Inspection and Copying Sample Clauses

Inspection and Copying. Make the PHI maintained by Associate or its agents or subcontractors in Designated Record Sets available to Agency for inspection and copying to enable Agency to fulfill its obligations under the Privacy Rule, including, but not limited to, 45 CFR § 164.524 and consistent with Section 13405 of the HITECH Act.
Inspection and Copying. Each Member, Manager and Assignee has the right, upon reasonable request for purposes reasonably related to the interest of the Person as Member, Manager or Assignee, to:
Inspection and Copying. A witness, upon proper identification, may inspect the official transcript of the witness’ own testimony. Upon written request, a person who has submitted documentary evidence or testimony in an LTSE investigation may procure a copy of the person's documentary evidence or the transcript of the person's testimony upon payment of the appropriate fees, except that prior to the issuance of a complaint arising from the investigation, LTSE staff may for good cause deny such request.
Inspection and Copying. To the extent that the RHIO maintains any Protected Health Information of the Participant that is not also maintained by the Participant itself, the RHIO shall make such Protected Health Information available to the Participant or any person authorized by the Participant for inspection and copying within twenty (20) days of a request by the Participant therefor.
Inspection and Copying. The following persons and agencies may have access to juvenile court records and may obtain photocopies of records without a prior court order, subject to the conditions specified, if disclosure will be in the best interest of the child whose records are sought and the information contained in those records is necessary and relevant to a juvenile dependency or delinquency proceeding; a civil or criminal investigation or proceeding;a proceeding involving child custody or visitation; a proceeding involving adoption, guardianship, or emancipation of a minor; a proceeding involving probate or conservatorship; or a proceeding involving domestic violence.
Inspection and Copying. Upon reasonable request, any employee shall have the right to inspect his official personnel record wherever kept. Once per year, each employee shall have the right to make an appointment with an HR Specialist to review their official personnel record. The employee shall have the right to have duplicate copies made for his use at his expense during normal business hours.
Inspection and Copying. All members shall have the right to inspect and make copies of their personnel records.
Inspection and Copying. Within a reasonable period following a request, to the extent permitted by law, an employee shall have the right to inspect his/her own personnel records during times when employee is not scheduled to instruct students. Such inspections shall occur in the presence of the Superintendent or designee. Upon written authorization by the employee, an Association representative or person selected by employee may review the employee’s file or accompany the employee in his/her review of the file. Within a reasonable period following a request, an employee may obtain a copy of materials in his/her personnel records.
Inspection and Copying. 1102 An employee shall be entitled at a mutually convenient time to inspect documents, reports and other written materials in her/his official personnel files relating to the employment and performance of said employee. When inspecting said materials the employee may, at the employee’s request, be accompanied by a Union Representative. Upon request, an employee may receive copies of materials normally provided to the employee (e.g., notices of disciplinary action, performance evaluations).
Inspection and Copying. All records and books of ---------------------- account maintained in accordance with Section 9.1 shall be open to inspection and copying upon at least two (2) days' prior written notice by a Member or its authorized representatives at any reasonable time during business hours.