Chargeback Management Stabilization Sample Clauses

Chargeback Management Stabilization. Service Provider will replace the Incumbent Service Provider’s IBM Tivoli Usage and Accounting Manager Chargeback system with Digital Fuel’s IT Financial Management tool. Service Provider will leverage the current Chargeback procedures and implementation configuration to accelerate the implementation of the new system. The implementation timeline begins at Commencement – six (6) months and will be ready to generate production invoices at Commencement + one (1) month. After Commencement, Transformation activities will progress on three fronts. A stabilization period will occur with an increased daily focus on all aspects of the system. At the end of each invoice period, we will make an evaluation as to whether the implementation issues are trending down and the stabilization period can be brought to a close. Assessment of known system deficiencies in the current Chargeback system. The implementation of the IT Financial Management tool and associated processes is intended to remediate these deficiencies. But, if it is found that certain deficiencies have not been remediated, Service Provider will develop and execute the improvement plans. As the SCP progresses through their Transformation, changes to data sources/feeds may impact the Chargeback Management system. These changes will be introduced using Change Management processes under control of the enterprise CAB.