GRANT OF THETENANCY. 1.1. The Landlord agrees to let and the Tenant agrees to rent the Room for the Period of Let, together also in common with others, the Flat in the Building.


  • Tenancy If for any reason the Tenant or Tenant’s guest(s) fail to comply with this Lease Agreement, or the Tenant misrepresented themselves in this Lease Agreement or on the Rental Application, the Tenant may be found in violation of this Lease Agreement and at the Landlord’s decision this document may become Void.

  • Grant of Easement Subject to clauses 2 to 4 inclusive of this Part, the Water Authority will grant to the Joint Venturers an easement over the Water Authority Land in accordance with clause 5 of this Part.

  • Grant of Easements Provided no Event of Default has occurred and is continuing, Landlord will join in granting and, if necessary, modifying or abandoning such rights-of-way, easements and other interests as may be reasonably requested by Tenant for ingress and egress, and electric, telephone, gas, water, sewer and other utilities so long as:

  • GRANT OF LEASE Landlord hereby leases unto Tenant, and Tenant hereby rents from Landlord, certain real property and improvements located at: ____________________________________________________________________ (hereinafter referred to as "Property"). The Property is located in the following county: __________________. The Parties hereby contract with each other to lease the Property based on the terms and conditions contained herein.

  • Termination of Tenancy Any termination of the lease must also comply with all applicable state or local laws, ordinances, regulations, or similar requirements, including as may be applicable emergency orders restricting evictions during declared emergencies or disasters; and Owner/Representative Initials: Tenant Initials:

  • Grant of Franchise The Franchisor grants to the Franchisee, and the Franchisee accepts from the Franchisor, the right to use the Marks and Licensed Methods in connection with the establishment and operation of a ROCKY MOUNTAIN CHOCOLATE FACTORY Store, at the location described in Article 3 of this Agreement. The Franchisee agrees to use the Marks and Licensed Methods, as they may be changed, improved, and further developed by the Franchisor from time to time, only in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

  • Lease Grant The Premises are hereby leased to Tenant from Landlord, together with the right to use any portions of the Property that are designated by Landlord for the common use of tenants and others (the “Common Areas”).

  • Grant of Concession Subject to and in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth in this Agreement, the Applicable Laws and the Applicable Permits, the Authority and PLBs hereby grant and authorize the Concessionaire to design, build, finance, operate and transfer (DBFOT) the Project and to exercise and/ or enjoy such rights, powers, benefits, privileges, authorizations and entitlements as set forth in this Agreement (“the Concession”) for a period of 27 ( Twenty Seven) years commencing from the Compliance Date and the concessionaire hereby accepts the concession and agrees to implement the project subject to and in accordance with the terms and conditions set forth herein.

  • Termination of the Lease In terminating the Lease, the following procedures shall be followed by GHA and Tenant:

  • Granting of Easements If no Event of Default shall have happened and be continuing, the Company may at any time or times cause to be granted easements (including party wall agreements), licenses, rights-of-way (temporary or perpetual and including the dedication of public highways) and other rights or privileges in the nature of easements with respect to any property included in the Project Land and such grant will be free from any lien or security interest created by this Agreement and the Indenture, or the Company may cause to be released existing easements, licenses, rights-of-way and other rights or privileges in the nature of easements, held with respect to any property included in the Project Land with or without consideration and the Board agrees that it shall execute and deliver and will cause and direct the Trustee to execute and deliver any instrument necessary or appropriate to confirm and grant or release any such easement, license, right-of-way or other right or privilege upon receipt of: (i) a copy of the instrument of grant or release, and (ii) a written application signed by the president or any vice president of the Company requesting the execution and delivery of such instrument and stating that such grant or release is not detrimental to the proper conduct of the business of the Company, and that such grant or release will not impair the effective use or interfere with the operations of the Project Facilities and will not materially weaken, diminish or impair the security intended to be given by or under this Agreement and the Indenture.