Grant of Easements Sample Clauses

Grant of Easements. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in this Lease, the FCRHA, at any time and from time-to-time during the Term of this Lease, shall have the right and option to create and grant such easements, licenses, rights-of-way and other rights and privileges with respect to the Premises as the FCRHA shall desire. The FCRHA covenants and agrees that it shall not grant or create any easement, license, right-of-way or other right or privilege without the prior consent of Tenant, not to be unreasonably withheld, conditioned, or delayed.
Grant of Easements. (a) Charleston declares the existence of and grants to all subsequent Parties, for their respective use, and for the use of all Beneficial Users in common with all others entitled to use the same (subject to the provisions of Paragraph VI and XV hereof) non-exclusive easements for Common Ingress and Egress of the three parcels for vehicular and pedestrian ingress to and egress from each such parcel over the driveways crosshatched in red on said Exhibit “B”, attached hereto.
Grant of Easements. The Shareholder agrees to grant such easements in gross over the Shareholder's Property as the Company may reasonably require in relation to the laying of races, canals, pipes, concrete structures, underground or overhead electricity lines, telemetry, communications and the installation of plant, equipment and measuring devices relating to the Distribution System including any repairs, extension or renewal thereof as needed for the Scheme from time to time. Such easements shall be granted with no compensation payable to the Shareholder. The Company will prepare at its cost any easements and survey plans necessary for those easements and the Shareholder will ensure the owner of the Property promptly executes and facilitates registration of those easements. The Shareholder will bear any costs incurred by the Shareholder in relation to the registration of those easements.
Grant of Easements. Grantor, for themselves and for their successors and assigns, hereby conveys and grants to Grantee, its successors and assigns, the following:
Grant of Easements. (a) Each Owner grants and creates a perpetual, appurtenant nonexclusive easement for the purposes of vehicular and pedestrian ingress and egress to, from, over, upon and across that portion of the Driveway that is situated on such Owner’s Lot for the benefit of the owners, tenants and occupants of the other Lots and their respective representatives, agents, employees, contractors, guests and invitees.
Grant of Easements. Subject to the provisions of Section 8.2 hereof, Site Lessor hereby covenants and agrees to grant to Site Lessee from time to time such easements, if any, in, to, over, under and across the lands, if any, owned by Site Lessor adjacent to the Facility as Site Lessee shall reasonably determine to be necessary or desirable in connection with the construction, use, operation or maintenance of the Facility.
Grant of Easements. A. From and after the Effective Date, Grantor grants unto City Grantee, and its successors and permitted assigns, an non-exclusive perpetual communications easement (“Easement”) over (i) an approximately [thirty (30)] aggregate square feet on the roof (the “Rooftop Space”) of the Building to be constructed on the Property, for the installation, operation and maintenance of the Communications Facilities, and (ii) an approximately 10 foot by 8 foot enclosed room for City Grantee’s communications and related equipment (“Communications Room”), each in those locations depicted on Exhibit “A” (“Easement Premises”) for wireless Communications Facilities together with the reasonable right of ingress and egress over those portions of the Property and within the Easement Premises for the purpose of installation, maintenance, repair and replacement of the wireless Communications Facilities. The specific requirements for the Rooftop Space and the Communications Room shall be as specified in Section 4, below.
Grant of Easements. So long as no Event of Default or Event of Facility Termination hereunder has occurred and is continuing beyond any applicable grace or curative period, Lessee shall have the right to grant easements and dedications for the benefit of any Facility or which, in the reasonable judgment of Lessee, are deemed necessary for Lessee's use of the Facility. If Lessee receives any monetary consideration for such easement or dedication, Lessee shall be entitled to retain such consideration, subject to applying same to any restoration costs. Lessee shall have the right and the power to exercise the above power to grant without the joinder of Brazos, except that Brazos will cooperate, at Lessee's expense, as necessary and join in the execution of any appropriate instrument. As a condition precedent to Lessee's exercise of any of Lessee's powers under this Article, Lessee shall give Brazos ten (10) days' prior written notice of the proposed action. Upon the giving of such notice, Lessee shall be deemed to have certified that such action will not adversely affect either the market value of such Facility or the use of such Facility for its intended purpose, will not affect Brazos' or any Assignee's ability to exercise its rights and remedies under this Facilities Lease and that Lessee undertakes to remain obligated under this Facilities Lease to the same extent as if Lessee had not exercised its powers under this Article and Lessee will perform all obligations under such instrument and shall prepare all required documents and provide all other instruments and certificates as Brazos may reasonably request.
Grant of Easements. Within twenty (20) days after Tenant’s submission, at no cost to Landlord, Landlord agrees to execute, acknowledge and deliver grants of easements over the Premises reasonably required for the development of the Premises as contemplated by the Scope of Development, as well as any subsequent development of the Premises pursuant to Section 9.3 during the Term hereof, provided that such easement shall not be granted if it materially diminishes the value of the Premises.