Issuer Sample Clauses

Issuer. The Seller acknowledges that the Purchaser will, pursuant to the Sale and Servicing Agreement, sell the Receivables and other Purchased Assets to the Issuer and assign its rights under this Agreement to the Issuer and that the Issuer will assign such rights to the Indenture Trustee for the benefit of the holders of the Notes, and that the representations and warranties contained in this Agreement and the rights of the Purchaser under Section 4.3(a) and the obligations under Section 4.3(b) are intended to benefit the Issuer and the holders of the Notes. The Seller hereby consents to such sales and assignments.
Issuer. For purposes of Section 3.4(e) and (f), the termLender” includes any Issuer.
Issuer s Certificate” means a certificate signed by a duly authorized director or officer of the Issuer, such authorization being evidenced by a resolution of the board of directors attached to such certificate;
Issuer. A first Party to this Agreement includes RAD Diversified REIT, Inc., a Maryland corporation having its principal place of business at 211 N. Lois Ave. Tampa, FL ("Issuer", "Company" or "Corporation");
Issuer. Beijing Lorain Co., Ltd.;