Bond Resolution Sample Clauses

Bond Resolution. A certificate, together with a fully executed copy of the Bond Resolution to the effect that:
Bond Resolution. A certificate, together with fully executed copies of the Bond Resolution, of the Clerk of the District Board of Trustees to the effect that:
Bond Resolution. The Original Bond Resolution and any other bond resolution, indenture, loan agreement or other document, including any amendment thereof or supplement thereto, setting forth the terms and conditions or providing for the security of any Project Indebtedness issued or incurred by IPA.
Bond Resolution. “Bond Resolution” means that certain Resolution the Landlord to be adopted prior the issuance of the Bonds and setting forth the Landlord’s approval of the Bonds and certain terms, conditions and forms of the Bonds.‌
Bond Resolution. Denver Water shall not, without the prior written consent of the Lender, amend, supplement, modify or waive any of the provisions of the Master (Parity) Bond Resolution that in the sole determination of Denver Water will materially adversely affect the rights or security of the Lender under the Loan Documents; provided, however, that in no event shall the adoption of a supplement to the Master (Parity) Bond Resolution to authorize the issuance of additional Parity Bonds in accordance with the provisions of the Master (Parity) Bond Resolution be deemed to have a material adverse effect on the Lender.
Bond Resolution. On or before the Effectiveness Termination Date (the “Bond Resolution Date”), Borrower shall have caused to be effective a consent solicitation and exchange offer for the 9.5% Senior Subordinated Notes (the “Senior Subordinated Notes”) pursuant to which such Senior Subordinated Notes shall be surrendered and exchanged for new subordinated notes to be issued by Borrower (the “Exchanged Notes”) and the indenture governing any remaining Senior Subordinated Notes will be amended (the “Bond Amendment”). Such exchange offer and consent solicitation shall be evidenced by an offering memorandum and letter of transmittal (collectively, the “Offering Memorandum”). The Exchanged Notes shall be evidenced by a new indenture (the “Exchange Indenture”). The Offering Memorandum, the Bond Amendment, the Exchanged Notes and the Exchange Indenture shall be satisfactory in all respects to Agent and the Required Lenders, and shall be subject to the conditions listed below. The effective exchange of at least 90% of the Senior Subordinated Notes pursuant to the terms set forth in the Offering Memorandum on or before the Bond Resolution Date and satisfaction of the conditions listed below will be termed the “Bond Resolution”.
Bond Resolution. Bonds as defined in and issued under the Bond Resolution and other Evidence of Indebtedness as defined in and issued under the Bond Resolution or the Subordinated Resolution are not subject to acceleration. The Bond Resolution and the Subordinated Resolution are in full force and effect.
Bond Resolution. A certificate of an authorized officer of the District, together with a fully executed copy of the Bond Resolution, to the effect that, (i) such copy is a true and correct copy of the Bond Resolution; and (ii) the Bond Resolution is duly adopted and has not been modified, amended, rescinded or revoked except as provided herein, and is in full force and effect on the date of the Closing.
Bond Resolution. The "Bond Resolution" is that certain resolution adopted July 19, 1983 as amended by resolutions adopted on August 14, 1984, November 14, 1984, December 20, 1984, May 15, 1985, and June 11, 1985, by the City, pursuant to which the City resolved to issue the Bonds, as such Resolution may be amended from time to time.
Bond Resolution. On or before the Effectiveness Termination Date, Borrower shall cause (i) the Bond Resolution Date to occur or (ii) the Offering Memorandum and Exchange Indenture to be executed and effective.