construction Drawings or the Improvements, any additional costs which arise in connection with such revisions, changes or substitutions or any other additional costs shall be paid by Tenant to Landlord immediately upon Landlord’s request as an addition to the Over-Allowance Amount.

  • Amount The required additional Security shall be in an amount equal to the amount necessary to gross up fully for currently applicable federal and state income taxes the estimated Costs of Local Upgrades and Network Upgrades for which Interconnection Customer previously provided Security. Accordingly, the additional Security shall equal the amount necessary to increase the total Security provided to the amount that would be sufficient to permit the Interconnected Transmission Owner to receive and retain, after the payment of all applicable income taxes (“Current Taxes”) and taking into account the present value of future tax deductions for depreciation that would be available as a result of the anticipated payments or property transfers (the “Present Value Depreciation Amount”), an amount equal to the estimated Costs of Local Upgrades and Network Upgrades for which Interconnection Customer is responsible under the Interconnection Service Agreement. For this purpose, Current Taxes shall be computed based on the composite federal and state income tax rates applicable to the Interconnected Transmission Owner at the time the additional Security is received, determined using the highest marginal rates in effect at that time (the “Current Tax Rate”), and (ii) the Present Value Depreciation Amount shall be computed by discounting the Interconnected Transmission Owner’s anticipated tax depreciation deductions associated with such payments or property transfers by its current weighted average cost of capital.

  • Reimbursement Amount Except for the metropolitan areas listed below, the maximum reimbursement for meals including tax and gratuity, shall be: Breakfast $ 9.00 Lunch $11.00 Dinner $16.00 For the following metropolitan areas the maximum reimbursement shall be: Breakfast $11.00 Lunch $13.00 Dinner $20.00 The metropolitan areas are: Atlanta Boston Cleveland Denver Hartford Kansas City Miami New York City Portland, OR San Francisco St. Louis Baltimore Chicago Dallas/Fort Worth Detroit Houston Los Angeles New Orleans Philadelphia San Diego Seattle Washington D.C. See Appendix L for details related to the boundaries of the above-mentioned metropolitan areas. The metropolitan areas also include any location outside the forty-eight (48) contiguous United States. Employees who meet the eligibility requirements for two (2) or more consecutive meals shall be reimbursed for the actual costs of the meals up to the combined maximum reimbursement amount for the eligible meals.

  • Maximum Drawing Amount The maximum aggregate amount that the beneficiaries may at any time draw under outstanding Letters of Credit, as such aggregate amount may be reduced from time to time pursuant to the terms of the Letters of Credit.

  • Base Amount For purposes of this Agreement, "Base Amount" shall mean the greater of the Executive's annual base salary (a) at the rate in effect on the Termination Date or (b) at the highest rate in effect at any time during the ninety (90) day period prior to the Change in Control, and shall include all amounts of base salary that are deferred under the Executive benefit plans of the Company or any other agreement or arrangement.

  • Agreement Amount The Grantee acknowledges and agrees that, notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, the maximum amount payable by the City under this Agreement for the initial ## month term shall not exceed the amount approved by City Council, which is $ (dollar amount), and $ (dollar amount) per ## month extension option, for a total Agreement amount of $ . Continuation of the Agreement beyond the initial ## months is specifically contingent upon the availability and allocation of funding, and authorization by City Council.

  • Payment Amount Payment for the Services shall be as follows: (choose one) ☐ - $______________________ for the Services (“Payment”). ☐ - At an hourly rate of $____ per hour (“Payment”). ☐ - Other. ______________________________________________ (“Payment”) If the Subcontractor asserts a claim which involves, in whole or in part, acts or omissions which are the responsibility of the Client or another person for whom a claim may be submitted, including but not limited to, claims for failure to pay, an extension of time, impacts, delay damages, or extra work, the Contractor shall present the Subcontractor's claim to the Client or other responsible party provided the Subcontractor presents to Contractor competent supporting evidence and in sufficient time for the Contractor to do so. The Subcontractor shall cooperate fully with the Contractor in any and all steps the Contractor takes in connection with prosecuting such a claim and shall hold harmless and reimburse the Contractor for all expenses, including legal expenses, incurred by the Contractor which arise out of the Contractor's submission of the Subcontractor's claims to the Client or other responsible party(ies). The Subcontractor shall be bound by any adjudication or award in any action or proceeding resolving such a claim.

  • Purchase Price Payment The total Purchase Price for the Property is the amount of the successful bid for the parcel at public auction.