Ordinary Capital Resources Sample Clauses

Ordinary Capital Resources. As used in this Agreement, the term "Ordinary Capital Resources" of the Bank shall include the following:
Ordinary Capital Resources. 1. For the purposes of this Agreement, the expression “ordinary capital resources” of the Bank shall include:
Ordinary Capital Resources. As used in this Agreement, the terra " ordinary capital resources " of the Bank shall include the following:—
Ordinary Capital Resources. Purpose - Article 1 - “The purpose of the Bank shall be to xxxxxx economic growth and co-operation in the region of Asia and the Far East (hereinafter referred to as the "region") and to contribute to the acceleration of the process of economic development of the developing member countries in the region, collectively and individually.” “Wherever used in this Agreement, the terms "region of Asia and the Far East" and "region" shall comprise the territories of Asia and the Far East included in the Terms of Reference of the United Nations Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East.” • To fulfil its purpose, the Bank shall have the following functions:
Ordinary Capital Resources. As used in this Agreement, the term 'ordinary capital resources` of the Bank shall include the following:

Related to Ordinary Capital Resources

  • Financial Resources THL Advisors has the financial resources available to it necessary for the performance of its services and obligations as contemplated in the Prospectus and the General Disclosure Package and under the Company Agreements to which THL Advisors is a party.

  • Financial Management 5.1. Fifteen (15) days after this Agreement comes into effect in accordance with Article 11.2, the Institution shall authorize one person to serve as the representative to request and receive payments under this Agreement. The Institution may revoke this authorization and designate another representative upon provision of written notification to DSD, accompanied by an original sample of the new representative’s signature. Such notification must be received by DSD at least five (5) calendar days prior to a request for payment by the Institution under its new representative’s signature.

  • Management; Community Policies Owner may retain employees and management agents from time to time to manage the Property, and Owner’s agent may retain other employees or contractors. Resident, on behalf of himself or herself and his or her Guests, agrees to comply fully with all directions from Owner and its employees and agents, and the rules and regulations (including all amendments and additions thereto, except those that substantially modify the Resident’s bargain and to which Resident timely objects) as contained in this Agreement and the Community Policies of the Property. The Community Policies are available at xxxx://xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xxx/policies.pdf or on request from the management office and are considered part of this Agreement.