Completion of the Study Sample Clauses

Completion of the Study. For purposes of this Agreement, Company and Institution shall consider the Study to be complete and concluded at all sites at such time as achievement of the primary endpoint is reached or as otherwise specified in the Protocol (“Study Conclusion”).
Completion of the Study. For purposes of this Agreement, Company and Institution shall consider the Study to be complete and concluded at such time as the occurrence of final data lock or earlier termination by a Data Safety Monitoring Board (“Study Conclusion”).
Completion of the Study. The Consultant submits to the Employer’s Agent upon completion of the services, maximum six sets of full documentation of the database and models completed in the services. Documents to be submitted include hard copies and electronic copies of full details of the models, computer programs (except for licensed program), input data in the form of source listings together with sets of computer disc(s)/tape(s), method/procedures of calibration, and final updated user manuals to enable the models to be updated or modified in future.
Completion of the Study. For purposes of this Agreement, the Study shall be considered to be complete and concluded at such time the final clinical report/publication (the Final Report is completed and remitted to Company. The Final Report shall be sent to Company on the earlier of (i) six months after Study completion and (ii) two years after the Effective Date.

Related to Completion of the Study

  • Completion of the Work The Contractor must obtain Material Completion as defined in Section 6.1.2 below prior to any occupancy of the Project.

  • Completion of the Project The Contracting Party shall complete the construction, equipping and furnishing of the Improvements in accordance with the Plans and submit to the Board a Certificate of Completion on or before November 1, 2016.


  • Completion of Project This Grant Agreement shall terminate upon completion of the project and payment of the last invoice.

  • PROGRESS AND COMPLETION 8.2.1 All time limits stated in the Contract Documents are material terms and time is the essence of the Contract. A failure by Contractor to do what is required by the time specified in the Contract Documents is a breach of the contract.

  • Commencement and Completion of Work Upon the Effective Date of the Contract, bidder agrees to commence all Preconstruction Activities. Upon issuance of a Proceed Order, bidder agrees to commence physical activities on the Site with adequate forces and equipment and to complete to Material Completion all work in 90 consecutive calendar days beginning the day after the date of the Proceed Order. Bid Bond. Enclosed herewith is a Bid Bond (NO OTHER FORM ACCEPTABLE) in the amount of Dollars ($ ) (being not less than five percent of the Bid). Bidder agrees that the above stated amount is the proper measure of liquidated damages that the Owner will sustain by bidder’s failure to execute the Contract or to furnish the Performance and Payment Bonds should bidder’s bid be accepted. Obligation of Bid Bond. If this bid is accepted within thirty-five days after the date set for the opening of bids and bidder fails to execute the Contract within ten days after Notice of Successful Bid, or if bidder fails to furnish both Performance and Payment Bonds, the obligation of the Bid Bond will remain in full force and effect and the money payable thereon shall be paid into the funds of the Owner as liquidated damages for such failure; otherwise, the obligations of the Bid Bond will be null and void. Bidder Certification Certification under Oath. Under oath I certify that I am a principal or other representative of the bidder, and that I am authorized by it to execute the foregoing bid on its behalf; and further, that I am a principal person of the bidder with management responsibility for the construction for the bidder, and as such I am personally knowledgeable of all its pertinent matters. I further certify that this bid is made without prior understanding, agreement, or connection with any corporation, firm, or person submitting a bid for the same services, materials, labor, supplies, or equipment and is in all respects fair and without collusion or fraud. Bidder and its principals understand that collusive bidding is a violation of state and federal law and can result in fines, prison sentences, and civil damage awards. Bidder agrees to abide by all conditions of this bid. BY: Authorized Signature (BLUE INK) Printed Name Title Sworn to and subscribed before me this Day of , 20 . Notary Public My commission expires:

  • Development of the Project 4.1 TSP's obligations in development of the Project: Subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, the TSP at its own cost and expense shall observe, comply with, perform, undertake and be responsible:

  • Execution of the Project Section 3.01. (a) The Borrower declares its commitment to the objectives of the Project as set forth in Schedule 2 to this Agreement, and, to this end, shall carry out the Project with due diligence and efficiency and in conformity with appropriate administrative and financial practices, and shall provide, promptly as needed, the funds, facilities, services and other resources required for the Project.

  • Completion of Work The Contractor is accountable for completing the Work in the time stated in the Contract, or as otherwise amended by Change Order.