Dry Sample Clauses

Dry. (2) Refrigerated. (3) Frozen. ii. Issuing. iii. Inventory controls. D. Preparation and Portion Controls. i.
Dry. No visible sign of standing water, or in the case of equipment, wetness on or in the watercraft, trailer, engine or equipment.
Dry. S4 will go off. S3, S7 and S35 (36) will be on. S9 will be intermittent while controlling the jacket tempera- ture.
Dry dock evidence that Free Jupiter has completed its repairs in connection with its recent grounding and has left the dry-dock and resumed trading and any amounts due for such repairs have been settled in full by the relevant Owner and there is no dispute with the insurers, charterers or cargo interests of Free Jupiter in connection with any claims made as a result of such grounding and the insurers have paid any such claims (including to the Free Jupiter Owner); and 18 Further matters/opinions any such other matter or further opinion as may be required by the Bank.
Dry type transformers (energy efficient harmonic mitigating type X rated) and panelboards with 200% neutrals will serve the 208Y/120 volt tenant lighting, receptacle and equipment loads. Transformers, panels, and distribution will be sized for 4.0 xxxxx per usable sq. ft. capacity for tenant use (this capacity is part of the above described 6.0 xxxxx per usable sq. ft. provided for tenant use at 480Y/277 volts). On floor distribution from the panels shall be a part of the Tenant Improvement Allowance.
Dry cleaning waste fluids and contaminated materials: Member lines have agreed to prevent the discharge of chlorinated dry-cleaning fluids, sludge, contaminated filter materials and other dry-cleaning waste byproducts into the environment
Dry. Dry docks, lifts and rafts 21 days before moving”  Location: Shoreline residents will be asked to post these in their yard (either near a road or on the shoreline) at least in September, but ideally all summer. 65 How-to handout Pamphlet explaining AIS prevention cleaning and drying best practices for docks, lifts, rafts and related shoreline equipment. 65 21-day dry time worksheet Excel spreadsheet for volunteers to track cleaning and drying activities of each shoreline resident participant. This will include comments and photos as feasible. NA Paper survey See Task 1.3 below 65 Sticker ”Clean, Drain, Dry” sticker (the size of a bumper sticker) that can be used on many items. 15 (already have 50 in stock) Goodie bag Bobber, rapala, and bait bag Already produced Aqua Weed Stick with Extendable Handle 3D-printed tool head attached to an extendable pole manufactured specifically for removing aquatic plants and attached debris from water- related equipment. 65 Commitment and participation Commitments will be gathered primary online, while also providing a mail-in option. Both versions will:  Request they make a written commitment to protect the lakes by cleaning and drying shoreline equipment before moving it into or away from their lake. The first 65 will receive a free yard sign to publicize their commitment, which in turn may also encourage their neighbors to do the same.  Give them the opportunity to schedule a free on-site demonstration of shoreline equipment cleaning and drying best practices.  For those intending to move shoreline equipment, offer the aqua weed stick (incentive) if they provide documentation that they followed the cleaning and 21-day dry requirements. This would also include a free on- site demonstration before the equipment is moved.  Ask them a few questions about AIS and AIS prevention behaviors. Few printed copies, most distributed electronically Item Description Content and Design Estimated quantity to be produced Project announcement Information about the project will be included in newsletters and email list- serves shared by the grantee and lake associations. The grantee will also reach out to individuals that are suggested by lake association contacts (e.g. new residents, people moving, etc.). The announcement will include:  Information about how to protect the lakes from AIS, by following AIS laws when moving water-related shoreline equipment (docks/lifts/rafts) from one water body to another.  Grantee contact informat...
Dry docking The Vessel is to be delivered after completion of dry-docking and Special Survey with her Classification Certificates valid and without Recommendation. Buyers will be allowed full access to the Vessel during her dry-docking but always without interference or disruption to the works being carried out by Sellers.
Dry. S4 will go off. S3, S7 and S35 (36) will be on. • S9 will be intermittent while controlling the jacket temperature. • The Gravity and Flash cycles do not have a dry time, instead they use a slow vapor removal.