Comment definition

Comment means any oral or written statement made by any person, not under oath, in any proceeding before the commission.

Examples of Comment in a sentence

  • See Comment [1] to Rule 5.1. Paragraph (b) applies to lawyers who have supervisory authority over the work of a nonlawyer.

  • This Rule does not restrict referrals or divisions of revenues or net income among lawyers within firms comprised of multiple entities.Additional Washington Comment (9)[9] That portion of Model Rule 7.2(b)(4) that allows lawyers to enter into reciprocal referral agreements with nonlawyer professionals was not adopted.

  • Additional Washington Comment (12) [12] A nonlawyer for purposes of this Rule denotes an individual other than a lawyer or an LLLT.

  • See Rule 1.13, Comment [9].[6] [Washington revision] Paragraphs (b) and(c) contemplate a screening arrangement.

  • Public Comment will be heard on any item except quasi-judicial land use items.

More Definitions of Comment

Comment means any written state- ment of fact or opinion submitted by an interested party relative to a filing.
Comment means any input, data, content, information, remarks, or suggestions that Member communicates or delivers to RESO in any way that are provided (i) for purposes of contributing to RESO Products and (ii) while Member is bound by this MIPRA.
Comment means any written statement of fact or opinion submittedby an interested party relative to a filing.
Comment means the written finding by the Director of the effect of a State undertaking on an historic resource. (f) "Undertaking" means any project, activity, or program that can result in changes in the character or use of historic property, if any historic property is located in the area of potential effects. The project, activity or program shall be under the direct or indirect jurisdiction of a State agency or licensed or assisted by a State agency. An undertaking includes, but is not limited to, action which is: (1) directly undertaken by a State agency; (2) supported in whole or in part through State
Comment means the act of stating one's observa- tions clearly in the report.