Definition of Technical Documents

Technical Documents means the MA and any variations and/ or renewals thereof, and the Specifications, the SmPC, the Patient Information Leaflet, packaging inserts and labels, and any other technical documents relating to the Product provided to Urology Company by Columbia pursuant to this Agreement;

Technical Documents means [ ]
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Examples of Technical Documents in a sentence

Manufacturer shall, without charge, furnish to Distributor reasonable quantities of sales brochures and Technical Documents adequate to describe the products in the English language, which quantities will be agreed upon by the Parties.
As required by local regulatory and for marketing purposes, Distributor shall translate Technical Documents into the local language(s) of Customers and shall revise such translation in accordance with the changes to the Technical Documents that may be made from to time by Manufacturer.
Controlled technical information would meet the criteria, if disseminated, for distribution statements B through F using the criteria set forth in DoD Instruction 5230.24, Distribution Statements on Technical Documents.
Technical Documents The first envelope shall likewise contain the following technical documents: 1.
Nothing in the Technical Provisions or Technical Documents shall have the intent or effect or shall be construed to create any right of DB Team to any Supplemental Agreement or other Claim for additional monetary compensation or other relief, any provision in the Technical Provisions or Technical Documents to the contrary notwithstanding.