Concessions Sample Clauses

Concessions. Given current market conditions, the State is very interested in acquiring market concessions for this transaction. Any concessions, especially the timing of such, will be a major factor in assessing proposals received. Concessions may include reduced rent, free rent, moving allowances or any other item you are willing to incorporate into the proposal. Clearly a combination of these items may be included also.
Concessions. For purposes of the foregoing calculations, for each of the first four Calculation Dates after the Closing Date, Operating Expenses, Concessions, Actual Rent Collections and Other Receipts with respect to the Properties for the period from the Closing Date to and including each such Calculation Date shall be annualized to determine the twelve (12) month Operating Expenses, Concessions, Actual Rent Collections and Other Receipts with respect to the Properties. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Underwritten Net Cash Flow shall not include (a) any Insurance Proceeds (other than business interruption and/or rental loss insurance proceeds and only to the extent allocable to the applicable reporting period), (b) any proceeds resulting from the Transfer of all or any portion of any Property, including any Award, (c) any item of income otherwise included in Underwritten Net Cash Flow but paid directly by any Tenant to a Person other than Borrower as an offset or deduction against Rent payable by such Tenant, provided such item of income is for payment of an item of expense (such as payments for utilities paid directly to a utility company) and such expense is otherwise excluded from the definition of Operating Expenses pursuant to clause “(H)” of the definition thereof, (d) security deposits received from Tenants until forfeited or applied and (e) any lease buy-out or surrender payment from any Tenant. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, the Underwritten Net Cash Flow of any Property that is a Disqualified Property shall be zero for all purposes of this Agreement unless Borrower makes a deposit of Eligibility Funds into the Eligibility Reserves Subaccount in an amount equal to 100% of the Allocated Loan Amount for such Property.
Concessions. No extension of time, allowances or concessions allowed and no temporary variation of the terms of this Deed of Sale for any party will be regarded as a waiver of his/her rights hereunder. The Seller may furthermore at any time and without prior notice expect the Purchaser to strictly and timeously comply with each and every term and condition.
Concessions. No concessions, stands, or concession operations shall be provided at the Leased Property. For purposes of this Agreement, “concession” shall include all and any form of business or activity, which provides goods or services for profit, barter, or trade. It is the intent of this Agreement that the Leased Property shall be limited in use to recreational vehicle parking and overnight camping activities only.
Concessions. The sale or distribution to the public of food or concession items must be pre-approved by obtaining a Special Activity Permit from the City and/or a letter of support from Routt County Environmental Health (870-5588). (Initial)
Concessions. If, in determining the Market Rent for an Option Term, Tenant is entitled to Concessions, Tenant shall not be granted such Concessions in-kind, but instead the rental rate component of the Market Rent shall be adjusted (pursuant to the methodology provided in Section 5), to reflect the fact that Tenant shall not be receiving such Concessions; provided, however, Landlord may, at Landlord’s sole option, elect to grant any “free rent”, “rent abatement”, or “improvement allowances” Concessions to Tenant in-kind (i.e., as free rent, rent abatement, or improvement allowances), in which case the rental rate component of the Market Rent shall not be adjusted with respect to such free rent, rent abatement, and/or improvement allowance Concessions (but shall still be adjusted for any other Concessions Tenant is entitled to but not granted).
Concessions. (a) Any sales charges and dealers' concessions will be as set forth in the current Prospectus of each Fund.
Concessions. 13.1 Axtel hereby warrants and represents that it and its affiliates in Mexico have obtained the Concessions which will permit each of them to legally operate all or a portion of the Products in Mexico. The Parties agree that Airspan shall not deliver or install any Products, perform any Services or accept any Orders hereunder unless Axtel or its affiliates (if applicable) have been granted a Concession in Mexico for the use of such Products.
Concessions. The City of Xxxxxx retains the right to sell concessions or utilize an approved vendor to sell concessions for all performances and events held in the theatre. All revenues shall be retained by the City of Xxxxxx or its approved concession operator. Cancellation- Cancellation of an event more than ninety (90) days in advance of a performance shall result in the loss of 50% of the rental fee. Cancellation of an event less than ninety (90) days in advance of a performance will result in the loss of 100% of the rental fee. For cancellations involving split revenue terms, the cancellation fee that is due to the City of Xxxxxx will be based on the amount of revenue that would have been generated at a sold out performance (290 seats multiplied by the average ticket price) multiplied by the agreed upon percentage split. The Presenter is responsible for all monies due Buford Community Center at the time of cancellation. Should the City cancel the event for any reason, the Presenter shall not be responsible for any cancellation fees and shall be refunded all deposits. Parking- Parking is available at the Buford Community, Town Park & Theatre on a first come, first serve basis. Parking permits are not required. The City does not provide personnel to direct traffic or parking. Xxxxxx City Xxxx and other City owned parking facilities may be used for additional parking. Handicapped Access- Buford Community Center, Town Park & Theatre is handicapped accessible. Handicapped parking is available in the front and sides of the building. Personal Property-The City of Xxxxxx is not responsible for any valuables or personal property left on the premises. Smoking- Smoking is prohibited inside the Xxxxxx Community Center, Town Park & Theatre. Personnel-The Xxxxxx Community Center, Town Park & Theatre shall provide staffing as requested by the Presenter. At least one sound technician, one lighting technician, and one rigging technician is required for each performance if sound, lighting, and rigging is to be used. Only personnel approved by the Xxxxxx Community Center shall operate equipment owned or supplied by the City of Xxxxxx including, but not limited to, the light board, sound equipment, rigging, orchestra pit, lighting instruments, and spot lights, unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the City of Xxxxxx. If such personnel is supplied by the Xxxxxx Community Center, the Xxxxxx Community Center will be paid by the Presenter the appropriate fees for their service accordi...