Highly Speculative Investment Sample Clauses

Highly Speculative Investment. Subscriber acknowledges and agrees that a purchase of the Shares is highly speculative and involves significant risks and that the Shares should not be purchased if Subscriber cannot afford the loss of Subscriber’s entire investment. The business objectives of the Company are speculative, and it is possible that the Company may be unable to achieve them. Subscriber understands that Subscriber may be unable to realize a substantial return on the purchase of the offered Shares, or any return whatsoever, and may lose Subscriber’s entire investment. Subscriber fully understands the nature of the risks involved in purchasing the Shares and it is qualified by its knowledge and experience to evaluate investments of this type. Subscriber has carefully considered the potential risks relating to the Company and purchase of its securities and has independently evaluated the risks of purchasing the Shares.
Highly Speculative Investment. The undersigned recognizes that an investment in the Company and the Acquired Note is highly speculative and involves a high degree of risk, and that only investors who can afford the loss of their entire investment should consider investing in the Company and the Notes since the Company will require additional financing and is subject to all of the risks generally associated with an investment in an early stage company as well as other risks relating to the business and industry in which the Company competes or may compete, and he may not be able to liquidate his investment in the Acquired Note. The Investor recognizes further that the Company may satisfy the Note by delivering shares of its common stock to the Investor and there then may be no market for the Company’s common stock. The undersigned acknowledges that in addition to the foregoing, the Company and the Acquired Notes are subject to a variety of risks, including, those set forth on Appendix A hereto.

Related to Highly Speculative Investment

  • Speculative Investment Transgenomic acknowledges that the investment in Geron represented by the Shares is highly speculative in nature and is subject to a high degree of risk of loss in whole or in part; the amount of such investment is within Transgenomic's risk capital means and is not so great in relation to Transgenomic's total financial resources as would jeopardize the personal financial needs of Transgenomic in the event such investment were lost in whole or in part.

  • Speculative Nature of Investment The Holder understands and acknowledges that its investment in the Company is highly speculative and involves substantial risks. The Holder can bear the economic risk of its investment and is able, without impairing its financial condition, to hold the Securities for an indefinite period of time and to suffer a complete loss of its investment.

  • Speculative Transactions Engage, or permit any of its Subsidiaries to engage, in any transaction involving commodity options or futures contracts or any similar speculative transactions.

  • Collective Investment Vehicle An Investment Entity established in Singapore that is regulated as a collective investment vehicle, provided that all of the interests in the collective investment vehicle (including debt interests in excess of $50,000) are held by or through one or more exempt beneficial owners, Active NFFEs described in subparagraph B(4) of section VI of Annex I, U.S. Persons that are not Specified U.S. Persons, or Financial Institutions that are not Nonparticipating Financial Institutions.

  • No Speculative Transactions No Credit Party shall engage in any transaction involving commodity options, futures contracts or similar transactions, except solely to hedge against fluctuations in the prices of commodities owned or purchased by it and the values of foreign currencies receivable or payable by it and interest swaps, caps or collars.

  • PIPE Investment (a) Acquiror has delivered to the Company true, correct and complete copies of each of the Subscription Agreements entered into by Acquiror with the applicable PIPE Investors named therein, pursuant to which the PIPE Investors have committed to provide equity financing to Acquiror solely for purposes of consummating the Transactions in the aggregate amount of not less than $225,000,000 (the “PIPE Investment Amount”). To the knowledge of Acquiror, with respect to each PIPE Investor, the Subscription Agreement with such PIPE Investor is in full force and effect and has not been withdrawn or terminated, or otherwise amended or modified, in any respect, and no withdrawal, termination, amendment or modification is contemplated by Acquiror. Each Subscription Agreement is a legal, valid and binding obligation of Acquiror and, to the knowledge of Acquiror, each PIPE Investor, and neither the execution or delivery by any party thereto nor the performance of any party’s obligations under any such Subscription Agreement violates or will violate any Laws. There are no other agreements, side letters, or arrangements between Acquiror and any PIPE Investor that could affect the obligation of such PIPE Investors to contribute to Acquiror the applicable portion of the PIPE Investment Amount set forth in the Subscription Agreement of such PIPE Investors, and, as of the date hereof, Acquiror does not know of any facts or circumstances that may reasonably be expected to result in any of the conditions set forth in any Subscription Agreement not being satisfied, or the PIPE Investment Amount not being available to Acquiror, on the Closing Date. No event has occurred that, with or without notice, lapse of time or both, would constitute a default or breach on the part of Acquiror under any material term or condition of any Subscription Agreement and, as of the date hereof, Acquiror has no reason to believe that it will be unable to satisfy in all respects on a timely basis any condition to closing or material term to be satisfied by it contained in any Subscription Agreement. The Subscription Agreements contain all of the conditions precedent (other than the conditions contained in this Agreement) to the obligations of the PIPE Investors to contribute to Acquiror the applicable portion of the PIPE Investment Amount set forth in the Subscription Agreements on the terms therein.

  • Investments Make any Investments, except:

  • Investment Assets Each of the Parent and its subsidiaries has good title to all securities, indebtedness and other financial instruments owned by it, free and clear of any material Liens, except to the extent such securities, indebtedness or other financial instruments, as applicable, are pledged in the Ordinary Course of Business and in material compliance with all applicable Laws to secure obligations of the Parent or its subsidiaries under any outstanding indebtedness included on the most recent balance sheet included in Parent Reports and except for Liens consisting of restrictions on transfer agreed to in respect of investments entered into in the Ordinary Course of Business and in material compliance with all applicable Laws.

  • Sponsored, Closely Held Investment Vehicle A Singaporean Financial Institution satisfying the following requirements:

  • Average Invested Assets For a specified period, the average of the aggregate book value of the assets of the Company invested, directly or indirectly, in Investments before deducting depreciation, bad debts or other non-cash reserves, computed by taking the average of such values at the end of each month during such period.