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Program Committees. The Board hereby delegates the power to oversee implementation of a program to a Program Committee as set forth in the Bylaws, provided each such director represents a Member which is participating in the Program.
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Program Committees. It will be the ongoing expectation and process that program specific issues shall in most cases be addressed in a timely manner in the respective Program Committee(s). Topics for discussion in Program Committees include potential program/regulation changes, information regarding new procedures, forms, and other factors or changes in procedures which may have an impact on workload. Any items declined by the Program Committee for discussion/action will be listed in the minutes. Program Committees shall meet monthly, unless a meeting is waived by the Director or his/her designee, and written minutes shall be furnished to the Union on a timely basis. Such minutes should clearly identify issues and program committee actions. If the minutes do not reflect a resolution, response, or a failure to respond to pending issues within forty-five (45) days from the date of the meeting, the Union may discuss with the Program Bureau Director in the meetings held in accordance with Section 37.2. Program Committees will work within the appropriate chain of command in managing committee work and agendas expeditiously. Summary minutes shall be kept for each Program Committee meeting and shall be distributed to all committee members prior to the next meeting. These minutes shall be posted in each Department of Employment and Human Services building by the Department.
Program Committees 

Related to Program Committees

  • Development Committee As soon as practicable, the Parties will establish a joint development committee, comprised of at least one (1) and up to two (2) representatives of Omega and at least one (1) and up to two (2) representatives of Acuitas (the “JDC”). One such representative from each Party will be such Party’s Workplan Leader. Each Party may replace its Workplan Leader and other JDC representatives at any time upon written notice to the other Party, provided, however, that each Party shall use reasonable efforts to ensure continuity on the JDC. With the consent of the other Party (which will not be unreasonably withheld, conditioned or delayed), each Party may invite non-voting employees and consultants to attend JDC meetings as necessary, subject to consultant’s agreement to be bound to the same extent as a permitted subcontractor under Section 3.1(i).

  • Advisory Committee The Settling State shall designate an Opioid Settlement Remediation Advisory Committee (the “Advisory Committee”) to provide input and recommendations regarding remediation spending from that Settling State’s Abatement Accounts Fund. A Settling State may elect to use an existing advisory committee or similar entity (created outside of a State-Subdivision Agreement or Allocation Statute); provided, however, the Advisory Committee or similar entity shall meet the following requirements:

  • Steering Committee The Project Manager shall set up a Steering Committee for the Project, consisting of representatives from the Department, the Contractor, and any other key organisations whom the project will impact on, to be agreed between the parties. The function of the Steering Committee shall be to review the scope and direction of the Project against its aims and objectives, monitor progress and efficiency, and assess, manage and review expected impact and use of the findings from the Project. The Committee shall meet at times and dates agreed by the parties, or in the absence of agreement, specified by the Department. The Contractor’s representatives on the Steering Committee shall report their views on the progress of the Project to the Steering Committee in writing if requested by the Department. The Contractor’s representatives on the Steering Committee shall attend all meetings of the Steering Committee unless otherwise agreed by the Department.

  • Delegation; Committees The Trustees shall have the power, consistent with their continuing exclusive authority over the management of the Trust and the Trust Property, to delegate from time to time to such of their number or to officers, employees or agents of the Trust the doing of such things, including any matters set forth in this Declaration, and the execution of such instruments either in the name of the Trust or the names of the Trustees or otherwise as the Trustees may deem expedient. The Trustees may designate one or more committees which shall have all or such lesser portion of the authority of the entire Board of Trustees as the Trustees shall determine from time to time except to the extent action by the entire Board of Trustees or particular Trustees is required by the 1940 Act.

  • Joint Development Committee The Parties shall form a joint development committee (the “Joint Development Committee” or “JDC”), made up of an equal number of representatives of Merck and BioLineRx, which shall have responsibility of coordinating all regulatory and other activities under, and pursuant to, this Agreement. Each Party shall designate a project manager (the “Project Manager”) who shall be responsible for implementing and coordinating activities, and facilitating the exchange of information between the Parties, with respect to the Study. Other JDC members will be agreed by both Parties. The JDC shall meet as soon as practicable after the Effective Date and then no less than twice yearly, and more often as reasonably considered necessary at the request of either Party, to provide an update on the progress of the Study. The JDC may meet in person or by means of teleconference, Internet conference, videoconference or other similar communications equipment. Prior to any such meeting, the BioLineRx Project Manager shall provide an update in writing to the Merck Project Manager, which update shall contain information about the overall progress of the Study, recruitment status, interim analysis (if results available), final analysis and other information relevant to the conduct of the Study. In addition to a Project Manager, each Party shall designate an alliance manager (the “Alliance Manager”), who shall endeavor to ensure clear and responsive communication between the Parties and the effective exchange of information, and shall serve as the primary point of contact for any issues arising under this Agreement. The Alliance Managers shall have the right to attend all JDC meetings and may bring to the attention of the JDC any matters or issues either of them reasonably believes should be discussed, and shall have such other responsibilities as the Parties may mutually agree in writing. In the event that an issue arises and the Alliance Managers cannot or do not, after good faith efforts, reach agreement on such issue, the issue shall be elevated to the Head of Clinical Oncology for Merck and the Vice President of Medical Affairs or Business Development for BioLineRx.

  • Joint Steering Committee [***] following the Effective Date [***], a joint steering committee (the “JSC”) will be established by the Parties to provide oversight and to facilitate information sharing between the Parties with respect to the activities under this Agreement.

  • Operating Committee the Consortium’s managing body, composed of representatives of the Manager and the Contractors, pursuant to Annex XI.

  • Transition Committee 8.1.0 A transition committee comprised of the employee representatives and the employer representatives, including the Crown, will be established by January 31, 2016 to address all matters that may arise in the creation of the Trust.

  • Committees 1. The Parties agree on establishing Committees in the following matters: (a) Trade in Goods; (b) Trade in Services; (c) Investment; (d) Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures; (e) Technical Barriers to Trade; (f) Trade Facilitation; (g) Rules of Origin; and (h) Cooperation, including Intellectual Property. 2. The Free Trade Commission may create additional Committees, if needed. The Committees on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures, Technical Barriers to Trade and Rules of Origin shall coordinate their tasks with those of the Committee on Trade in Goods. 3. Except as otherwise provided in this Agreement, the Committees shall convene in regular session once a year at the same time the Free Trade Commission convenes. When special circumstances arise, the Parties shall meet at any time upon agreement at the request of one Party. Regular sessions of the Committees shall be chaired successively by each Party. Other sessions of the Committee shall be chaired by the Party hosting the meeting. The sessions may be held by any technological means available to the Parties. 4. When necessary, the Committees created hereby shall consult with such other Committees as needed to address the issues they handle.

  • Joint Commercialization Committee As of the Effective Date, the Parties have established a joint commercialization committee (the “Joint Commercialization Committee” or the “JCC”), composed of up to [ * ] representatives of each Party, to monitor and discuss the Commercialization of Products at the operational level. Each JCC representative shall have knowledge and expertise in the commercialization of products similar to Products. The JCC shall in particular:

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