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Estimated Value of BPA. Agencies for which we have received estimates Agency Estimated Annual Agency Requirements General Services Administration $ 18,000,000.00 Department of Defense $ 10,000,000.00 Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation $ 3,600,000.00 Nuclear Regulatory Commission $ 1,000,000.00 Department of Homeland Security $ 150,000.00 Based on FPDS data research and the table above, we have estimated the value of this BPA to be approximately $60 million per year.
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Estimated Value of BPA. The Government estimates, but does not guarantee, the volume of purchases to be potentially ordered under the BPA. The Government is obligated only to the extent of the Orders issued and there is no guaranteed minimum order quantity or dollar amount. Approximate Purchase Limits: Individual Order Limit: $750,000.00 Master BPA Limit: $5,000,000.00 estimated over the five (5) year period of performance.
Estimated Value of BPA. The total estimated value of the BPAs is $503.7 Million. There is no guaranteed minimum or maximum award amount.

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  • Contingent Price Adjustment It is the policy of the State of Oregon that unprocessed timber shall not be exported from lands owned or managed by the STATE or any of its political subdivisions or agencies, in accordance with the terms of current federal law and the Constitution and the laws of the State of Oregon. PURCHASER specifically agrees that Section 1 is a material term of this contract and is part of the consideration offered to STATE in return for STATE's performance. In the event that any federal law or state constitutional provision or law or any provision of this contract concerning export of unprocessed timber is declared invalid by any court or administrative tribunal, PURCHASER agrees to pay to STATE a contingent price in the amount of the difference between the purchase price set forth in this section and the price obtained by PURCHASER for the exported unprocessed timber. The default provisions of OAR 629-032-0000 through 629-032-0070 shall not apply to exported unprocessed timber. In the event that timber made available under this contract is exported in violation of this contract, PURCHASER shall be in material breach of the contract. STATE shall be entitled to cease performance of the contract and recover, in addition to the adjusted price set out above, a further sum estimated to compensate for administrative expense and the economic impact of the violation upon the State and its citizens. In no case shall this additional amount be less than $10,000 per incident.

  • Estimated Cost Estimated costs by construction phases for Specified Roads listed in A7 are stated by segments in the Schedule of Items. Such estimated costs are subject to adjustment under B3.3, B5.2, B5.21, B5.212, B5.25, and B5.26. Appropriately adjusted costs shall be made a part of a revised Schedule of Items and shown as adjustments to Timber Sale Account. The revised Schedule of Items shall supersede any prior Schedule of Items when it is dated and signed by Contracting Officer and a copy is furnished to Purchaser.

  • Added Value 22.1 The Contractor shall work with the Framework Public Bodies to implement a strategic approach to the management of costs within their own organisation.

  • Core Values Achieving the goals, directions and strategies for NSW Health requires clear and co-ordinated prioritisation of work programs, and supportive leadership that exemplifies the CORE Values of NSW Health:  Collaboration – we are committed to working collaboratively with each other to achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients who are at the centre of everything we do. In working collaboratively we acknowledge that every person working in the health system plays a valuable role that contributes to achieving the best possible outcomes.  Openness – a commitment to openness in our communications builds confidence and greater cooperation. We are committed to encouraging our patients, and all people who work in the health system, to provide feedback that will help us provide better services.  Respect – we have respect for the abilities, knowledge, skills and achievements of all people who work in the health system. We are also committed to providing health services that acknowledge and respect the feelings, wishes and rights of our patients and their carers.  Empowerment – in providing quality health care services we aim to ensure our patients are able to make well informed and confident decisions about their care and treatment. We further aim to create a sense of empowerment in the workplace for people to use their knowledge, skills and experience to provide the best possible care to patients, their families and carers.

  • Base Price Initial price quoted, proposed and/or contracted per unit of measure.

  • Purchase Price Adjustment (a) As soon as reasonably practicable, following each Closing Date, Purchaser shall prepare, or shall cause to be prepared, a Final Closing Statement for each Target Business Segment that is the subject of such Closing and a certificate of the chief financial officer directly overseeing the Target Companies comprising such Target Business Segment certifying that the Final Closing Statement was prepared in accordance with the Agreed Accounting Principles and engage Deloitte and Touche LLP (or such other registered public accounting firm of international reputation which is mutually acceptable to Parent and Purchaser) (the “Accounting Expert”) to (i) audit the Final Closing Statement and issue a report thereon, and (ii) certify in writing to Parent and Purchaser that such audit was conducted in accordance with the terms hereof, and Purchaser shall cause such report and such certificate to be produced no later than 120 days following each Closing Date. The Accounting Expert shall be provided reasonable access to the books, records and other relevant information of the Target Companies, Purchaser, Parent and their respective Representatives, to the extent necessary to complete its audit of the Final Closing Statement, and Purchaser and Parent shall, and shall cause their Representatives (including the Subject Companies) to, make reasonably available their respective personnel directly responsible for and knowledgeable about the information to be used in, and reasonably necessary for the preparation of, such Final Closing Statement and in order to respond to inquiries made by the Accounting Expert, and Purchaser shall cause the Subject Companies to prepare and deliver customary management representation letters as may be requested by the Accounting Expert. Parent shall be provided reasonable access to the books, records and other relevant information of the Target Companies, Purchaser, and their respective Representatives (including the working papers of Parent and the Accounting Expert in connection with the preparation and audit of the applicable Final Closing Statement), and Purchaser and Parent shall, and shall cause their Representatives (including the Subject Companies) to, make reasonably available their respective personnel directly responsible for and knowledgeable about the information to be used in the Final Closing Statement in order to respond to inquiries made by Parent. The Final Closing Statement shall be final and binding and shall be used in determining the Adjustment Amount, absent manifest error. The fees and expenses of the Accounting Expert shall be borne by Parent.

  • CONTRACT PRICE/PRICE LIMITATION/ PAYMENT 5.1 The contract price, method of payment, and terms of payment are identified and more particularly described in EXHIBIT C which is incorporated herein by reference.

  • Fair Rental Value If a loss covered under Section I makes that part of the "residence premises" rented to oth- ers or held for rental by you not fit to live in, we cover the fair rental value of such premises less any expenses that do not continue while it is not fit to live in. Payment will be for the shortest time required to repair or replace such premises.

  • Fair Market Value Fair Market Value of a share of Common Stock as of a particular date (the "Determination Date") shall mean:

  • ESTIMATED QUANTITIES 1.1 The quantities set forth in the line items and specification document are approximate and represent the estimated requirements for the contract period.

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