Discharging Sample Clauses

Discharging. The procedure for discharging the REESS for vehicle-based test shall be in accordance with paragraphs 3.2.1. and 3.2.2. Alternatively, the procedure for discharging the REESS for vehicle-based test shall be in accordance with paragraph 3.2.3. For the component-based test, the discharging procedure shall be in accordance with paragraph 3.2.4.
Discharging. At the beginning of the test, all relevant main contactors shall be closed. A discharge shall be performed with at least 1/3 C rate but shall not exceed the maximum current within the normal operating range as specified by the manufacturer. The discharging shall be continued until the tested-device (automatically) interrupts or limits the discharging. Where an automatic interrupt function fails to operate, or if there is no such function then the discharging shall be continued until the tested-device is discharged to 25 per cent of its nominal voltage level. Annex 8H

Related to Discharging

  • Responsibilities 1. Subject to the provisions of this Agreement, BNY shall with respect to each Specified Country select an Eligible Foreign Custodian. In connection therewith, BNY shall: (a) determine that assets of the Funds held by such Eligible Foreign Custodian will be subject to reasonable care, based on the standards applicable to custodians in the relevant market in which such Eligible Foreign Custodian operates, after considering all factors relevant to the safekeeping of such assets, including, without limitation, those contained in paragraph (c)(1) of the Rule; (b) determine that the Funds’ foreign custody arrangements with each Eligible Foreign Custodian are governed by a written contract with the Custodian which will provide reasonable care for the Funds’ assets based on the standards specified in paragraph (c)(1) of the Rule; (c) determine that each contract with an Eligible Foreign Custodian shall include the provisions specified in paragraph (c)(2)(i)(A) through (F) of the Rule or, alternatively, in lieu of any or all of such (c)(2)(i)(A) through (F) provisions, such other provisions as BNY determines will provide, in their entirety, the same or a greater level of care and protection for the assets of the Funds as such specified provisions; (d) monitor pursuant to the Monitoring System the appropriateness of maintaining the assets of the Funds with a particular Eligible Foreign Custodian pursuant to paragraph (c)(1) of the Rule and the performance of the contract governing such arrangement; and (e) advise the Funds whenever BNY determines under the Monitoring System that an arrangement (including, any material change in the contract governing such arrangement) described in preceding clause (d) no longer meets the requirements of the Rule.

  • City’s Obligations 1. The City will disclose those parts of records the Contractor has marked as “proprietary” information only to authorized persons unless:

  • Responsibilities of the Parties 1.5.1 The Parties shall perform all obligations of this Agreement in accordance with all Applicable Laws and Regulations, Operating Requirements, and

  • Authority’s Obligations A2.1 Save as otherwise expressly provided, the obligations of the Authority under the Contract are obligations of the Authority in its capacity as a contracting counterparty and nothing in the Contract shall operate as an obligation upon, or in any other way xxxxxx or constrain the Authority in any other capacity, nor shall the exercise by the Authority of its duties and powers in any other capacity lead to any liability under the Contract (howsoever arising) on the part of the Authority to the Contractor.

  • COUNTY’S RESPONSIBILITIES A. A County program liaison will monitor the submission of all correspondence required in this Agreement, including, but not limited to:

  • CITY’S RESPONSIBILITIES 2.1. The CITY shall designate in writing a project coordinator to act as the CITY's representative with respect to the services to be rendered under this Agreement (the "Project Coordinator"). The Project Coordinator shall have authority to transmit instructions, receive information, interpret and define the CITY's policies and decisions with respect to the CONTRACTOR's services for the Project. However, the Project Coordinator is not authorized to issue any verbal or written orders or instructions to the CONTRACTOR that would have the effect, or be interpreted to have the effect, of modifying or changing in any way whatever:

  • PROVIDER’S RESPONSIBILITIES A Provider (HUB or non-HUB) must perform a minimum of 30% of the contract with its employees (as defined by the Internal Revenue Service). The contract is subject to the HSP Good Faith Effort Requirements.

  • Company’s Obligations A. Company will, at all times, preserve and keep the Airport in an orderly, clean, neat, and sanitary condition, free from trash and debris resulting from Company's operations.

  • Company’s Responsibilities Except for the items above that are the responsibility of Authority, Company will, throughout the Term of this Agreement, assume full responsibility for all nonstructural repair and maintenance of the Premises, whether such repair or maintenance be ordinary or extraordinary, and without limiting the generality hereof, Company will keep the Premises and all of Company’s trade and other fixtures, equipment, and personal property that are located on any part of the Premises or Common Use Areas open to or visible by the general public, in a clean and orderly condition and appearance; and