Propose Sample Clauses

Propose. The term “Propose,” and all other tenses of the word, used alone or as a modifier to another defined term (e.g., ‘Proposed Research Project’) indicates submission to the required GPC Committee(s), for review and Approval.
Propose. POTENTIAL IMPACT ON STUDENT LEARNING Students... Plan out their work Analyze and revise their own work to improve its quality and incorporate feedback Use rubrics checklists and planning strategies Develop meaningful products they can present and explain Compare their performance to a standard or to previous performances Talk about the learning process Assess their own performance Dimension Eight: Professional Practice Which indicators are evident? REMEMBER: Quality does not mean addressing all indicators and what is most appropriate will vary with the experience of the teacher.
Propose. Client and Consultant entered into a written agreement dated August 2, 2016, for Consultant to provide a Golden State Specific Plan and High Speed Rail Station Area Plan and an Environmental Impact Report. ("Agreement"). On August 23, 2018, Client and Consultant agreed to extend the Completion date to August 31, 2019. Now, Client and Consultant desire to amend the Agreement with this second amendment ("Second Amendment") in order to extend the term of the Agreement to August 3 I, 2020.

Related to Propose

  • Proposal Proposal means any information supplied by or on behalf of the insured, deemed to be a completed proposal form and medical questionnaire and other relevant information that the insurer may require.

  • Proposed Personnel

  • REACH 16.1. Seller warrants and represents to Buyer that: (i) it will at all times comply with its obligations under the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals Regulation No 1907/2006 (as amended) or any equivalent regime operating in any relevant jurisdiction (“REACH”) at its own cost to the extent permitted by law; (ii) it has a valid REACH registration/pre-registration for all relevant substances within the Goods for Buyer’s use.

  • Joint Effort The preparation of this Agreement has been a joint effort of the parties, and the resulting document shall not be construed more severely against one of the parties than the other.

  • COMMENT Concerning Clause 10.1: It is here specified what portion of the Leased Object the parties have as per contract signing assumed will be included in the lessor’s voluntary real estate lease registration in the Value Added Tax Register. In order for an area to be included in the lessor’s voluntary registration, such area must be used in one of the following ways:

  • Approach All investments are to be made using the long-term value investing approach by investing in the securities of companies and other entities at prices below their underlying long-term values to protect capital from loss and earn income over time and provide operating income as needed. With regard to equity securities, the investment manager will attempt to identify financially sound companies and other entities with good potential profitability which are selling at large discounts to their intrinsic value. Appropriate measures of low prices may consist of some or all of the following characteristics: low price earnings ratios, high dividend yields, significant discounts to book value and free cash flow. Downside protection is obtained by seeking a margin of safety in terms of a sound financial position and a low price in relation to intrinsic value. Appropriate measures of financial integrity which are regularly monitored, include debt/equity ratios, financial leverage, asset turnover, profit margin, return on equity, and interest coverage. As a result of this long-term value investing approach, it is anticipated that purchases will be made when economic and issue-specific conditions are less than ideal and sentiment is uncertain or negative. Conversely, it is expected that gains will be realized when issue-specific factors are positive and sentiment is buoyant. The investment time horizon is one business cycle (approximately 3-5 years). With respect to fixed income securities, the long-term value investing approach is similar. The investment manager will attempt to purchase attractively priced bonds offering yields better than treasury bonds with maturities of 30 years or less that are of sound quality, i.e. whose obligations are expected to be fully met as they come due. Rating services are not regarded as an unimpeachable source for assessing credit quality any more than a broker’s recommendation on a stock is necessarily correct. With any form of investment research and evaluation, there is no substitute for the reasoned judgment of the investment committee and the investment manager.

  • Joint Efforts To the full extent permitted by law, neither this Agreement nor any ambiguity or uncertainty herein will be construed against any of the parties hereto, whether under any rule of construction or otherwise. On the contrary, this Agreement has been prepared by the joint efforts of the respective attorneys for, and has been reviewed by, each of the parties hereto.

  • Best Efforts The parties shall use their best efforts to satisfy timely each of the conditions described in Section 6 and 7 of this Agreement.

  • Negotiating Teams The Board and the Union shall be represented at all negotiation meetings by a team of negotiators not to exceed four (4), no less than three (3) members each. Neither party in any negotiations shall have any control over the selection of the negotiation or bargaining representatives of the other party. While no final agreement shall be executed without ratification by the Union and the Board, the parties mutually pledge that their representatives will be clothed with necessary power and authority to make proposals, to consider proposals, and to make concessions in the course of negotiations. All negotiations shall be conducted exclusively between said teams. In addition to said teams, each party shall be authorized to admit no more than two observers to each meeting. Such observers shall be without the right to speak or to otherwise comment to either party.

  • Intention It is the intention of the parties and their affiliates that all disputes of any nature between them, whenever arising, whether in regard to this agreement or any other matter, from whatever cause, based on whatever law, rule or regulation, whether statutory or common law, and however characterized, be decided by arbitration as provided herein and that no party or affiliate be required to litigate in any other forum any disputes or other matters except for requests for injunctive or equitable relief. This agreement shall be interpreted in conformance with this stated intent of the parties and their affiliates.