Moisture Sample Clauses

Moisture. Tenant agrees to take reasonable steps in order to prevent or minimize the growth of mold and mildew within the apartment. To prevent or minimize the occurrence and growth of mold in the Apartment, Tenant hereby agrees to the following:
Moisture. If the moisture content of Treated Sodium Chloride exceeds five and three tenths percent (5.3%), the weight to be paid for will be the gross weight of the Sodium Chloride minus twice the weight of the excess moisture computed as follows: Weight to be paid for = G x (104-2(m)) /100 G = Gross weight of material (wet) m = Percent of moisture to the nearest 0.5 percent based on oven dry weight
Moisture. 2) Second, a deduction, as specified above, will be made for gradation failure.
Moisture. The liquid chlorine supplied shall be dry chlorine. Moisture shall not exceed 150 ppm (0.015 percent), by weight.
Moisture. There will be no discount on a load of corn until it is above 15.0%, and then a discount and right to reject as described in the discount schedule. The discount schedule and right to reject regarding moisture shall be determined on a load by load basis.
Moisture. 1) If the moisture content of the goods exceeds the contractually agreed basis then for the first percent extra moisture 1% and for the second percent extra moisture 1,5% is to be deducted from the contract price. Fractions are to be reckoned in proportion.
Moisture. Moisture problems in treated area(s), including but not limited to interior areas, plumbing, roof, or exterior drainage issues may destroy the effectiveness of the termite treatment, thereby allowing ground or aerial infestation to exist after the date of the treatment. If such a condition exists, Homeowner must correct the cause of the moisture problem and notify Northwest of the condition so Northwest can provide additional treatment in the area(s) where the moisture problem has altered treatment and created a conducive environment for termite infestation. Northwest is not responsible for any termite damage and/or repairs that exist in area of moisture problem. Failure of the homeowner to correct moisture problem will cause this agreement to be null and void. Northwest reserves the right to charge for additional treatment.
Moisture. The moisture content of the Concentrates at the Port of Loading shall be equal to or more than 6% and less than 9%. 2.6
Moisture. For moisture contents over 16%, the right of rejection may be exercised.