Fire and Disaster Sample Clauses

Fire and Disaster. Neither the Employer nor the unit members shall knowingly violate the provisions of the California Fire Code and/or the Oakland Fire Code. Fire and other emergency action plans have been developed at each work site and unit members should familiarize themselves with details of such plans, including building evacuation routes, the locations to which students are to report in the event of an air raid or other civil disaster, and the administrator in charge in the event of an emergency.
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Related to Fire and Disaster

  • INJURY AND DISABILITY 23.01 Where an employee is absent due to illness or injury which is compensable by WSIB, the following shall apply:

  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Bank shall maintain and update from time to time business continuation and disaster recovery procedures with respect to its global custody business, which are designed, in the event of a significant business disruption affecting Bank, to be sufficient to enable Bank to resume and continue to perform its duties and obligations under this Agreement without undue delay or disruption. Bank shall test the operability of such procedures at least annually. Bank shall enter into and shall maintain in effect at all times during the term of this Agreement reasonable provision for (i) periodic back-up of the computer files and data with respect to Customer and (ii) use of alternative electronic data processing equipment to provide services under this Agreement. Upon reasonable request, Bank shall discuss with Customer any business continuation and disaster recovery procedures of Bank. Bank represents that its business continuation and disaster recovery procedures are appropriate for its business as a global custodian to investment companies registered under the 1940 Act.

  • SUSPENSION AND DISCIPLINE 29.01 When an employee is suspended or discharged from duty, the Employer undertakes to notify the employee in writing, with a copy to the Association, of the reason for such suspension or discharge. The Employer shall endeavour to give such notification at the time of suspension or discharge.

  • Archival Back-Up and Disaster Recovery Licensee may use and copy the Product and related Documentation in connection with: i) reproducing a reasonable number of copies of the Product for archival backup and disaster recovery procedures in the event of destruction or corruption of the Product or disasters or emergencies which require Licensee to restore backup(s) or to initiate disaster recovery procedures for its platform or operating systems; ii) reproducing a reasonable number of copies of the Product and related Documentation for cold site storage. “Cold Site” storage shall be defined as a restorable back-up copy of the Product not to be installed until and after the declaration by the Licensee of a disaster; iii) reproducing a back-up copy of the Product to run for a reasonable period of time in conjunction with a documented consolidation or transfer otherwise allowed herein. “Disaster Recovery” shall be defined as the installation and storage of Product in ready-to-execute, back-up computer systems prior to disaster or breakdown which is not used for active production or development.

  • DISCIPLINE AND DISCHARGE 21.01 The Employer may warn, suspend, demote or discharge employees for just cause. If the conduct or performance of an employee warrants disciplinary action, such action shall be confirmed in writing. A copy of all such documentation shall be provided to the employee(s) involved and forwarded to the office of the Union at the time they are issued.

  • DISCHARGE AND DISCIPLINE 20.01 No employee shall be disciplined or discharged without just cause.

  • Access and Disconnection 4.1 Distribution Licensee shall have access to metering equipment and disconnecting means of the Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic System, both automatic and manual, at all times.

  • ILLNESS AND DISABILITY 8.0 At the beginning of each school year each teacher shall be credited with ten (10) days of leave, the unused portion of which shall accumulate from year to year to one hundred fifty-five (155) days pro-rated based on the teacher’s regularly scheduled work day/week. The leave days may be taken by a teacher for the following reasons and subject to the following conditions:

  • Permitted Use and Disclosure Each party hereto is permitted to disclose this AGREEMENT and use or disclose the CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION disclosed to it by the other party:

  • Use and Disclosure All Confidential Information of a party will be held in confidence by the other party with at least the same degree of care as such party protects its own confidential or proprietary information of like kind and import, but not less than a reasonable degree of care. Neither party will disclose in any manner Confidential Information of the other party in any form to any person or entity without the other party’s prior consent. However, each party may disclose relevant aspects of the other party’s Confidential Information to its officers, affiliates, agents, subcontractors and employees to the extent reasonably necessary to perform its duties and obligations under this Agreement and such disclosure is not prohibited by applicable law. Without limiting the foregoing, each party will implement physical and other security measures and controls designed to protect (a) the security and confidentiality of Confidential Information; (b) against any threats or hazards to the security and integrity of Confidential Information; and (c) against any unauthorized access to or use of Confidential Information. To the extent that a party delegates any duties and responsibilities under this Agreement to an agent or other subcontractor, the party ensures that such agent and subcontractor are contractually bound to confidentiality terms consistent with the terms of this Section 11.

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