CLOSEST Sample Clauses

CLOSEST. FORCES The Parties agree to aggressively pursue initial attack plans that utilize “Closest Forces” wherever appropriate, and to identify preplanned initial attack areas within their respective jurisdictions. This philosophy dictates that the closest available resources, regardless of ownership, shall be utilized initially. The emphasis to get the closest resources to respond to initial attack fires is in the best interest of all Parties.
CLOSEST. FORCES CONCEPT: The philosophy of committing the closest available appropriate resources, regardless of ownership, as described in the Annual Operating Plan, to a wildfire for initial attack or for critical need. COOPERATIVE FIRE PROTECTION: Specific fire protection services furnished by one party to the other on a reimbursable basis pursuant to the Annual Operation Plan. COST SHARE AGREEMENT: An interagency agreement describing the conditions and/or percentage of DEPARTMENT and FOREST SERVICE financial responsibility for costs incurred as a result of jointly approved operations pursuant to the terms of this agreement. DETECTION: The act or system of discovering and locating a fire. DIRECT PROTECTION AREA (DPA): That area which, by law or pursuant to the terms of this agreement, is provided wildland fire protection by the DEPARTMENT or by the FOREST SERVICE. DPAs may include a mixture of DEPARTMENT and FOREST SERVICE responsibility areas. DIRECT PROTECTION AREA MAPS: Official maps which identify areas of direct wildland fire protection for each PARTY. FEDERAL EXCESS PERSONAL PROPERTY (FEPP) PROGRAM: A program in which Federal property originally purchased for use by a Federal agency, but no longer needed by that entity, is acquired by the USDA Forest Service for loan to one of the 50 States or the Territories for use in the State’s rural or wildland fire protection program. As a result, the equipment stays in service to America, protecting lives and property across the nation. The term “personal” simply refers to any tangible property that is not real estate. This can include trucks, aircraft, personal protective equipment, fire hose, et cetera, but not buildings.
CLOSEST. FORCES The Department and the Forest Service agree to adopt the "Closest Forces" concept for initial attack. This philosophy dictates that the closest available appropriate resource regardless of ownership shall be utilized initially. The emphasis to get the closest appropriate resources to respond to initial attack fires" is in the best interest of both Parties. This concept of "Closest Forces" will also be applied to ongoing incidents whenever there is a critical and immediate need for the protection of life and property. Beyond initial attack, the "Closest Forces" concept is modified and the Protecting Party will request the most appropriate resource to aid in the suppression of a wildfire.
CLOSEST. TO RATIO -------------------------------- ----- March 31, 1999 1.65:1.00 June 30, 1999 1.65:1.00 September 30, 1999 1.65:1.00 December 31, 1999 1.75:1.00 March 31, 2000 1.85:1.00 June 30, 2000 1.85:1.00 September 30, 2000 1.85:1.00 December 31, 2000 2.00:1.00 March 31, 2001 2.00:1.00 June 30, 2001 2.00:1.00 September 30, 2001 2.15:1.00 December 31, 2001 2.25:1.00 March 31, 2002 2.25:1.00 June 30, 2002 2.25:1.00 September 30, 2002 and the last day of each fiscal quarter of Holdings ending thereafter 2.50:1.00"
CLOSEST. TO RATIO ----------------- ----- January 31, 2000 1.40:1.00 April 30, 2000 1.50:1.00 July 31, 2000 1.60:1.00 October 31, 2000 1.75:1.00 January 31, 2001 1.85:1.00 April 30, 2001 2.00:1.00 July 31, 2001 2.00:1.00 October 31, 2001 2.00:1.00 January 31, 2002 and the last day of each fiscal quarter thereafter 3.00:1.00".
CLOSEST. C-COMMAND(uFs) PF LF • This distribution captures agreement asymmetries16 – for our purposes, semantic agreement (Smith 2015, 2017)17
CLOSEST. AIRPORT: _ Mare Owner's/ Agent's Signature: _ Stallion Owner's Signature: _ Farm Information: Please complete if your mare is being bred at the Farm: All mare care includes 24-hour mare watch. Board per day: Please check applicable. Pasture $13.00 per day (dry mare) Mare Motel (for mares with foals) $20.00 per day Pasture (wet mare) $15.00 per day Mare motel (dry mare) $18.00 per day Blacksmith and Veterinarian expense as necessary Special Care available (By Quote): _ Foaling out Service available $300.00. I accept the above agreement: Signature - Mare Owner or Authorized Agent: Name: _ Address: _ City/State: Zip Code _ Phone # _ Is Mare Insured Yes No Insurance Company Name _ Policy Number _ Emergency Number _ Billing Address: Name: _ Address: _ City/State: ~Zip Code _ Phone # _ Please indicate what your Credit Card will be paying for below: Stallion Fee_ Booking Fee_ Farm Charges_ Shipping Charges_ Credit card information: Cardholder's name Card number _ Card expo Date_/_ Card security code (on back)