Certain Disclosure Sample Clauses

Certain Disclosure. Each Limited Partner acknowledges and agrees that it has received, carefully reviewed and understands the Investment Manager’s disclosures regarding conflicts of interest and certain investment considerations and risk factors set forth on Schedule A and Schedule B attached to the Subscription Agreement, and acknowledges and agrees that the Highly Confidential and Trade Secret Investment Manager and any of its Affiliates and each of their respective representatives may engage, without liability to the Limited Partners or the Partnership, in any and all of the activities of the type or character described or contemplated on Schedule A and Schedule B attached thereto (to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law).
Certain Disclosure. Each of Newco and Boxing acknowledges that it is aware of the disclosure concerning Big Content set forth on Schedule 4.2(g).
Certain Disclosure. The S-4 Registration Statement, at ------------------ the time it shall have been declared effective, shall disclose no information in existence on the date hereof materially adverse with respect to the Purchaser's business, properties, operations, condition (financial or otherwise) or prospects not previously disclosed in the Purchaser SEC Reports or this Agreement.
Certain Disclosure. The statements set forth in the Shelf Prospectus and the Prospectus Supplement under the headingCertain Canadian Federal Income Tax Considerations” insofar as such statements summarize legal matters, agreements, documents or proceedings discussed therein, are, in all material respects, accurate and complete summaries of such legal matters, agreements, documents or proceedings.
Certain Disclosure. To GWC's knowledge, there are no obligations or liabilities of Rystan existing as of the date hereof which are created by, or identified specifically as being obligations of Rystan in, the Agreement and Plan Merger dated April 21, 1998 among Elan Corporation, plc, GWC Merger Co. and GWC which have not been disclosed to Integra in this Agreement or the Disclosure Schedule.