Other Defined Terms Sample Clauses

Other Defined Terms. As used in this Agreement, the following terms have the meanings specified below:
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Other Defined Terms. Unless the context otherwise requires, the following terms when used in this Amendment shall have the meanings assigned to them in this Section 1.2.
Other Defined Terms. The following terms shall have the meanings defined for such terms in the Sections set forth below:
Other Defined Terms. In addition to the terms defined above, the following terms shall have the respective meanings given thereto in the articles indicated below: Defined Term Section Agreement Preamble Antitrust Approvals Section 6.04(b) Balance Sheet Section 6.06 Bank Section 2.06(a) Business Recitals Business Assistance Agreement Section 2.07(a) Closing Date Section 3.01 Closing Date Inventory Statement Section 2.09(a) Closing IP Purchase Price Section 2.02(a) Direct Claim Section 9.05(c) Excluded Assets Disclosure Schedule, Section 1.01 Excluded Liabilities Disclosure Schedule, Section 1.01 Final Inventory Valuation Section 2.09(c) Governmental Approvals Section 6.04(a) Indemnified Party Section 9.04 Indemnifying Party Section 9.04 IP Purchase Price Section 2.02(a) IP Purchase Price Balance Section 2.02(a) Lease Agreement Section 2.05 L/Cs Section 2.06(a) Loan Section 2.01(e) Loan Agreement Section 2.01(e) Manufacturing Agreement Section 2.04 Newco Recitals Objection Notice Section 2.09(c) Party Preamble Perfection Actions Section 2.02(a) Products Recitals R&D Agreement Section 2.07(c) Re-employed Employees Section 2.03(a)(i) Seconded Employees Section 2.03(b)(i) Secondment Agreement Section 2.03(b)(iii) SHA Section 2.01(d) Share Purchase Price Section 2.01(c) Shares Section 2.01(c) Share Transfer Section 2.01(c) SPA Section 2.01(c) Spin-off Section 2.01(a) Spin-off Plan Section 2.01(a) System License Agreement Section 2.07(b) Third-Party Claim Section 9.05(a) Toppan Preamble Toppan Distribution Agreement Section 2.07(d) VIA Preamble VIA Distribution Agreement Section 2.07(d) ARTICLE II OVERVIEW OF THE TRANSACTION
Other Defined Terms. Any capitalized term utilized herein shall have the meaning as specified in the Loan Agreement, unless such term is otherwise specifically defined herein.
Other Defined Terms. Each of the following terms is defined in the Section indicated below: Defined Term Section 2014 SPA 4.7 25% Holder 4.1(f) Accretion Period 4.2(c) Agreement Preamble Arbitrator 7.13 Anticipated Termination Event 2.8(e) Binding Offer 4.8(c) Blocking Price 4.8(c) Buyer 4.3(a) Class A Shareholder 2.1(a) Class A Trust Shares 2.8(b Class B Shareholder 2.1(a) Class D Shareholder 2.1(a) Class D Trust Shares 2.8(c) Company 1.1 Company Communications 2.2(k) CVH Preamble CVH Free to Sell Date 4.2(k) CVH Majority Ownership Requirement 2.2(a) CVH Parties Preamble CVH ROFR Acceptance Notice 4.2(k) CVH ROFR Defaulting Shareholder 4.2(k) CVH ROFR Election Period 4.2(k) CVH ROFR Notice 4.2(k) CVH ROFR Purchase Price 4.2(k) CVH ROFR Election Period 4.2(k) CVH Sale Agreement 4.2(k) CVH Selling Shareholder 4.2(k) CVH Trust 2.8(a) CVH Trust Agreement 2.8(a) CVH Trust Termination Event 2.8(e) Deadlock 2.9(g) Director Designation 2.2(a) Defined Term Section Director Designee Nominee 2.2(a) Dispute 7.11 Dispute Notice 7.11 Dominio Free to Sell Date 4.2(j) Dominio ROFR Acceptance Notice 4.2(k) Dominio ROFR Defaulting Shareholder 4.2(k) Dominio ROFR Election Period 4.2(k) Xxxxxxx XXXX Xxxxxx 0.0(x) Xxxxxxx XXXX Purchase Price 4.2(k) Dominio ROFR Election Period 4.2(k) Dominio Sale Agreement 4.2(k) Drag Date 4.8(f) Drag Deadline 4.8(i) Dragged Shareholders 4.8(a) Dragged Shares 4.8(a) Dragging Shareholder 4.8(a) Drag Notice 4.8(a) Drag Transaction 4.8(k) Eligible Substitutes 2.8(d) Execution Date 4.3(a) FIA Preamble Filing Documents 5.2(b)(i) Filing Expenses 5.2(f) Fintech Advisory Preamble Fintech Free to Sell Date 4.2(l) Fintech Parties Preamble Fintech ROFR Acceptance Notice 4.2(l) Fintech ROFR Defaulting Shareholder 4.2(l) Fintech ROFR Election Period 4.2(l) Fintech ROFR Notice 4.2(l) Fintech ROFR Purchase Price 4.2(l) Fintech ROFR Election Period 4.2(l) Fintech Sale Agreement 4.2(l) Defined Term Section Fintech Selling Shareholder 4.2(l) Free to Sell Date 4.2(f) ICC Rules 7.12 Indemnified Party 6.3 Indemnifying Party 6.3 Interim Relief 7.12 Manager 5.4 Material Approvals 4.7 Merger Preamble Minimum Price Differential 4.8(d) Negotiation Period 4.8(b) Non-Binding Offer 4.8(b) Offeree Shareholder 4.2(a) Official 3.4 Participating Tag Along Sale Agreement 4.3(c) Participating Tag Along Members 4.3(c) Parties Prior Meeting 2.9(a) Preliminary Merger Agreement Preamble Preliminary Reorganization Agreement Preamble Pricing Notice 4.8(c) Pricing Notice Period 4.8(c) Proposed Fintech Pu...
Other Defined Terms. Other terms may be defined elsewhere in this Agreement, and, unless otherwise indicated, shall have such meanings throughout this Agreement.
Other Defined Terms. The following terms shall have the meanings defined for such terms in the Sections set forth below: Additional Number Section 7.4(b) Agreement Preamble Amendment Recitals Anti-Bribery Laws Section 11.7 Arbitration Notice Section 12.5(a) Beijing WFOE Preamble Beijing Mrfresh Preamble Business Recitals Company Preamble Company Affiliate Section 11.7 Compliance Laws Section 11.9 Confidential Information Section 11.19(a) Direct US Investor Section 11.17(c) Dispute Section 12.5(a) Earn-out Shares Section 11.30 Exempt Registrations Section 3.4 First Participation Notice Section 7.4(a) Government Official Section 11.7 GS Entities Section 11.29 HK Company/HK Companies Preamble HKIAC Section 12.5(b) HKIAC Rules Section 12.5(b) Indirect US Investor Section 11.17(c) Investor Directors Section 9.1(a) Investor(s) Preamble Jinan Missfresh Extreme Preamble Jinan WFOE Preamble Major Subsidiary Section 9.1(c) Missfresh HK Company Preamble Money Laundering Laws Section 11.10 Mrfresh Cayman Preamble Mrfresh HK Company Preamble Mrfresh WFOE Preamble New Securities Section 7.3 Observer Section 9.4 ODI Approvals Section 11.3 OFAC Section 11.11 Ordinary Directors Section 9.1(a) Original Purchase Agreement Recitals Oversubscription Participants Section 7.4(b) Party/Parties Preamble PFIC Shareholder Section 11.17(c) PRC Company/PRC Companies Preamble Preemptive Right Section 7.1 Principal/Principals Preamble Principal Holding Company/Principal Holding Companies Preamble Prior Agreements Recitals Pro Rata Share Section 7.2 Purchase Agreement Recitals Qualified Financing Section 11.30 Qualified Series F Investor Section 11.30 Sanctions Section 11.11 Second Participation Notice Section 7.4(b) Second Participation Period Section 7.4(b) Security Holder Section 11.3 Series A Investor(s) Preamble Series B Investor(s) Preamble Series C Investor(s) Preamble Series D1 Investor(s) Preamble Series E Investor(s) Preamble Series E1 Investor(s) Preamble Series F Investor(s) Preamble Subsidiary Board Section 9.1(c) Third Amended and Restated SHA Recitals Violation Section 5.1(a) WFOE/WFOEs Preamble
Other Defined Terms. The following terms have the meanings assigned to such terms in the Sections of the Agreement set forth below: Acceptance Date 1.01(a) Acquired Companies 4.10(a) Acquisition Agreement 6.02(d) Acquisition Proposal 6.02(a) Adverse Recommendation Change 6.02(d) Adverse Recommendation Change Notice 6.02(e) Agreement Preface Arrangements 4.11(o) Articles of Merger 2.02 Authorizations 4.09 Certificates 3.02(b) Closing 2.02 Closing Date 2.02 Company Preface 59 Company Balance Sheet 4.04(a) Company Balance Sheet Date 4.04(a) Company Benefit Plan 4.11(a) Company Common Stock Recitals Company Compensation Committee 4.11(o) Company Equity Interests 4.02(b) Company Financial Advisor 4.07 Company Financial Statements 4.04 Company Leases 4.14 Company Letter Preamble Article IV Company Material Contracts 4.13(b) Company Owned Intellectual Property 4.16(b) Company Permits 4.09(a) Company Personnel 4.10(k) Company Preferred Stock 4.02(a) Company Product 4.17(a) Company Recommendations 1.02(a) Company Registered Items 4.16(f) Company Restricted Shares 2.08(a)(ii) Company SEC Reports 4.04(b) Company Shareholders Recitals Company Shareholder Approval 4.19(c) Company Stock Option 2.08(a)(i) Company Support Agreements Recitals Confidentiality Agreement 6.02(b) Copyrights 4.16(a) Counterproposal 6.02(e) Covered Securityholder 4.11(o) Dissenting Shares 3.01 DOJ 6.04(a) Effective Time 2.02 Employment Compensation Arrangement 4.11(o) Environmental Health and Safety Claim 4.18(a)(i) Environmental Health and Safety Laws 4.18(a)(ii) 60 ERISA 4.11(a) ERISA Affiliate 4.11(a) Exchange Agent 3.02(a) Exchange Fund 3.02(a) Expense Reimbursement 8.02(b) Expiration Date 1.01(c) FDA 4.17(a) FTC 6.04(a) GAAP 4.04(a) Hazardous Materials 4.18(a)(iii) HSR Act 4.03(c) In-Bound Licenses 4.16(c) Indemnified Parties 6.06(a) Indemnifying Party 6.06(a) Independent Director 4.03(a) Information Statement 1.03(b) Intellectual Property 4.16(a) Intellectual Property Rights 4.16(a) Liabilities 4.08 Marks 4.16(a) MBCA Recitals Merger Recitals Merger Consideration 2.07(b) Minimum Condition Appendix B Negotiation Period 6.02(c) Offer Recitals Offer Documents 1.01(d) Offer Price 1.01(a) Other Antitrust Laws 6.04(a) Out-Bound Licenses 4.16(d) Outside Date 8.01(b) Parent Preface Parent Letter Preamble to Article V Patents 4.16(a) Pension Plan 4.11(b) Plan of Merger Recitals Post-Signing Arrangement 6.11(b) Premium Limit 6.06(b) Proceeding 4.06 Proprietary Information 4.16(a) Proxy Statement 2.09(a)(iii) Purchaser P...
Other Defined Terms. All other capitalized terms used and not defined herein have the meanings ascribed to them in the Credit Agreement.