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Other Contracting Bodies. The Supplier shall during and after the Term indemnify and keep indemnified the Authority on demand in full from and against all Losses whatsoever arising from, out of, in respect of or incurred by reason of any infringement or alleged infringement (including the defence of such alleged infringement) of any Intellectual Property Right by the: availability, provision or use of the Services (or any parts thereof); and performance of the Supplier's responsibilities and obligations hereunder. The Supplier shall promptly notify the Authority if any claim or demand is made or action brought against the Supplier for infringement or alleged infringement of any Intellectual Property Right that may affect the availability, provision or use of the Services (or any deliverables or parts thereof) and/or the performance of the Supplier's responsibilities and obligations hereunder. If a claim or demand is made or action brought alleging matters which if proved would constitute a breach of this Clause FW-43. or Clause 19 of the Call Off Agreement, or in the reasonable opinion of the Supplier is likely to be made or brought, the Supplier may (subject to the Authority’s prior Approval or in respect of the Call Agreement, subject to the Customer’s prior Approval) at its own expense and at no cost to the Authority or Customer, within a reasonable time either: modify any or all of the affected Services and/or Call Off Agreement Deliverables without reducing the performance and functionality of the same, or substitute alternative services of equivalent performance and functionality for any or all of the affected Services, so as to avoid the infringement or the alleged infringement; provided that such action shall not increase the cost or burden on Customers; procure a licence to use the Services and/or Deliverables on terms that are reasonably acceptable to the Authority or Customer (as applicable); and in relation to the performance of the Supplier’s responsibilities and obligations hereunder, promptly re-perform those responsibilities and obligations. And in the event that the Supplier is unable to comply with Clauses FW-43.6.1 or FW-43.6.2 within twenty (20) Working Days of receipt of the Supplier’s notification, the Authority may terminate the this Contract and the Customer may terminate this Call Off Agreement for Material Breach and the Supplier shall, upon demand, refund the Authority and/or Customer (as the case may be) with all monies paid in respect of the Service and...
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Related to Other Contracting Bodies

  • Other Contractors District reserves the right to enter into other agreements for work additional or related to the subject matter of this Contract, and Contractor agrees to cooperate fully with these other contractors and with the District. When requested by District, Contractor shall coordinate its performance under this Contract with such additional or related work. Contractor shall not interfere with the work performance of any other contractor or District employees.

  • Other Contracts The Board of Supervisors may undertake or award other contracts for additional Work, and the Contractor shall fully cooperate with such other contractors and County employees and carefully fit his own Work to such additional Work as may be directed by OC Public Works. The Contractor shall not commit or permit any act, which will interfere with the performance of Work by any other contractor or by County employees.

  • Where a Contracting Party expropriates the assets of a company which is incorporated or constituted under the law in force in any part of its own territory, and in which investors of the other Contracting Party own shares, it shall ensure that the provisions of this Article are applied so as to guarantee prompt, adequate and effective compensation in respect of their investment to such investors of the other Contracting Party who are owners of those shares.

  • Contracting Parties The Government customer (Licensee) is the “Ordering Activity”, “defined as an entity authorized to order under GSA contracts as set forth in GSA ORDER 4800.2G ADM, as may be revised from time to time. The Licensee cannot be an individual because any implication of individual licensing triggers the requirements for legal review by Federal Employee unions. Conversely, because of competition rules, the contractor must be defined as a single entity even if the contractor is part of a corporate group. The Government cannot contract with the group, or in the alternative with a set of contracting parties.

  • The Contracts (i) will be sold by broker-dealers, or their registered representatives, who are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") under the Securities and Exchange Act of 1934, as amended (the "1934 Act") and who are members in good standing of the National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. (the "NASD"); (ii) will be issued and sold in compliance in all material respects with all applicable federal and state laws; and (iii) will be sold in compliance in all material respects with state insurance suitability requirements and NASD suitability guidelines.

  • Contracting In Further to Article 9.08(d)(i)(1) the parties agree that the Redeployment Committee will immediately undertake a review of any existing sub-contract work which would otherwise be bargaining unit work and which may be subject to expiry and open for renegotiation within six (6) months with a view to assessing the practicality and cost-effectiveness of having such work performed within the Hospital by members of the bargaining unit."

  • Other Service Contracts The Trustees may authorize the engagement of a principal underwriter, transfer agent, administrator, custodian, and similar service providers.

  • Contracts Unless otherwise expressly provided herein or in any other Loan Document, references to agreements and other contractual instruments, including this Agreement and the other Loan Documents, shall be deemed to include all subsequent amendments, thereto, restatements and substitutions thereof and other modifications and supplements thereto which are in effect from time to time, but only to the extent such amendments and other modifications are not prohibited by the terms of any Loan Document.

  • Solicitations for Subcontracts, Including Procurements of Materials and Equipment In all solicitations either by competitive bidding or negotiation made by the Engineer for work to be performed under a subcontract, including procurements of materials or leases of equipment, each potential subcontractor or supplier shall be notified by the Engineer of the Engineer's obligations under this contract and the Regulations relative to nondiscrimination on the grounds of race, color, or national origin.

  • No Other Contracts Other than this Agreement, there are no contracts, agreements or understandings between the Company or any of its Subsidiaries and any person that would give rise to a valid claim against the Company or any of its Subsidiaries or the Placement Agent for a brokerage commission, finder’s fee or other like payment with respect to the consummation of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement.

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