MM&P Sample Clauses

MM&P. Workweek will be defined as seven (7) consecutive days commencing on the employee’s first day of work and concluding with either two (2) or three (3) consecutive days off, depending on the employee’s shift. The current schedule configurations will be deemed to conform to this Section.
MM&P. All permanent licensed Masters may purchase insurance to defend himself or herself in any Coast Guard investigation of a marine incident, or Coast Guard action against the employee’s license resulting from such incident. Upon proof of purchase, Management will reimburse each Master on a quarterly basis, one hundred twenty-five dollars ($125.00). ARTICLE 30 DISCIPLINE‌
MM&P. The Employer will establish a training plan for each Marine employee which will include required training based on the job duties. Upon approval, each Marine employee who successfully completes a Management required course, not already provided by the agency will be eligible for reimbursement. These courses may include, but not be limited to STCW, HAZWOPER, first aid, radar, bridge management, fire training and safety courses.
MM&P. A position’s assigned day(s) off change by one (1) or more days, or shift hours change by more than two (2) hours. In these cases, if the position is filled at the time of the change, the incumbent may elect to remain in the position. If the incumbent elects not to remain in the position, they may elect to assume a position currently occupied by an employee with less seniority than themselves within the same job classification providing they have demonstrated the skills and abilities or licensing for that position as determined by Management. This process shall continue until all bargaining unit positions are filled.
MM&P. Bids will be submitted to the Marine Manager and upon receipt will be dated with a copy returned to the employee and the original maintained on file in the Marine Manager’s Office.
MM&P. Midstream and Logistics shall establish and maintain the MMP Bank Blocked Account, the Midstream Bank Blocked Account and the Logistics Bank Blocked Account, as applicable, and shall notify in writing and otherwise take such reasonable steps to ensure that all of their account debtors under any of their accounts receivable forward payment under such accounts receivable directly by wire transfer to either the MMP Bank Blocked Account, the Midstream Bank Blocked Account or the Logistics Blocked Bank Account, as applicable, and shall provide Agent with reasonable evidence of such notification.