Fee Letters Sample Clauses

Fee Letters. As compensation for Services rendered by Computershare during the term of this Agreement, the Fund will pay to Computershare such fees and charges and reimburse Computershare for such expenses, as set forth in the Fee Letter or as may otherwise be agreed to from time to time in writing by the Fund and Computershare.
Fee Letters. The Borrower agrees to pay any and all fees that are set forth in any fee letter executed in connection with this Agreement at the times specified therein.
Fee Letters. Without duplication of any other fees set forth in this Section 2.05, the Borrower agrees to pay the fees set forth in the Fee Letters at the times and in the manner set forth therein.
Fee Letters. Borrowers shall pay to Documentation Agent, as and when due and payable under the terms of the Fee Letters, the fees set forth in the Fee Letters.
Fee Letters. Fees (other than the Commitment Fee) shall be paid by the Borrower in the amount, in the manner and at the times agreed in the Fee Letters.
Fee Letters. The Fee Letters may be amended, or rights or privileges thereunder waived, in a writing executed only by the parties thereto.