Formulation Sample Clauses

Formulation. The formulation of BL-1040 is shown in Table 5.1. Table 5.1 Formulation of BL-1040
Formulation. Genentech and/or its sublicensee(s) shall be responsible for formulating such Lead Products and shall bear all associated costs.
Formulation. The Annual Performance Bonus will be determined from Employer's earnings before state and federal taxes ("Before Tax Earnings"). The Board shall each year during the term of this Agreement establish a Performance Bonus Criteria (herein so called) which shall be Employer's budgeted Before Tax Earnings for that year and which shall not be less than the Performance Bonus Criteria for the immediately preceding year.
Formulation. The term "Formulation" is defined in Section 3.01(i) below.
Formulation. Renovis and/or its sublicensee(s) shall be responsible for formulating such Renovis Products and shall bear all associated costs.
Formulation. For a period of one year from the Effective Date, Monsanto will order and purchase from Landec under the terms and conditions stated in this Section 4 its total requirement of Formulation and Landec will, under the terms and conditions stated in this Section 4, manufacture and sell to Monsanto an amount of Formulation equal to such total requirement and be responsible for the coating of seeds. At any time after the first anniversary of the Effective Date and during the Term, Monsanto has the option to (a) continue to order Formulation from Landec or (b) take over all manufacturing and production of Formulation and coating of seeds. The Parties agree that upon Monsanto’s request and at Monsanto’s sole expense, Landec will assist Monsanto in the transfer of manufacturing and production of Formulation and coating of seeds from Landec to Monsanto in order to allow Monsanto to commence commercial production of Formulation at any time specified by Monsanto on or after such first anniversary. If so requested by Monsanto, Landec will sell to Monsanto any equipment required by Monsanto for such manufacturing and production which is no longer required by Landec, at a purchase price equal to the fair market value thereof.
Formulation. At the current time, it is anticipated that the DP formulation will be based on [**] will be evaluated [**]. Conditions for the optimum [**] will be determined and these initial experiments will be carried out using protein prepared from the in-house skeleton process. Once material manufactured at the CMO is available, formulation experiments will be repeated using the knowledge gained from the initial formulation development work using the early material from the skeleton process. The formulation process will then be transferred to a secondary manufacturer for the manufacture of transfer, toxicology and clinical batches of DP.
Formulation. Prior to commencement of the 2-DAA Phase 2 Trial, Idenix shall use commercially reasonable efforts to formulate the Idenix Compound into either (1) a stable and feasible liquid formulation, or (2) a solid dosage formulation that can be bridged to the liquid formulation mentioned in (1) with a bioavailability study, without requiring to repeat the 2-DAA Phase 2 Trial.
Formulation. PURCHASER agrees that any batch of Wyeth Product that contains DHA Martek Product or XXX Xxxxxx Product shall not contain DHA or ARA obtained from any Third Party and that Martek Product shall comprise one hundred percent (100%) of any and all DHA and ARA contained in such batch of Wyeth Product.
Formulation. The unilateral generation of ideas and concepts by management not yet communicated to the Union for their remarks and consideration. Such communication to the Union must take place prior to implementation.