PROVIDE PROGRAM PLANNING AND SUPPORT. This work also is placed entirely under the General Recovery Program Support Action Plan. Recovery Program planning and support includes planning and tracking recovery activities, participation in Recovery Program committees, and managing, directing, and coordinating the overall Recovery Program. Another important program support activity involves securing the funding necessary to implement the Recovery Program.
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  • Training and Support Through the Solution, the Contractor shall provide all consulting, training, and support to the Customer and FL[DS] to ensure successful implementation of the Solution and ongoing support as necessary and as defined by FL[DS] to include, but not be limited to:

  • INTERNET PLANNING, ENGINEERING AND OPERATIONS ‌ Job Title: Internet/Web Engineer Job#: 2620 General Characteristics Integrally involved in the development and support of all Internet/Intranet/Extranet sites and supporting systems. Works closely with other IT groups and customers to define the system design and user interface based on customer needs and objectives. Participates in all phases of the development and implementation process, and may act as a project manager on special projects. Ensures the integration of the Web servers and all other supporting systems. Responsible for system tuning, optimization of information/data processing, maintenance and support of the production environment.

  • Training Program It is agreed that there shall be an Apprenticeship Training Program, the provisions of which are set forth in Exhibit "C", which is attached hereto and forms part of this Agreement.

  • Services and Support 1.1 In exchange for your continued compliance with this Agreement, and any modification to this Agreement made by Intuit in accordance with Sections A.11, you shall have access to the Software/Subscription in accordance with the following provisions:

  • Training and Education SECTION 1 – Law Enforcement Supervisors’ Training The state and the PBA recognize the importance of supervisor training programs to develop management skills in our law enforcement supervisors. The state will make a reasonable effort to continue existing training programs in law enforcement techniques and to develop new programs in performance review techniques, supervisory skills, and managerial techniques.

  • Peer Assistance and Review Program 1. MCEA and MCPS agree to jointly operate a Peer Assistance and Review (PAR) Program. The PAR Program is a mechanism for maintaining systemwide quality control and ensuring that all MCPS teachers responsible for teaching students are functioning at or above the high MCPS standards of performance. It provides intensive assistance for any teacher who has not yet achieved that standard or who falls below acceptable standards. Assistance and review are provided to both experienced MCPS teachers in need of significant improvement and teachers in their first year of teaching.

  • Quality Assurance Program An employee shall be entitled to leave of absence without loss of earnings from her or his regularly scheduled working hours for the purpose of writing examinations required by the College of Nurses of Ontario arising out of the Quality Assurance Program.

  • Technical Support Services 2.1 The technical support services (the "Services"): Party A agrees to provide to Party B the relevant services requested by Party B, which are specified in Exhibit 1 attached hereto ("Exhibit 1").

  • Service and Support 1. Brainlab shall be responsible for providing service and support for the Brainlab Technology in all Fields of Use. Brainlab shall be responsible for providing Xxxxx 0 and Level 2 service and support to customers for Products sold by Brainlab in the Therapeutic Delivery Field of Use and for Integrated Products sold by Brainlab in the MR Guided Stereotactic Placement Field of Use. Level 1 support shall include onsite training, help desk services, reseller interfacing, problem isolation and diagnosis, and Level 2 support shall include loading bug fixes, patches, and minor repair services. To the extent relating to SurgiVision Technology, SurgiVision shall provide Level 3 support, which shall include backup support services to assist Brainlab in meeting Level 1 and Level 2 support obligations by addressing certain technical support issues that are beyond the scope of Brainlab’s expertise. Brainlab will pay SurgiVision for Xxxxx 0 support services at standard rates as described in Appendix C, provided that such services were not required for Co-Development and Distribution Agreement between SurgiVision, Inc. and Brainlab Aktiengesellschaft CONFIDENTIAL warranty repair as contemplated in section X.3 below. Appendix C may be changed from time to time, as appropriate upon the mutual agreement of Brainlab and SurgiVision. SurgiVision will provide spare parts and other items for service to Brainlab at a price equal to [***]. Brainlab reserves the right to offer service packages to the end customer at its discretion.

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