FEDERAL STATUTES. Pursuant to 42 U.S.C. Section 1396b(m)(5)(A), the Secretary of the Department 'of Health and Human Services may impose substantial monetary and/or criminal penalties on the contractor when the contractor;
FEDERAL STATUTES. Seller is not a “holding company,” or a “subsidiary company” of a “holding company,” or an “affiliate” of a “holding company,” or an “affiliate” of a “subsidiary” of a “holding company,” or a “public-utility company” within the meaning of the Public Utility Holding Company Act of 2005, as amended. No consent is required in connection with the transaction contemplated hereby under the Natural Gas Policy Act of 1978, as amended. Seller is not an interstate pipeline company within the meaning of the Natural Gas Act of 1938. Seller is not an investment company or a company controlled by an investment company within the meaning of the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended.


  • COMPLIANCE WITH FEDERAL, STATE AND LOCAL REGULATIONS If required within the Authorized User Agreement, Contractor will provide verification of compliance with specific Federal, State and local regulations, laws and IT standards that the Authorized User is required to comply with. See Appendix F – Primary Security and Privacy Mandates. AUTHENTICATION TOKENS The Authorized User Agreement may require authentication tokens for all systems. For more details, please see NYS ITS Policy S14-006 Authentication Tokens Standard or successor. MODIFICATION TO CLOUD SERVICE DEPLOYMENT MODEL, SERVICE MODEL, AND/OR INITIAL FUNCTIONALITY WITHIN AN AUTHORIZED USER AGREEMENT As Cloud services can be flexible and dynamic, delivery mechanisms may be subject to change. This may result in changes to the deployment model, service model, functionality, or SKU. The State and Authorized Users require notification of any such changes to ensure security and business needs are met. Any changes to the deployment model, service model, functionality, or SKU (e.g., PaaS to IaaS) must be provided to OGS via Appendix C - Contract Modification Procedure. In addition, notification must be provided to the Authorized User for review and acceptance, prior to implementation. Any changes to the Authorized User Agreement will require the Authorized User to re-assess the risk mitigation methodologies and strategies and revise the Authorized User Agreement as needed. APPLICATION PROGRAM INTERFACE (API) OR SELF-SERVICE ELECTRONIC PORTAL Except as otherwise provided for in this Section 3, Contractor may offer an API or self-service electronic portal for such purposes as allowing the Authorized User to access security logs, reports, and audit information, to import or export Data, and for such other purposes as agreed to in the Authorized User Agreement.

  • Ordinances and Statutes Lessee shall comply with all statutes, ordinances and requirements of all municipal, state and federal authorities now in force, or which may hereafter be in force, pertaining to the premises, occasioned by or affecting the use thereof by Lessee.

  • Compliance with Federal, State and Local Laws a. The Grantee and all its agents shall comply with all federal, state and local regulations, including, but not limited to, nondiscrimination, wages, social security, workers’ compensation, licenses, and registration requirements. The Grantee shall include this provision in all subcontracts issued as a result of this Agreement.

  • Statutes Any reference to a statute refers to such statute and all rules and regulations made under it, as it or they may have been or may from time to time be amended or re-enacted, unless stated otherwise.

  • Waive Statutes Lessor and Lessee agree that the terms of this Lease shall govern the effect of any damage to or destruction of the Premises with respect to the termination of this Lease and hereby waive the provisions of any present or future statute to the extent inconsistent herewith.

  • References to Statutes, Public Acts, Regulations, Codes and Executive Orders All references in this Contract to any statute, public act, regulation, code or executive order shall mean such statute, public act, regulation, code or executive order, respectively, as it has been amended, replaced or superseded at any time. Notwithstanding any language in this Contract that relates to such statute, public act, regulation, code or executive order, and notwithstanding a lack of a formal amendment to this Contract, this Contract shall always be read and interpreted as if it contained the most current and applicable wording and requirements of such statute, public act, regulation, code or executive order as if their most current language had been used in and requirements incorporated into this Contract at the time of its execution.

  • COMPLIANCE WITH STATUTES AND REGULATIONS Except as disclosed in the Final Prospectus and the General Disclosure Package, the Company and its subsidiaries conduct their respective businesses in compliance in all material respects with all federal, state, and local statutes, laws, rules, regulations, decisions, directives and orders applicable to them, and neither the Company nor any of its subsidiaries has received any written or, to the Company’s knowledge, oral communication from any Governmental Entity asserting that the Company or any of its subsidiaries is not in compliance with any statute, law, rule, regulation, decision, directive or order.

  • Federal Regulations No part of the proceeds of any Loans, and no other extensions of credit hereunder, will be used (a) for “buying” or “carrying” any “margin stock” within the respective meanings of each of the quoted terms under Regulation U as now and from time to time hereafter in effect for any purpose that violates the provisions of the Regulations of the Board or (b) for any purpose that violates the provisions of the Regulations of the Board. If requested by any Lender or the Administrative Agent, the Borrower will furnish to the Administrative Agent and each Lender a statement to the foregoing effect in conformity with the requirements of FR Form G-3 or FR Form U-1, as applicable, referred to in Regulation U.

  • Federal and State Laws In the event that any provision of this Agreement should be modified or deleted to conform to any federal or state law or regulation, or any order, determination or ruling or regulation of a federal or state administrative agency or court, the Company shall notify the Union in writing. Negotiations shall then take place if requested by the Union. In the event of such negotiations, the changes proposed by the Company shall not be implemented until

  • Compliance with Statutes, Regulations, Etc The Borrower will, and will cause each Subsidiary to, comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations and orders applicable to it or its property, including all governmental approvals or authorizations required to conduct its business, and to maintain all such governmental approvals or authorizations in full force and effect, in each case except where the failure to do so could not reasonably be expected to have a Material Adverse Effect.