IN THE ORDINARY COURSE. Even in the ordinary course of its business consistent with its past practices, Vuance shall not: (i) incur any Obligation relating to or affecting any of the Specified Assets or that would constitute a Specified Liability, or enter into any Contract (excluding customer Contracts and related commitments entered into in the ordinary course of business consistent with past practices), involving, in any single case, an amount exceeding $5,000.00, individually or in the aggregate; or (ii) make any distribution to a shareholder or affiliate.
IN THE ORDINARY COURSE. From the date hereof, and until the Closing Date, except as may be reasonably required to commence conversion of its electronic data processing system to a new software system, Seller shall conduct the business of the Branches to be transferred at the Closing Date in the ordinary and usual course following the same practices and standards and will not enter into any material transaction with respect to any of the Assets or Liabilities or make any material commitment with respect to the Assets or Liabilities except in the ordinary and usual course of business consistent with past practice. From the date hereof and until the Closing Date, Seller shall not, without the prior written consent of Purchaser:
IN THE ORDINARY COURSE. Seller shall carry on the business of Seller and the Offices substantially in the same manner as heretofore so as to maintain the goodwill of its customers and employees, with no material adverse change in the operations, performance, financial condition or management of Seller. Without limiting in any way the foregoing, Seller covenants that it will not change its rates for deposits and loans in a way that is materially different from the current relationship of such rates to market rates.
IN THE ORDINARY COURSE. (a) The Seller shall conduct the business of the Branches in substantially the same manner as heretofore conducted, and the Seller shall not, with regard to the Branches, engage in any activities or transactions outside its ordinary course of business as conducted as of the date hereof; provided, however, that the Seller need not, in its sole discretion, advertise or promote new or substantially new customer services in the principal market area of the Branches; and


  • Ordinary Course The transactions contemplated by this Agreement and the other Basic Documents to which the Seller is a party are in the ordinary course of the Seller’s business.

  • OPERATION IN ORDINARY COURSE The Acquiring Fund and the Acquired Fund will each operate its respective business in the ordinary course between the date of this Agreement and the Closing Date, it being understood that such ordinary course of business will include customary dividends and shareholder purchases and redemptions.

  • Ordinary Course of Business The consummation of the transactions contemplated by this Agreement are in the ordinary course of business of the Servicer;

  • Conduct of Business in Ordinary Course INT' will carry on its business in the ordinary course in substantially the same manner as heretofore conducted and, to the extent consistent with such business, use all reasonable best efforts consistent with past practice and policies to preserve intact its present business organization, keep available the services of its present officers, consultants and employees and preserve its relationships with customers, suppliers and distributors and others having business dealings with it. INT' will confer on a regular and frequent basis with representatives of Parent to report operational matters of a material nature and to report the general status of the ongoing operations of the business of INT' The foregoing notwithstanding, INT' will not:

  • Past Practice The parties agree that all past practices and other understandings between the parties not expressly memorialized and incorporated into this Agreement shall no longer be enforceable.

  • Past Practices Any and all agreements, written and verbal, previously entered into between the parties hereto are mutually canceled and superseded by this Agreement. Unless specifically provided herein to the contrary, past practices shall not be binding on the Employer. The Employer agrees that it will not make any changes in past practices that would have the effect of discriminating solely against members of the bargaining unit. The Employer will communicate any changes in past practices to the nursing staff in advance of the change.

  • Payables Lessee acknowledges and agrees that prior to the Rent Commencement Date, certain liabilities and other obligations were incurred arising from the development, construction and operation of the Facility for which Lessee is and shall remain entirely responsible and liable, and Lessor shall have no responsibility, liability or obligation whatsoever with respect to the same. Therefore, Lessee agrees as part of this Lease to pay all liabilities and obligations concerning the Facility, whether arising before or after the Rent Commencement Date.

  • Ethical Business Practices The Contractor shall work in partnership with the State to ensure a successful and valuable contract, and ethical practices are required of State employees, Contractors, and all parties representing the Contractor. All work performed under this contract will be subject to review by the Inspector General of the State of Florida, and any findings suggesting unethical business practices may be cause for termination or cancellation.

  • Union Business (a) The Hospital shall grant leave of absence without pay to employees to attend Union conventions, seminars, education classes and other Union business in connection with the administration of the collective agreement provided that such leave will not interfere with the efficient operation of the Hospital. Such leave will not be unreasonably denied. In requesting such leave of absence for an employee or employees, the Union must give at least fourteen (14) days clear notice in writing to the Hospital, unless not reasonably possible to give such notice. The cumulative total leave of absence, the number of employees that may be absent at any one time from any one area, and the number of days of absence shall be negotiated locally and are set out in the Local Provisions Appendix. During such leave of absence, the employee's salary and applicable benefits shall be maintained by the Hospital on the basis of what his normal regular hours of work would have been, provided that the Union reimburses the Hospital in the amount of such salary and applicable benefits within thirty (30) days of billing. Notwithstanding the above, time spent by the eight (8) Executive Board members and seven (7) Alternate Executive Board members of the Ontario Council of Hospital Unions to fulfill the duties of the position shall be in addition to leave for Union Business under this clause. Part-time and casual employees will be given full credit for seniority purposes for regularly scheduled hours missed in accordance with this provision.

  • Regular Course of Business Target shall carry on its business diligently and substantially in the same manner as heretofore conducted, and Target shall not institute any new methods of manufacture, purchase, sale, lease, management, distribution, accounting or operation or engage in any transaction or activity, enter into any agreement or make any commitment except in the ordinary course of business and consistent with past practice.