Prohibit Sample Clauses

Prohibit unauthorized physical access to systems as well as employ facilities protection measures to deter, prevent and track unauthorized access.
Prohibit. (1) the requesting of employment eligibility verification documents from any individual prior to making an offer of employment; (2) discrimination on the basis of citizenship status or national origin in the hiring and firing process; and
Prohibit in consultation with the NRD, the utilization of any field, portion or whole of the Soccer Complex if any obstructions, debris, washouts, holes, erosion, standing water, ice, or other defects or physical condition(s) existing thereon (regardless of cause) renders the same unfit or unsafe for athletes or spectators, or if the Licensee or NRD, in their discretion, determine that such utilization could cause unreasonable damage to the Soccer Complex (and/or to the improvements thereon) or violate principles of good soccer field management.
Prohibit gatherings of any size in which people cannot maintain six feet of distance from one another.