Comment definition

Comment means the findings and recommendations of the Council for- mally provided in writing to the head of a Federal agency under section 106.
Comment means any written state- ment of fact or opinion submitted by an interested party relative to a filing.
Comment means any oral or written statement made by any person, not under oath, in any proceeding before the commission.

Examples of Comment in a sentence

  • The Audience Comment portion of the agenda is where individuals may make comments on matters that concern the District.

  • Public Comment will be heard on any item except quasi-judicial land use items.

  • Company Comment Moderator No update as compared to the list in the previous LS.

  • As required by Government Code, no action or discussion will be undertaken on any item raised during this Public Comment period.

  • The following Analysis to Aid Public Comment describes the terms of the consent agreement, and the allegations in the complaint.

More Definitions of Comment

Comment means a response to an article or social media content submitted by a commenter.
Comment. If the collected material is a haz- ardous waste under part 261 of this Chapter, it must be managed as a hazardous waste in accordance with all applicable requirements of parts 262 through 266 of this chapter. If the collected material is discharged through a point source to waters of the United States, it is subject to the requirements of section 402 of the Clean Water Act, as amended.]
Comment. The Parties should take into consideration that in some legal systems payment of interest is unlawful, or is subject to a legal maximum rate, or there is provision for statutory interest on late payments.]
Comment means a response to a municipality posting or social media content or posting submitted by a commenter.
Comment means any input, data, content, information, remarks, or suggestions that Member communicates or delivers to RESO in any way that are provided (i) for purposes of contributing to RESO Products and (ii) while Member is bound by this MIPRA.
Comment means the act of stating one's observa- tions clearly in the report.