MILLION DOLLARS. If the Joint Venture is extended for an additional term or terms, NHC shall provide additional capitalization as mutually agreed by the Parties.
MILLION DOLLARS. The entirety of the IP Purchase Price has been negotiated without regard to the patentability of the Patent Rights.
MILLION DOLLARS. 4.4 For each future purchase order Buyer and Seller agree to negotiate a mutually acceptable maximum cancellation liability. Buyer agrees to use its best efforts to place future production orders in a manner to keep Seller's production continuous with no breaks in production and will further place -future production order in a minimum economic order quantity of 1,000 units. 4.5 Buyer shall have the right to incorporate new product changes to the X-Ray System. Prior to the implementation of any product changes, Buyer and Seller will mutually agree on the changes to be implemented and any resulting costs or schedule impact to Seller. 4.6 Buyer recognizes and agrees that it shall not sell the X-Ray Systems in Germany without the express written permission of Seller's, Licensor. Seller agrees, to the extent permitted by its License, to assist Buyer in securing Licensor's permission to sell X-Ray systems in Germany. 4.7 Seller agrees it will not sell to third parties Buyer's unique package and controller board design as set forth in Exhibit "A" and will mark all units sold to Buyer with the required logo as required by Buyer. Buyer and Seller recognize and agree the Seller is free to sell to third parties other X-Ray Systems that incorporate any of the functional features of the X-Ray Systems sold to Buyer. ARTICLE 5
MILLION DOLLARS. D. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Agreement, Pfizer shall make the sole determination of the 28 -8- best regulatory strategy, including clinical development with the advice of Nastech.
MILLION DOLLARS. Any amounts in excess of $1.75 Million Dollars may be used to satisfy broker fees allegedly due by Shareholders of up to $300,000.
MILLION DOLLARS. This financing will be available to Atlas at that point in time during the Project after which Atlas has expended approximately $5.5 Million Dollars. Repayment of such financing shall commence not sooner than twenty-four months after commencement of the Work; provided that the full amount financed shall be repaid prior to completion of the Project.
MILLION DOLLARS. The sufficiency of such deposit of monies or non-callable Defeasance Obligations shall be verified by an independent certified public accountant acceptable to the Parties and irrevocable instructions shall be provided under the escrow deposit agreement to the escrow agent thereunder to cause the publication and provision of any required redemption notice in accordance with the Bond Resolution, and there shall be delivered to the Parties opinions of bond counsel to Seller, in a form satisfactory to the Parties, to the effect that the pledge of the Pledged Revenues (as defined in the Bond Resolution), and all covenants, agreements and obligations of Seller to the holders of the Electric Utility Bonds, and all liens, benefits or security under the Bond Resolution with respect to the Electric Utility Bonds, have thereupon ceased, terminated and become void, discharged and satisfied.
MILLION DOLLARS. Funds shall be delivered to OrthoLogic by wire transfer (net of bank charges) to the bank designated by OrthoLogic for such purpose.


  • Dollars The term “

  • U.S. Dollars The 2017-3 Lease Agreement is payable solely in Dollars in the United States. Documents Lease Documents

  • Canadian Dollars All references herein to dollar amounts are to lawful money of Canada.

  • million Notwithstanding the foregoing: (i) a transfer of assets by the Company to a Restricted Subsidiary or by a Restricted Subsidiary to the Company or to another Restricted Subsidiary, (ii) an issuance of Equity Interests by a Restricted Subsidiary to the Company or to another Restricted Subsidiary, (iii) a Restricted Payment that is permitted by the covenant contained in Section 4.07 and (iv) a disposition of Cash Equivalents in the ordinary course of business shall not be deemed to be an Asset Sale.

  • Dollars on .. [if the Security is to bear interest prior to Maturity, insert -- , and to pay interest thereon from ............. or from the most recent Interest Payment Date to which interest has been paid or duly provided for, semi-annually on ...........

  • Dollar, Dollars, U.S Dollars and the symbol $ shall mean lawful money of the United States of America. Domestic Account Receivable shall mean any account, contract right, general intangible, chattel paper, instrument or document representing any right to payment for goods sold or services rendered, whether or not earned by performance and whether or not evidenced by a contract, instrument or document, which is now owned or hereafter acquired by a Loan Party. All Domestic Accounts Receivable, whether Qualified Accounts Receivable or not, shall be subject to the Lenders’ Prior Security Interest, subject to Permitted Liens, if any. Domestic Credit Card Account Receivable shall mean any amounts due to any of the Loan Parties from Amex, MasterCard, Discover and Visa, in relation to purchases made by customers using credit cards. All Domestic Credit Card Accounts Receivable, whether Qualified Accounts Receivable or not, shall be subject to the Lenders’ Prior Security Interest, subject to Permitted Liens, if any. Domestic Royalty Account Receivable shall mean any account receivable of any of the Loan Parties arising from the licensing by the Loan Parties of any Trademarks owned by any of the Loan Parties. All Domestic Royalty Accounts Receivable, whether Qualified Accounts Receivable or not, shall be subject to the Lenders’ Prior Security Interest, subject to Permitted Liens, if any. Drawing Date shall have the meaning specified in Section 2.9.3 [Disbursements, Reimbursement]. Environmental Laws shall mean all applicable federal, state, local, tribal, territorial and foreign Laws (including common law), constitutions, statutes, treaties, regulations, rules, ordinances and codes and any consent decrees, settlement agreements, judgments, orders, directives, policies or programs issued by or entered into with a governmental authority pertaining or relating to: (i) pollution or pollution control; (ii) protection of human health or the environment from exposure to regulated substances; (iii) protection of the environment and/or natural resources; (iv) the presence, use, management, generation, manufacture, processing, extraction, treatment, recycling, refining, reclamation, labeling, packaging, sale, transport, storage, collection, distribution, disposal or release or threat of release of regulated substances; (v) the presence of contamination; (vi) the protection of endangered or threatened species; and (vii) the protection of environmentally sensitive areas. ERISA shall mean the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974, as the same may be amended or supplemented from time to time, and any successor statute of similar import, and the rules and regulations thereunder, as from time to time in effect. ERISA Affiliate shall mean, at any time, any trade or business (whether or not incorporated) under common control with the Borrower and are treated as a single employer under Section 414 of the Code. ERISA Event means (a) a reportable event (under Section 4043 of ERISA and regulations thereunder) with respect to a Pension Plan; (b) a withdrawal by Borrower or any ERISA Affiliate from a Pension Plan subject to Section 4063 of ERISA during a plan year in which it was a substantial employer (as defined in Section 4001(a)(2) of ERISA) or a cessation of operations that is treated as such a withdrawal under Section 4062(e) of ERISA; (c) a complete or partial withdrawal by Borrower or any ERISA Affiliate from a Multiemployer Plan or notification that a Multiemployer Plan is in reorganization; (d) the filing of a notice of intent to terminate, the treatment of a Plan amendment as a termination under Sections 4041 or 4041A of ERISA, or the commencement of proceedings by the PBGC to terminate a Pension Plan or Multiemployer Plan; (e) an event or condition which constitutes grounds under Section 4042 of ERISA for the termination of, or the appointment of a trustee to administer, any Pension Plan or Multiemployer Plan; or (f) the imposition of any liability under Title IV of ERISA, other than for PBGC premiums due but not delinquent under Section 4007 of ERISA, upon Borrower or any ERISA Affiliate. ERISA Group shall mean, at any time, the Borrower and all members of a controlled group of corporations and all trades or businesses (whether or not incorporated) under common control and all other entities which, together with the Borrower, are treated as a single employer under Section 414 of the Internal Revenue Code. Event of Default shall mean any of the events described in Section 8.1 [Events of Default] and referred to therein as an “Event of Default.” Excluded Taxes shall mean, with respect to the Administrative Agent, any Lender, the Issuing Lender or any other recipient of any payment to be made by or on account of any obligation of the Borrower hereunder, (a) taxes imposed on or measured by its overall net income (however denominated), and franchise taxes imposed on it (in lieu of net income taxes), by the jurisdiction (or any political subdivision thereof) under the Laws of which such recipient is organized or in which its principal office is located or, in the case of any Lender, in which its applicable lending office is located, (b) any branch profits taxes imposed by the United States of America or any similar tax imposed by any other jurisdiction in which the Borrower is located and (c) in the case of a Foreign Lender, any withholding tax that is imposed on amounts payable to such Foreign Lender at the time such Foreign Lender becomes a party hereto (or designates a new lending office) or is attributable to such Foreign Lender’s failure or inability (other than as a result of a Change in Law) to comply with Section 4.11.5 [Taxes – Status of Lenders], except to the extent that such Foreign Lender (or its assignor, if any) was entitled, at the time of designation of a new lending office (or assignment), to receive additional amounts from the Borrower with respect to such withholding tax pursuant to Section 4.11.1 [Taxes – Payment Free of Taxes]. Executive Order No. 13224 shall mean the Executive Order No. 13224 on Terrorist Financing, effective September 24, 2001, as the same has been, or shall hereafter be, renewed, extended, amended or replaced. Existing Credit Agreement shall mean the Third Amended and Restated Financing Agreement among CIT Group/Commercial Services, Inc., as Agent, Wachovia Bank, National Association, as Documentation Agent, SunTrust Bank, as Syndication Agent and the Lenders that are party thereto and the Borrower dated December 22, 2006.

  • Sixty (60) days shall have expired after the commencement of an action by or against Borrower seeking reorganization, arrangement, composition, readjustment, liquidation, dissolution or similar relief under any present or future statute, law or regulation, without such action being dismissed or all orders or proceedings thereunder affecting the operations or the business of Borrower being stayed; or a stay of any such order or proceedings shall thereafter be set aside and the action setting it aside shall not be timely appealed; or Borrower shall file any answer admitting or not contesting the material allegations of a petition filed against Borrower in any such proceedings; or the court in which such proceedings are pending shall enter a decree or order granting the relief sought in any such proceedings; or

  • United States Dollars References in this Agreement to “Dollars” or “$” shall mean the legal tender of the United States of America.

  • pounds For the right to have pet(s) on the Premises the Landlord shall charge a fee of $[PET FEE] that is ☐ non-refundable ☐ refundable unless there are damages related to the pet. The Tenant is responsible for all damage that any pet causes, regardless of ownership of said pet and agrees to restore the Premises to its original condition at their expense. ☐ - Shall not have the right to have pets on the Premises or in the common areas.

  • Payments in Dollars With respect to (i) any Loan (other than an Alternate Currency Loan), or (ii) any other payment to Agent and the Banks that is not covered by subsection (a) hereof, all such payments (including prepayments) to Agent and the Banks of the principal of or interest on such Loan or other payment, including but not limited to principal, interest, fees or any other amount owed by any Borrower under this Agreement, shall be made in Dollars. All payments described in this subsection (b) shall be remitted to Agent at its main office for the account of the Banks not later than 11:00 A.M. (Cleveland, Ohio time) on the due date thereof in immediately available funds. Any such payments received by Agent after 11:00 A.M. (Cleveland, Ohio time) shall be deemed to have been made and received on the next following Business Day.