Permission Sample Clauses

Permission. Permission is hereby granted:
Permission. The undersigned hereby state(s) that (he/she/they) (is/are) the (parent/parents/guardian) of the above named Participant and have full legal responsibility for the Participant. The undersigned hereby grant(s) permission for the Participant to participate in the Activity named in Section I.B., above.
Permission. The Tenant grants permission for Landlord or its agent to contact at any time the Tenant’s parent, guardian or sponsor regarding any issue related to the Tenant’s residency. Further, the Tenant grants permission to the Landlord to request and receive information from the University, and for the University to release information regarding GPA, judicial/disciplinary status or history, payment status or history, enrollment status and history, eligibility for housing, and financial aid eligibility/disbursement. Under federal law, the Tenant has the right to register with the Department of Resident Life at the University of Maryland the name and contact information of an individual that Tenant would like to contacted if it is determined that Tenant is missing from the campus and/or Tenant’s whereabouts are unknown for a period of twenty-four (24) hours or more.
Permission. Resident grants permission to Management to contact at any time the Guarantor regarding any issue related to the Resident’s occupancy of the Building and Premises. If applicable, the Resident grants permission to Management to request and receive information from the University and for the University to release information regarding the Resident’s status as a student in good standing, enrollment status, eligibility for housing, and financial aid eligibility/disbursement status to Management.
Permission. If it is decided that work of a journalist, created in the context of employment, will be published through other mass media, the journalist's permission will be required. Such permission will only be refused for reasons of principle, relating to the journalistic character, the nature or the stance of the other form of mass media.
Permission. SUBJECT TO THE REQUIREMENTS IN CLAUSE 15 (pre-conditions to access) being satisfied, the NDIS Provider and its Personnel will be permitted to: HAVE ACCESS TO THE SCHOOL; AND USE THE DESIGNATED ROOM, for the purpose of delivering the NDIS Supports and on the terms of this Agreement. THE PERMISSION REMAINS AT ALL TIMES SUBJECT TO THE DISCRETION AND ONGOING APPROVAL OF THE PRINCIPAL. WITHOUT LIMITING THE OPERATION OF CLAUSES 7 and 8*, the Principal may, if the Principal considers it necessary or appropriate to do so, refuse or limit access to the School by the NDIS Provider on any particular day. The Principal will endeavour to inform the NDIS Provider in advance about such refusal or limit on access, provided that any failure to do so does not limit the discretion under this clause. *Clauses 7 and 8 deal with imposition of conditions on the Permission or suspension or cancellation of Permission.
Permission. The Artist may consent to withdraw from one (1) or more performances for the express purpose of permitting the understudy to perform, but only with the consent of both the Engager and the understudy. In such cases, the understudy will receive no additional payment, and the Artist understudied shall not suffer any loss of fee by reason of such withdrawal.
Permission. By approving your registration, your legal representative gives you unconditional permission to independently use your bunq account and any related (card) services. Your legal representative will still be (legally) responsible for your actions and can always revoke his or her permission. When your legal representative revokes his or her permission, our agreement with you automatically ends and you will no longer be able to use your bunq account. In this case, your legal representative will get access to the funds on your bunq account. Terms & Conditions bunq personal Hello! These terms & conditions are part of the bunq personal agreement (“the agreement”) and explain all about bunq personal accounts; the when’s, the how’s, and the do’s and don’ts. Read on to find out more! Chapter 1: bunq personal bunq Free, bunq Premium and bunq Joint At bunq we currently offer different types of personal accounts: bunq Free accounts, bunq Premium accounts and bunq Joint accounts. These terms & conditions apply, as far as relevant, to all types of accounts. Please have a look at our website ( for the differences between the different account types. When you sign-up for a new bunq account you will automatically get a free trial of bunq Premium. The moment the trial ends you will have a choice to continue as a bunq Premium user or to downgrade to bunq Free. If you don’t make a choice we will start billing you as a Premium user. Please be aware that all bunq Premium features (incl. cards) will stop working in case the trial ends and you decide to downgrade to bunq Free. You can upgrade to bunq Premium and downgrade to bunq Free via the bunq app. An upgrade will take effect immediately and a downgrade will take effect on the first collection date following the downgrade request (see chapter 7 for your collection date). With bunq Joint you are able to open an instant co-owned bunq account with others. By opening a bunq Joint account, all partners give each other the possibility and permission to open new accounts within your membership. If you sign-up for a bunq Joint account, there is no free trial available. If you or another partner from a bunq Joint account decides to switch to bunq Premium or bunq Free, the subscriptions of the remaining co-owners will follow this decision and switch along to the same subscription. An upgrade to Premium will not affect the existing Joint bank accounts. In case any co-owner downgrades to Free, the co-owned bunq accounts will b...
Permission. By executing this Agreement the Corporation is granting permission to the Shareholder to perform the Work pursuant to the Plans and this Agreement. This permission can be revoked at any time on written notice to the Shareholder as a result of Shareholder's or its agents violation of the terms of this Agreement. The Corporation also agrees to perform its obligations under this Agreement. 000 XXXXXXXX XXXXXX Shareholder APARTMENT CORP By: Shareholder EXHIBIT A Shareholder's Contractor shall provide insurance of the types and in not less than the limits set forth below with a company or companies satisfactory to the Corporation, licensed to do business in the State of New York, and all such policies shall name the Corporation, the Shareholder and the Corporation's managing agent (the “Managing Agent”) as additional named insureds. No diminution of limits of insurance will be permitted.
Permission. I am the parent or legal guardian of the above-named participant. I acknowledge that my child is in good health. I give permission for my child to participate in any and all Pop Warner national, regional, league/conference, association and team/squad activities, including transportation to and from the activities. I give permission for, and assume any and all risk of my child's use of various playing surfaces including natural and artificial grass, hard dirt, and under varying conditions, including, dry, wet and muddy, and I hereby understand that any surface may be regular or irregular.