Clerical Work Sample Clauses

Clerical Work. Clerks shall perform all clerical work on container waterfront facilities which traditionally and regularly has been performed by them, including but not limited to work related to the receipt and delivery of cargo, hatchchecking, prestow, hatch sequence sheet, plan clerking, recording of receipt and delivery of containers received or delivered at waterfront facilities, timekeeping, location and yard work, and demurrage recording, which work shall not be removed from the waterfront facility. The input and output of information by computers related to the foregoing work functions shall also be performed by Checkers and Clerks.
Clerical Work. The clerical work referred to in this item has for many years been performed by the Group Leader and it is the Company's position that she will continue to perform this work. Due to the number of employees in the Production Department and the number of registrations, it is necessary for a person to be assigned to this particular duty -- especially during the busy seasons. This job function also rounds out the duties and provides a full day's work for the Group Leader.
Clerical Work. 4.9.1 Duplicating and typing assistance will be provided on material for classroom use. Materials will be returned within 3 days of submission provided such materials are to be used within 5 days after the date of return.
Clerical Work. 4. Small tolls.

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Contractor’s Project Manager and Key Personnel Contractor shall appoint a Project Manager to direct the Contractor’s efforts in fulfilling Contractor’s obligations under this Contract. This Project Manager shall be subject to approval by the County and shall not be changed without the written consent of the County’s Project Manager, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld. The Contractor’s Project Manager shall be assigned to this project for the duration of the Contract and shall diligently pursue all work and services to meet the project time lines. The County’s Project Manager shall have the right to require the removal and replacement of the Contractor’s Project Manager from providing services to the County under this Contract. The County’s Project manager shall notify the Contractor in writing of such action. The Contractor shall accomplish the removal within five (5) business days after written notice by the County’s Project Manager. The County’s Project Manager shall review and approve the appointment of the replacement for the Contractor’s Project Manager. The County is not required to provide any additional information, reason or rationale in the event it The County is not required to provide any additional information, reason or rationale in the event it requires the removal of Contractor’s Project Manager from providing further services under the Contract.
Overtime Work A. Overtime pay is to be paid at the rate of one and one- half (1½) times the basic hourly straight-time rate.
Contractor’s Project Manager 7.2.1 The Contractor’s Project Manager is designated in Exhibit F (Contractor’s Administration). The Contractor shall notify the County in writing of any change in the name or address of the Contractor’s Project Manager.
WORK All labor, materials, and services necessary to produce the construction of the Project in accordance with the Contract Documents, including the entire construction or the various separately identifiable parts thereof. Work includes and is the result of performing or providing all labor, services, and documentation necessary to produce such construction, and furnishing, installing, and incorporating all equipment, fixtures, and supplies into such construction, all as required by the Contract Documents.
Project Personnel It is understood and agreed that the Project Director identified at Item 3, Page One of this Agreement shall be responsible for the overall supervision and conduct of the Work on behalf of the Contractor and that the persons described in the Statement of Work shall serve in the capacities described therein. Any change of Project Director by the Contractor shall be subject to the prior written approval of NYSERDA. Such approval shall not be unreasonably withheld, and, in the event that notice of approval or disapproval is not received by the Contractor within thirty (30) days after receipt of request for approval by NYSERDA, the requested change in Project Director shall be considered approved. In the event that NYSERDA requires additional time for considering approval, NYSERDA shall notify the Contractor within thirty (30) days of receipt of the request for approval that additional time is required and shall specify the additional amount of time necessary up to thirty (30) days.
Extra Work At any time during the Term of this Agreement, City may request that Consultant perform Extra Work. As used herein, “Extra Work” means any work which is determined by City to be necessary for the proper completion of the Project, but which the Parties did not reasonably anticipate would be necessary at the execution of this Agreement. Consultant shall not perform, nor be compensated for, Extra Work without written authorization from City’s Representative.
Contractor’s Personnel Contractor warrants that all Contractor personnel engaged in the performance of Work under this Contract shall possess sufficient experience and/education to perform the services requested by the County. County expressly retains the right to have any of the Contractor personnel removed from performing services under this Contract. Contractor shall effectuate the removal of the specified Contractor personnel from providing any services to the County under this Contract within one business day of notification by County. County shall submit the request in writing to the Contractor’s Project Manager. The County is not required to provide any reason, rationale or additional factual information if it elects to request any specific Contractor personnel be removed from performing services under this Contract.
THE WORK The Work comprises the completed construction required by the Contract Documents and includes all labor necessary to produce such construction, and all materials and equipment incorporated or to be incorporated in such construction.
SERVICES, BENEFITS AND FACILITIES – CONTRACTOR and/or subcontractor shall not 35 discriminate in the provision of services, the allocation of benefits, or in the accommodation in facilities 36 on the basis of race, religious creed, color, national origin, ancestry, physical disability, mental 1 expression, age, sexual orientation, or military and veteran status in accordance with Title IX of the 2 Education Amendments of 1972 as they relate to 20 USC §1681 - §1688; Title VI of the Civil Rights 3 Act of 1964 (42 USC §2000d); the Age Discrimination Act of 1975 (42 USC §6101); Title 9, Division 4 4, Chapter 6, Article 1 (§10800, et seq.) of the California Code of Regulations; and Title II of the 5 Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008, 42 USC 2000ff, et seq. as applicable, and all other 6 pertinent rules and regulations promulgated pursuant thereto, and as otherwise provided by state law and 8 Nondiscrimination paragraph, Discrimination includes, but is not limited to the following based on one 9 or more of the factors identified above:
Additional Work If the Contractor determines that any work it has been directed to perform is beyond the scope of this agreement and constitutes extra work, it shall promptly notify the County in writing. In the event the County determines that such work constitutes extra work and exceeds the maximum amount payable, the County shall so advise the Contractor and a supplemental agreement may be executed, as provided in Article 10 – Supplemental Agreements. The Contractor shall not perform any additional work or incur any additional costs prior to the execution, by both parties, of a supplemental agreement. The County shall not be responsible for actions by the Contractor or any costs incurred by the Contractor relating to additional work not directly associated with the performance of the work authorized in this contract or as amended.