Duplicate Sample Clauses

Duplicate. The Duplicate option performs the same action as copying and pasting the selected image to the side, but does so without the need of utilizing your clipboard and is a one-click operation. This toolbar button is located along the bottom of the software screen and can alternately be located in the Edit menu or by right-clicking on a selected image. Delete Selected images may be deleted from your workspace by clicking on the Delete button located along the bottom of the software screen, by accessing the Edit menu and selecting Delete, right-clicking a selected image and choosing the Delete option, or by simply pressing the Delete key on your computer keyboard. Undo button, including going back to when you first opened your new workspace. Similarly, you may click the Redo button to repeat any actions you may have undone. You may continue to use this button until you return to the last action taken.
Duplicate. This Agreement is made in three originals with each party holding one original. All originals shall have the same legal effect. [No text below, signature page of Stock Transfer Agreement] NationSky Project Stock Transfer Agreement [No text below, signature page of Stock Transfer Agreement] The following parties agree to sign this Stock Transfer Agreement on the date fire above written.
Duplicate. This Agreement shall be executed in duplicate. The original Agreement duly stamped and registered shall remain with the Licensor and the duplicate Agreement stamped with Rs.100/- shall remain with the Licensee.
Duplicate. Parties acknowledge that this Agreement shall be prepared in duplicate. Both copies of this Agreement shall be executed, witnessed, and notarized by the parties, and both shall be considered as original, legal, binding, and enforceable.
Duplicate. This Agreement may be executed in duplicate originals and is not effective unless signed by both parties.
Duplicate. This Agreement may be signed in more than one duplicates. Signed duplicates shall include paper ones and the ones sent by fax and electronically, and each of them shall be deemed an original, but all the signed duplicates shall be regarded as a complete document.
Duplicate. This contract shall be signed in duplicate with each party retaining an original.
Duplicate. This Agreement is made in quintuplicate, with the Pledgee, the Pledgor and Party C holding one copy each and the remaining two copies for registration. (No text below on this page; followed by the signature page)
Duplicate. Prezentul acord poate fi încheiat în unul sau mai multe exemplare, fiecare dintre acestea avand valoarea unui document original. Un fax sau copie electronică (PDF) a prezentului acord sunt eficiente și executorii în aceeași măsură ca și originalul. ( acordul încheiat inițial).
Duplicate. This agreement is made in duplicate, each having equal substance and effect. Both parties, each retaining the copy, having read and understood all terms in the agreement, hereunder sign their names IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Parties execute this Agreement as follows: Name of Company: THE LiT TV NETWORK LLC. Name of Company Representative: XXXXXX X. XXXXXX XX Signature: Date: Name of Showrunner: Signature: