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Licensing Entity. The licensing entity under this agreement is determined based on your billing address and shall be as set out on your invoice.
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Licensing Entity. The Guliver licensing entity under this agreement is determined based on your billing address in accordance with the chart found. Customer Country of billing Guliver Licensing Entity, Bosnia and Herzegovina Guliver Film & Foto (Slovenia) Croatia Guliver Image d.o.o. (Croatia) Kosovo Guliver d.o.o. (Serbia) Montenegro Guliver d.o.o. (Serbia)
Licensing Entity. Please xxxx one, and only one, of the choices below.  I am signing on behalf of myself as an individual and no other entity, including my em- ployer, has or will have rights with respect my Contributions.  I am signing on behalf of my employer or a legal entity and I have the actual authority to contractually bind that entity. Name Company Name Title Mailing Address Telephone E-mail Date
Licensing Entity. The Xxxx Xxxxx Photography licensing entity under this agreement is determined based on your billing address.

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  • Contractor Licensing, etc. Notwithstanding Section 14.c, District may terminate this Contract immediately by written notice to Contractor upon denial, suspension, revocation, or non-renewal of any license, permit, or certificate that Contractor must hold to provide services under this Contract.

  • Sub-licensing The Licensee shall be entitled to grant sub-licences of its rights under this Agreement to any person, provided that:

  • Developer License We grant you a non-assignable, non-sublicensable, non-exclusive, worldwide right and license for the number of Developer(s) indicated in the Order Form to install the Software on any number of Machines in order to internally use the Software to create, develop and test Applications. For clarity, a single Software license may be re-allocated to another Developer in the event that the original Developer is no longer employed by you or has been assigned to a new role where access to the Software will no longer be required on a permanent basis.

  • Licensee Licensee represents and warrants that:

  • End User License Agreement This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. xxxx:// You are free to: Share: to copy, distribute and transmit the work Under the following conditions: Attribution: You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work).

  • TEXAS MOTOR VEHICLE BOARD LICENSING All that deal in motor vehicles shall maintain current licenses that are required by the Texas Motor Vehicle Commission Code. If at any time during this Agreement term, any required Contractor license is denied, revoked, or not renewed, Contractor shall be in default of this Agreement, unless the Texas Motor Vehicle Board issues a stay or waiver. Contractor shall promptly provide copies of all current applicable Texas Motor Vehicle Board documentation to H-GAC upon request.

  • Licensor any Person from whom a Grantor obtains the right to use any Intellectual Property. Lien: any Person’s interest in Property securing an obligation owed to, or a claim by, such Person, whether such interest is based on common law, statute or contract, including liens, security interests, pledges, hypothecations, statutory trusts, reservations, exceptions, encroachments, easements, rights-of-way, covenants, conditions, restrictions, leases, and other title exceptions and encumbrances affecting Property. Lien Waiver: an agreement, in form and substance satisfactory to Collateral Agent, by which (a) for any material Collateral located on leased premises, the lessor waives or subordinates any Lien it may have on the Collateral, and agrees to permit Collateral Agent to enter upon the premises and remove the Collateral or to use the premises to store or dispose of the Collateral; (b) for any Collateral held by a warehouseman, processor, shipper, customs broker or freight forwarder, such Person waives or subordinates any Lien it may have on the Collateral, agrees to hold any Documents in its possession relating to the Collateral as agent for Collateral Agent, and agrees to deliver the Collateral to Collateral Agent upon request; (c) for any Collateral held by a repairman, mechanic or bailee, such Person acknowledges Collateral Agent’s Lien, waives or subordinates any Lien it may have on the Collateral, and agrees to deliver the Collateral to Collateral Agent upon request; and (d) for any Collateral subject to a Licensor’s Intellectual Property rights, the Licensor grants to Collateral Agent the right, vis-à-vis such Licensor, to enforce Collateral Agent’s Liens with respect to the Collateral, including the right to dispose of it with the benefit of the Intellectual Property, whether or not a default exists under any applicable License.

  • License Agreements (a) Each Borrower and Guarantor shall (i) promptly and faithfully observe and perform all of the material terms, covenants, conditions and provisions of the material License Agreements to which it is a party to be observed and performed by it, at the times set forth therein, if any, (ii) not do, permit, suffer or refrain from doing anything that could reasonably be expected to result in a default under or breach of any of the terms of any material License Agreement, (iii) not cancel, surrender, modify, amend, waive or release any material License Agreement in any material respect or any term, provision or right of the licensee thereunder in any material respect, or consent to or permit to occur any of the foregoing; except, that, subject to Section 9.19(b) below, such Borrower or Guarantor may cancel, surrender or release any material License Agreement in the ordinary course of the business of such Borrower or Guarantor; provided, that, such Borrower or Guarantor (as the case may be) shall give Agent not less than thirty (30) days prior written notice of its intention to so cancel, surrender and release any such material License Agreement, (iv) give Agent prompt written notice of any material License Agreement entered into by such Borrower or Guarantor after the date hereof, together with a true, correct and complete copy thereof and such other information with respect thereto as Agent may request, (v) give Agent prompt written notice of any material breach of any obligation, or any default, by any party under any material License Agreement, and deliver to Agent (promptly upon the receipt thereof by such Borrower or Guarantor in the case of a notice to such Borrower or Guarantor and concurrently with the sending thereof in the case of a notice from such Borrower or Guarantor) a copy of each notice of default and every other notice and other communication received or delivered by such Borrower or Guarantor in connection with any material License Agreement which relates to the right of such Borrower or Guarantor to continue to use the property subject to such License Agreement, and (vi) furnish to Agent, promptly upon the request of Agent, such information and evidence as Agent may reasonably require from time to time concerning the observance, performance and compliance by such Borrower or Guarantor or the other party or parties thereto with the material terms, covenants or provisions of any material License Agreement.

  • License Transfer Customer may not sublicense, assign, transfer, rent or lease the software or software license except as permitted by HP. HP-branded software licenses are generally transferable subject to HP’s prior written authorization and payment to HP of any applicable fees. Upon such transfer, Customer’s rights shall terminate and Customer shall transfer all copies of the software to the transferee. Transferee must agree in writing to be bound by the applicable software license terms. Customer may transfer firmware only upon transfer of associated hardware.

  • License IO, which owns certain intellectual property rights to the name “Masterworks” hereby grants the Company effective upon the commencement of the Offering, a non-exclusive, royalty free license to use the name “Masterworks”. Other than with respect to this license, the Company will have no legal right to use the “Masterworks” name. In the event that the Administrator ceases to administer the Company’s operations, the Company will be required to change its name to eliminate the use of “Masterworks”.

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