Following Sample Clauses

Following. (i) the payment in full of the aggregate Outstanding Amount of the Notes and of all other amounts owing or to be distributed hereunder or under the Indenture to the Noteholders, the Trustee and the Indenture Trustee and (ii) the termination of the Trust, any amount remaining on deposit in the Spread Account shall be distributed to the Seller or any transferee or assignee pursuant to clause (g). The Seller (and such transferees and assignees) shall in no event be required to refund any amounts properly distributed pursuant to this Section 5.6(c).
Following. Louisville Telephone shall provide to BellSouth a letter certifying that Louisville Telephone is providing a significant amount of local exchange service (as described in Sections,,, or over such combinations. This offering is intended to provide connectivity from an end user’s location through that end user’s SWC to Louisville Telephone’s POP serving wire center. The circuit must be connected to Louisville Telephone’s switch for the purpose of provisioning telephone exchange service to Louisville Telephone’s end-user customers. The EEL will be connected to Louisville Telephone’s facilities in Louisville Telephone’s collocation space at the POP SWC, or Louisville Telephone may purchase BellSouth’s access facilities between Louisville Telephone’s POP and Louisville Telephone’s collocation space at the POP SWC.
Following. 3.3.1 determination or agreement of all Relevant Claims and the satisfaction of all Due Amounts in respect of such Substantiated Claims outstanding (if any) on or after the Release Date; or
Following. Section 1.0 of the Contract is hereby deleted and replaced in lieu thereof with the “The Contract shall commence on July 1,2013 and shall terminate on June 30, 2021, unless earlier terminated pursuant to Sections 5 and 6 below.”
Following. (a) the enforcement of all or any of the Shared Security Documents or the receipt of any monies by the Security Trustee pursuant to the provisions of Schedule 10 (Subordination), the Security Trustee shall be entitled to deduct from the proceeds thereof any costs, charges and expenses incurred by it in connection with any such enforcement together with an amount equal to all sums due to the Agents under this Agreement before distributing such proceeds:
Following. (a) and for the duration of, any admission of the Ordinary Shares to the standard segment of the Official List (Standard Admission) (notwithstanding that the intention is to apply for a Premium Admission), the Company shall adopt and follow policies requiring the Company to comply with the rules in Chapter 10 (significant transactions), Chapter 11 (related party transactions), Chapter 12 (dealing in own securities and treasury shares) and Chapter 13 (contents of circulars) of the Listing Rules (the 10-13 LRs), on a voluntary basis, as if the Company were listed on the premium segment of the Official List; and
Following. (i) an Event of Default by Lessee, Lessor may terminate this Agreement by giving written notice to the other parties hereto and Lessor shall recover from Lessee all reasonable and verified out-of-pocket costs and expenses incurred by Lessor hereunder (including without limitation, the Transaction Costs, any other due diligence costs, and the reasonable and verified fees and costs of legal counsel or other advisors), in which event no party will have any further obligations or liability hereunder, except for those obligations expressly stated to survive such termination, and
Following. In the interim in these states, “Currently Combines” means that network elements are in fact already combined by BellSouth in the BellSouth network to provide service to a particular end user at a particular location.
Following. (a) any agreement to refer a Dispute to adjudication under Clause 27.2.4(n); or