P-1 Sample Clauses

P-1. Metro-North and the TWU will appoint, by mutual consent, an Impartial Arbitrator, who will have exclusive jurisdiction over all final appeals in claims for compensation, discipline proceedings, or any dispute concerning the interpretation of this Agreement. The person appointed Impartial Arbitrator shall be subject to replacement by mutual consent of the parties, at any time, and after the Impartial Arbitrator has served for one
P-1. This Pooling and Servicing Agreement, dated as of ___________, 199_, between The Provident Bank, as Seller (the "Seller"), as Document Custodian (the "Document Custodian") and as Master Servicer (the "Master Servicer"), and (________________________), as Trustee (the "Trustee").
P-1. This Pooling and Servicing Agreement, dated as of September 1, 1998, among Bear Xxxxxxx Asset Backed Securities, Inc., as Depositor (the "Depositor"), Champion Mortgage Co., Inc., as Seller (the "Seller") and as Servicer (the "Servicer"), and Xxxxxx Trust and Savings Bank, as Trustee (the "Trustee").

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  • Moody’s Mxxxx’x Investors Service, Inc., or its successors in interest. If Mxxxx’x is designated as a Rating Agency in the Preliminary Statement, for purposes of Section 10.05(b) the address for notices to Moody’s shall be Mxxxx’x Investors Service, Inc., 90 Xxxxxx Xxxxxx, Xxx Xxxx, Xxx Xxxx 00000, Attention: Residential Loan Monitoring Group, or any other address that Moody’s furnishes to the Depositor and the Servicer.

  • Rating 26. (1) The State shall ensure that notwithstanding the provisions of any Act or anything done or purported to be done under any Act the valuation of all lands the subject of this Agreement (except the accommodation area and any other parts of the lands the subject of this Agreement on which accommodation units or housing for the Company’s workforce is erected or which is occupied in connection with such accommodation units or housing and except as to any part upon which there stands any improvements that are used in connection with a commercial undertaking not directly related to the mining activities carried out by the Company pursuant to approved proposals) shall for rating purposes under the Local Government Xxx 0000, be deemed to be on the unimproved value thereof and no such lands shall be subject to any discriminatory rate and further as regards the mining lease that the unimproved value thereof shall be calculated on the basis that the mining lease is a mining lease under the Mining Act and not as land held pursuant to an agreement made with the Crown in right of the State and scheduled to an Act approving the agreement.

  • Ratings No “nationally recognized statistical rating organization” as such term is defined for purposes of Rule 436(g)(2) (i) has imposed (or has informed the Company that it is considering imposing) any condition (financial or otherwise) on the Company’s retaining any rating assigned to the Company or any securities of the Company or (ii) has indicated to the Company that it is considering any of the actions described in Section 7(c)(ii) hereof.

  • No Ratings There are (and prior to the Closing Date, will be) no debt securities, convertible securities or preferred stock issued or guaranteed by the Company that are rated by a “nationally recognized statistical rating organization,” as such term is defined in Section 3(a)(62) under the Exchange Act.

  • Credit Rating As of any date of determination, except as hereinafter provided in this definition, the highest of the credit ratings (or their equivalents) then assigned to REIT’s long-term senior unsecured non-credit enhanced debt by any of the Rating Agencies. A credit rating of BBB- from S&P or Fitch is equivalent to a credit rating of Baa3 from Mxxxx’x and vice versa. A credit rating of BBB from S&P or Fitch is equivalent to a credit rating of Baa2 from Mxxxx’x and vice versa. A credit rating of BBB+ from S&P or Fitch is equivalent to a credit rating of Baa1 by Mxxxx’x and vice versa. It is the intention of the parties that REIT shall obtain a credit rating from at least two (2) Rating Agencies in order for Borrower to be entitled to the benefit of the Credit Rating Level for such credit rating. If the credit ratings obtained by REIT are not equivalent, pricing shall be determined by the highest of the credit ratings, provided that the next highest credit rating is only one level below that of the highest credit rating. If the second highest credit rating obtained by REIT is more than one level below that of the highest credit rating obtained by REIT, the operative rating shall be the credit rating that is one level higher than the second highest of the credit ratings. In the event that REIT shall have obtained a credit rating from at least two (2) Rating Agencies and shall thereafter lose one or more credit ratings (whether as a result of a withdrawal, suspension, election to not obtain a rating, or otherwise) such that REIT no longer has a credit rating from at least two (2) Rating Agencies, REIT shall be deemed for the purposes hereof not to have a Credit Rating. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, if at any time two or three of the Rating Agencies shall cease performing the functions of a securities rating agency such that REIT shall be unable to maintain a credit rating from at least two of the three Rating Agencies, then Borrower and the Agent shall promptly negotiate in good faith to agree upon one or more substitute rating agencies (and to correlate the system of ratings of each such substitute rating agency with that of the rating agency being replaced), and pending such amendment, the Credit Rating in effect immediately prior to such time shall continue to apply, provided that the designation of such replacement agency and such amendment are completed within thirty (30) days of such event, and if not so completed within such thirty (30) day period, Credit Rating Lxxxx 0 xxxxx xx the applicable Credit Rating Level until such time as REIT obtains a credit rating from at least two Rating Agencies. Credit Rating Level. One of the following five (5) pricing levels, as applicable, and provided, further, that, from and after the time that Agent receives written notice that REIT has first obtained an Investment Grade Rating from at least two (2) of the Rating Agencies and elected to use such Credit Rating as the basis for the Applicable Margin:

  • Credit Ratings Use commercially reasonable efforts to maintain at all times (a) a credit rating by each of S&P and Xxxxx’x in respect of the Term Facility and (b) a public corporate rating by S&P and a public corporate family rating by Xxxxx’x for the Borrower, in each case with no requirement to maintain any specific minimum rating.

  • Rating Agency Each of Xxxxx’x, Fitch and S&P or their successors. If such agencies or their successors are no longer in existence, “Rating Agencies” shall be such nationally recognized statistical rating agencies, or other comparable person, agreed upon and designated by the Seller, notice of which designation shall be given to the Trustee, the NIMS Insurer, the Master Servicer and the Servicer.

  • Insurance Carrier Rating Each Insurance Policy must be underwritten by an insurance carrier that is a FNMA or FHLMC approved Mortgage Insurer.

  • Required Ratings The Offered Certificates shall have received Required Ratings of at least [ ] from [ ].

  • Industry Ratings The City will only accept coverage from an insurance carrier who offers proof that it: