Efforts to Sell Sample Clauses

Efforts to Sell. WH, at its own cost and expense agrees to keep and display the goods at its place of business and attempt to sell them at or above the agreed prices. WH will obtain the consent of Consignor before selling the goods at prices lower than those previously agreed upon in writing below.
Efforts to Sell. Invekra, directly or through any of its Affiliates, shall use commercially reasonable efforts to sell the Products in the Territories. Invekra shall sell the Products within the Territories in due compliance with all applicable Laws and regulations and standards of industry or professional conduct in connection in Mexico and each of the Territories, including without limitation, those applicable to exportation, importation, product claims, labeling, approvals, registrations and notifications. Invekra agrees to market and label the Products consistent with all applicable regulatory label claims.
Efforts to Sell. The Company shall use reasonable commercial efforts to Sell the Variety to the end- users and sub-licensees. This obligation includes the twin duties of filling demand and creating demand for the seed created by exercising the Licensed Rights. Nothing in the License authorizes the “shelving”, deferral of, or otherwise enfeebled sales efforts or other activities that neither create demand nor fill demand for the seed created by exercising the Licensed Rights, and any such activities are a material breach of the License.
Efforts to Sell. Consignor hereby grants to LGS the right to illustrate and photograph any Presented Item, and to use such photographs, illustrations or images therefrom for such purposes as LGS sees fit. Upon acceptance of a Presented Item, LGS will display it in stores and/or online and will make commercially reasonable efforts to sell such Presented Item. Subject only to any Firm Minimum Net Selling Price, as applicable, and the process set forth in Section 1(c) above, as applicable, the List Price for each Presented Item will be set by LGS as set forth in the Receipt, and may be changed from time to time by LGS in its sole and absolute discretion without notice to Consignor. LGS reserves the right to run promotions on its website, in its retail stores, and in other selling venues as part of its ongoing sales efforts; provided, however, that if any Presented Item is sold for less than the Firm Minimum Net Selling Price as provided in the Receipt, as applicable and during the first 60 days following the Receipt, Consignor shall receive the Commission (as set forth in Section 7Payment and Commissions”) calculated based on the Firm Minimum Net Selling Price provided in the Receipt.
Efforts to Sell. DeJaVu will display the Products for sale in DeJaVu’s establishment.
Efforts to Sell. The Consignee will display the Products in a prominent place in the Consignee’s establishment, and will make every effort to sell the Products at or above the initial retail prices listed in Section 1 (the “Retail Prices”). The Consignee must obtain the express written consent of the Consignor before offering the Products for sale at less than their respective Retail Prices.

Related to Efforts to Sell

  • Agreements to Sell and Purchase The Company hereby agrees to sell to the several Underwriters, and each Underwriter, upon the basis of the representations and warranties herein contained, but subject to the conditions hereinafter stated, agrees, severally and not jointly, to purchase from the Company the respective numbers of Firm Shares set forth in Schedule I hereto opposite its name at $[•] a share (the “Purchase Price”). On the basis of the representations and warranties contained in this Agreement, and subject to its terms and conditions, the Company agrees to sell to the Underwriters the Additional Shares, and the Underwriters shall have the right to purchase, severally and not jointly, up to [•] Additional Shares at the Purchase Price, provided, however, that the amount paid by the Underwriters for any Additional Shares shall be reduced by an amount per share equal to any dividends declared by the Company and payable on the Firm Shares but not payable on such Additional Shares. You may exercise this right on behalf of the Underwriters in whole or from time to time in part by giving written notice not later than 30 days after the date of this Agreement. Any exercise notice shall specify the number of Additional Shares to be purchased by the Underwriters and the date on which such shares are to be purchased. Each purchase date must be at least one business day after the written notice is given and may not be earlier than the closing date for the Firm Shares nor later than ten business days after the date of such notice. Additional Shares may be purchased as provided in Section 4 hereof solely for the purpose of covering over-allotments made in connection with the offering of the Firm Shares. On each day, if any, that Additional Shares are to be purchased (an “Option Closing Date”), each Underwriter agrees, severally and not jointly, to purchase the number of Additional Shares (subject to such adjustments to eliminate fractional shares as you may determine) that bears the same proportion to the total number of Additional Shares to be purchased on such Option Closing Date as the number of Firm Shares set forth in Schedule I hereto opposite the name of such Underwriter bears to the total number of Firm Shares.

  • Commercialization Efforts The RECIPIENT shall, including whether through its own efforts or the efforts of a licensee under a License Agreement allowed by the terms of this Attachment, use diligent and commercially reasonable efforts to commercialize at least one Commercial Product or Commercial Service or otherwise bring to practical application the Project Results in accordance with the commercial development plan submitted with the Application and including any changes to such commercial development plan in accordance with Section D3.01. For the avoidance of doubt, partnering or licensing activities shall be considered to be efforts to commercialize.