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Debenture Trustee. ..3 Debentures......................................................................................3
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Debenture Trustee. 4 Declaration ..................................................................................... 5 Default ..................................................................................... 5
Debenture Trustee. At the Time of Closing, the Debenture Trustee will be the duly appointed registrar for the Offered Securities, the indenture trustee and paying agent under the Trust Indenture.
Debenture Trustee. The Debenture Trustee has been duly appointed as debenture trustee under the Indenture for the Debentures of the Corporation. The Debenture Trustee is qualified to act as trustee under the Indenture in accordance with the requirements of the U.S. Trust Indenture Act, or is exempt from or not subject to such trustee qualification requirements.
Debenture Trustee. This indemnity will survive the termination or discharge of this Indenture and the Security Agreement and the resignation or removal of the Debenture Trustee. The Debenture Trustee shall notify the Corporation promptly of any claim for which it may seek indemnity provided that the failure to provide such notice shall in no way impair this indemnity. The Corporation shall defend the claim and the Debenture Trustee shall co-operate (at the expense of the Corporation) in the defense. The Debenture Trustee may have separate counsel and the Corporation shall pay the reasonable fees and expenses of such Counsel. The Corporation need not pay for any settlement made without its consent, which consent must not be unreasonably withheld. This indemnity shall survive the resignation or removal of the Debenture Trustee or the discharge of this Indenture or the Security Agreement.
Debenture Trustee. Attention : Xx. Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Address : IDBI Trusteeship Services Ltd, Asian Xxxxxxxx, Xxxxxx Xxxxx, 00-X, Xxxxxx Xxxx, Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx, Mumbai – 400001, Maharashtra, India. Telephone : 000 0000 0000 Fax : 000 0000 0000
Debenture Trustee. Computershare Trust Company of Canada, at its principal office in Vancouver, has been appointed as the registrar, transfer agent and debenture trustee of the Debentures pursuant to the Indenture.
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Debenture Trustee. The Debenture Trustee, at its office in Vancouver, British Columbia, has been duly appointed as the Debenture trustee in respect of the Debentures issued pursuant to the Debenture Indenture. (lxxiii) Transfer Agent. Computershare Investor Services Inc., at its office in Vancouver, British Columbia, has been duly appointed as the transfer agent and registrar for the Common Shares.
Debenture Trustee 

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  • Indenture Trustee In performing its obligations under this Agreement, the Indenture Trustee is subject to, and entitled to the benefits of, the Indenture. The Indenture Trustee will not have any liability for any act or failure to act of the Administrator.

  • The Owner Trustee It is expressly understood and agreed by the parties hereto that (i) this Agreement is executed and delivered by Wilmington Trust, National Association on behalf of the Trust not individually or personally but solely as owner trustee of the Trust under the Trust Agreement of the Trust dated the date hereof in the exercise of the powers and authority conferred upon and vested in Wilmington Trust, National Association as owner trustee of the Trust under such Trust Agreement, (ii) each of the representations, undertakings and agreements herein made on the part of the Trust is made and intended not as the personal representation, undertaking or agreement of Wilmington Trust, National Association, but is made and intended for the purpose of binding only the Trust and (iii) nothing herein contained shall be construed as creating any liability on the part of Wilmington Trust, National Association, individually or personally, to perform any covenant or obligation of the Trust, either expressed or implied, contained herein, all such liability, if any, being expressly waived by the parties hereto and by any Person claiming by, through or under the parties hereto.

  • The Indenture Trustee Section 6.01.

  • The Trustee The Trustee shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever for or in respect of the validity or sufficiency of this Supplemental Indenture or for or in respect of the recitals contained herein, all of which recitals are made solely by the Guaranteeing Subsidiary and the Company.

  • Owner Trustee The name and business address of the sole trustee of the Trust in the State of Delaware is U.S. Bank Trust National Association, 000 Xxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, 0xx Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxx, Xxxxxxxx 00000.

  • Successor Indenture Trustee Any successor Indenture Trustee appointed as provided in Section 7.08 hereof shall execute, acknowledge and deliver to each of the Servicer, the Issuer, the Noteholders and to its predecessor Indenture Trustee an instrument accepting such appointment hereunder, and thereupon the resignation or removal of the predecessor Indenture Trustee shall become effective and such successor Indenture Trustee, without any further act, deed or conveyance, shall become fully vested with all the rights, powers, duties and obligations of its predecessor hereunder with like effect as if originally named a Indenture Trustee. The predecessor Indenture Trustee shall deliver or cause to be delivered to the successor Indenture Trustee or its custodian any Transaction Documents and statements held by it or its custodian hereunder; and the Servicer and the Issuer and the predecessor Indenture Trustee shall execute and deliver such instruments and do such other things as may reasonably be required for the full and certain vesting and confirmation in the successor Indenture Trustee of all such rights, powers, duties and obligations.

  • Appointment of Co-Indenture Trustee or Separate Indenture Trustee (a) Notwithstanding any other provisions of this Indenture, at any time, for the purpose of meeting any legal requirement of any jurisdiction in which any part of the Trust Estate may at the time be located, the Indenture Trustee shall have the power and may execute and deliver all instruments to appoint one or more Persons to act as a co-trustee or co-trustees, or separate trustee or separate trustees, of all or any part of the Trust, and to vest in such Person or Persons, in such capacity and for the benefit of the Noteholders, such title to the Trust Estate, or any part hereof, and, subject to the other provisions of this Section, such powers, duties, obligations, rights and trusts as the Indenture Trustee may consider necessary or desirable. No co-trustee or separate trustee hereunder shall be required to meet the terms of eligibility as a successor trustee under Section 6.11 and no notice to Noteholders of the appointment of any co-trustee or separate trustee shall be required under Section 6.08 hereof.

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