Area Sample Clauses

Area. Landlord and Tenant agree that the usable area (the “Usable Area”) of the Premises has been measured using the 2010 ANSI/BOMA Standard published collectively by the American National Standards Institute and the Building Owners’ and ManagersAssociation (“ANSI/BOMA Standard”), as a guideline, and that Landlord is utilizing a deemed add-on factor of [***]% to compute the rentable area (the “Rentable Area”) of the Premises. Rentable Area herein is calculated as [***] times the estimated Usable Area, regardless of what the actual square footage of the Common Areas of the Building may be, and whether or not they are more or less than [***]% of the total estimated Usable Area of the Building. The purpose of this calculation is solely to provide a general basis for comparison and pricing of this space in relation to other spaces in the market area. Landlord and Xxxxxx further agree that even if the Rentable or Usable Area of the Premises and/or the total Building Area are later determined to be more or less than the figures stated herein, for all purposes of this Lease, the figures stated herein shall be conclusively deemed to be the actual Rentable or Usable Area of the Premises, as the case may be.
Area. Landlord hereby leases to Tenant and Tenant leases from Landlord, Sxxxx 000-X, containing approximately 5,784 square feet of additional space on the fourth (4th) floor (the "Additional Leased Space"), making the total demised premises 17,338 square feet.
Area. Section Commanders shall maintain their current practice of scheduling shifts and days off. Area/Section Commanders may, at the request of the CAHP Area Representative, or as a result of operational needs, provide for changes in the methods of scheduling shifts and days off, providing the policy in HPM 9.1, Employee Relations Manual, Chapter 11, is followed. If a request is made by the CAHP Area Representative to make changes in the current practice of scheduling shifts and days off, the Commander shall meet and confer to discuss the requested changes.
Area. The provisions set forth in Paragraph A. above shall apply to any area within a 25 miles radius of any center, or facility, or location operated by the operating subsidiary of LCA indicated on Schedule A hereof.
Area. Broker shall list the Property in the local and appropriate MLS and The property may be listed in hundreds of other websites, but cannot be edited or updated by broker.